Self employment and the mobile office

June 12, 2012

My apologies for not having been more present here since my last entry on May 13  where I did a shout out to get more Amazon reviews. I am happy to see that some people took the time and effort to put down their opinions which is highly appreciated and useful.

The main reason for my silence over the last four weeks was that I became very busy, if not to use the term “over extended” with my business venture, which in the meantime has developed into a full-time job. The main reason why time is an issue these days is that my mental creation and the visions I had during the disastrous stage of being mentally burned out during the year 2007 took shape and form and now in 2012, five years later, one morning I woke up and realized that I have a business to run. Before, my business was a hobby, something I did on the side, something I was able to squeeze in whenever I had time, something which produced a fair amount of pocket-money  but now it has grown into a true small business with all its perks, problems and day-to-day routine. And, there are a lot of day-to-day responsibilities to keep everything up and running and so I can proudly call myself the “Allrounder” covering activities from the highest management level to the lowest janitorial duties. I love it.

Basically now I have what I was dreaming about a long time before I had the guts to take a hike from the corporate world and venture out on my own. Times are still not secure and self-employment is a very fragile undertaking and cumbersome thing, time intensive, mind-boggling and at times stressful.  I wonder how all this will develop further in the course of this year.

The freedom in self-employment is priceless but it also takes a lot of self-discipline and responsibility.

In order to make the most of it with all other activities I am involved in I have created my mobile office. In other words – integration of work and fun whenever possible. Correspondence is mobile, supervision can be mobile, telephone calls can be taken wherever there is reception.  A smart phone is the most important tool in the tool box of the self employed.I can spread my electronics on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on a stretch of green grass looking at a lake, sitting in a street Café  or sipping wine in wine country. The ever-present mobile office just makes it more interesting to be in business on your own.

Everything has evolved over the last five years and has developed accordingly, and  now I am at the point where I have to manage my time more effectively. Once again it takes thought, strategy and execution and every step I take today can materialize tomorrow and can create more opportunities in the future. Having said all this, I definitely will continue to give updates in the blog but most probably they will be more sporadic going forward.

Here are some impression of my first mobile office when Highway 1 called for a beautiful ride over memorial day weekend.


Request for Amazon reviews

May 13, 2012

The book has been published in 2010. Ever since it has received  a number of positive comments and feedback. Some people made it to Amazon and left their honest reviews in the Amazon Book review page . Thank you for your support!  Unfortunately, it is not every ones cup of tea to leave a review and so I am running short on feedback.

So , pleeeeaaaaassssse  for everybody reading ” To Drink the Wild Air”   I hope you leave an honest and heartfelt review on the review link of the Amazon book selling page. In order to get the attention of agents, publishers and  producers the amount of reviews is an important number besides the proof of a solid platform and  dedicated follower ship. This is all difficult stuff and I wish it would  develop by itself but unfortunately this can take years to get to a point where social acceptance is taking over and will produce the desired results.

The book is currently entered in two different book awards and I am waiting for valuable feedback and/or a nomination (!!!) .  The first one is a local award with the BAIPA  Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and the second one is the Hollywood Book Festival . There  the first price would be a trip to Hollywood which would be a nice change to go back to L.A. to check out the old neighborhoods I was hanging out during my beginning times in southern California.  Well, I cross my fingers and just wait for more reviews  to pop up !

A new bike and much more

April 29, 2012

A lot has happened again in the past two weeks since my book reading at the Moto Shop in South San Francisco. Also, the first introduction of the To Drink the Wild Air music video let the world go  (somewhat) “wild” and our You Tube links went truly hot for a little while there in cyberspace.

For anyone who missed it  the first time around  Sassy Kool and Birgit Soyka

We all know how the world works nowadays and what networking and spreading the word can do and so the video also found enthusiastic attention in Germany. As a result I have received an E-mail from a friend establishing contact to a famous racing team.  This is not just any race team  but a team dedicated to  win  the “e-power championship” series  (organized by  the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme)  of electrical motorbikes, a world series championship only existing  since 2010. Hence the  revolution of electric bikes and its ability to compete for our attention in the future.  What is being tested on the race track today will be stock production tomorrow, therefore all the racing activities out there have some research and development aspects to consider. It seems that the e-bike series is also the series where most female riders can be found. One of the most famous female road racers was Katja Poensgen who competed fairly successful in the GP 250 scene in the year 2001. Now she was spotted as a new team member of the Münch racing team competing again on an electric bike.

The Moto GP in Laguna Seca, California is around the corner, an event featuring the best of the best in motorcycle racing. The event is scheduled from July 27 to July 29 2012. It also will feature the e-bike series. I was invited to meet the  German Münch racing team and its members.  I am looking very much forward to it in order to get one step closer to see the racing action of the e-bike scene from the first row seat.

You can find more information here :

But this was only half of the news. The other earthshattering event of last week was that I went out and got a brand new motorcycle to experience the sharp technology of 2012. I skipped 18 years of  technical motorcycle development but now I’ve got one of those beasts and even though it “only” is a 600 cc engine this Suzuki GSX-R 600 is a rocket ship. I am quiet happy with the purchase and will enjoy every single mile on in.  Here are some pics when I picked it up from the dealership this weekend.

Sassy Kool and Birgit Soyka

April 16, 2012

Yeah ,  finally  back for another post.  Saturday April 14th was anticipated, lived , enjoyed  and it has passed. Another fun evening in the series of book readings.

The most important thing of the evening was the World Premiere of the official

                   To Drink the Wild Air music video. 

Sassy Kool is the composer, singer and performer of the video and she deserves a big THANK YOU and applause for her time and talent to make this happen.  If you want to hear more of Sassy Kool ‘s cool music video performances visit her on You Tube. 

On Saturday April 14 at the Bay Area Moto Shop in South San Francisco around 20 people had gathered to join another reading.

A big thank you to all my friends who were able to make it that evening and to everybody I didn’t personally know interested to learn more about the story. The reading was authentic, performed from the saddle of my bike.

We all chipped in with food and drinks so that we had everything we needed. It was a fun evening.

I leave this post with the last part of my reading with an excerpt of the Alaskan Journal Part 2  “ The Emergence of Nature’s Divinity “ which talks about of pursuing dreams and following your intuition before it is too late. That reading performance in particular reminded me on that part of the story and this avalanche of thrilling life transition my decision in 2006  has evoked.


Like being here in Alaska: it has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to realize this dream come true, but I never want to be too old to dream and to pursue my dreams. As a young person, I fused faith and inner strength, leaving my life at home behind to take the quantum leap to follow the sunsets in another country. Life’s force led me through thick and thin, and my guardian angel had received a tough assignment with me, providing luck and protection whenever I needed it, for which I will be forever grateful. Life for me was a vision, chasing the unknown and adjusting to the thrill of it. The Universe was my collaborative eyes and ears; it always sent me timely messages to show me when I needed to make changes or correct my course, and so it is again now. But looking back, isn’t it true that my dream job in Germany, working at momotorcycle magazine, was still too confining for me, and eventually I had to leave to seek more adventure and freedom? Isn’t it true that my racing escapades in Germany were rudely interrupted by a horrible crash to show me another path? The same with my racing years in California, when it took the harsh realities of a substandard lifestyle, a terrible accident, temporary imprisonment, and the threat of deportation to make me realize I had to think about my life differently, before I ended up getting myself killed.  Today, my Alaskan journey brought me to the end of the world. I walked along a small dreamy country road until I came upon a little yellow sign with a three-letter word: “END.” The road stopped and the Icy Straights, leading into Glacier Bay National Park, began. I hopped onto a whale-watching boat.  What could be more beautiful than gazing into this dark-blue strip of water? Here, the horizon is where the lighter blue of the sky and the deep navy blue of the sea meet in unison. Add to that the golden glint of the sun’s rays on the surface of the water, and you have pure magic.

Birgit Soyka at Bay Area Moto Shop April 14

March 29, 2012

Join us at Moto Shop for a special event and potluck. 

(Raffle,Book reading,Book signing,Race videos,food and drinks) 

Bay Area Moto Shop 

325 So. Maple Avenue # 20 

South San Francisco, CA 

Saturday  April 14 2012       5pm to 10 pm 

 Our very own, (BAMG Member) Birgit Soyka, the author of the memoir To Drink the Wild Air:  One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon and one of the first female motorcycle racers in her time, will read from her book at Moto Shop in South San Francisco.

If we are lucky we can see the new To Drink the Wild Air music video, currently still in production!

From Female Road Warrior to Spreadsheet Jockey, To Drink the Wild Air chronicles one woman’s journey of adventure, freedom, and motorcycle racing to becoming a survivor of a subsequent corporate career burn out.

Event details : 

Meet and greet at 5pm followed by the book reading  from 6-7pm and  having fun from  7pm-10pm.

Program includes:

Raffle / Book reading / Book signing / Race videos / Music / Food and Drinks.  

    This event is free, just bring something to eat or drink to share.

         Hope to see you all there! 

Schnitzel eating living legend live on April 14 2012

March 25, 2012

yes, I made it back last week from Europe. It was a long haul but my stay in Germany was well worth it.

In between a big family re-union and several celebrations, a load of food and meeting a number of good old friends I also had some encounters with recent history which made me feel surprised but also gave me this fuzzy warm feeling about my humble beginnings  and wild times in the racing scene in Germany.

I strolled around in the city of Stuttgart and passed a news stand. Of course I gazed over the familiar and got stuck on the title page of a new magazine about “young” old timer motorcycles and second hand deals. A closer look revealed my face on the title page sitting on my ( to that time) brand new, shiny, Yamaha RD 350 YPVS  ( in the US it is the  RZ 350) in 1983. I hardly recognized myself but I guess that’s the beauty of pictures taken 29 years ago. Ha, what a welcome to the homeland.  Here is the link with a small version of the title cover page.


And if this is not enough I received another blast from the past in form of an E-mail about the inquiry of the person riding that bike in the picture attached.   Well- I did recognize myself and identified myself accordingly to be accepted into the gallery of forgotten heroes of the race tracks.

I  spent hours looking at all the photos of people I knew and still know in person featured on that site. I think it is a good idea to keep an archive of pictures of a passion which will never die. Check out the link- maybe you also find some people you might know from all around the world. The page is sorted by country and rider.

Motorcycle heroes of the past


Let’s create more modern history and don’t forget about the To Drink the Wild Air  reading event at the Bay Area Moto Shop on Saturday April 14 2012 at 5 PM.   Bring some beer and snacks to share and just relax and have fun.

I finish up this post with the impressions of  some delicious German foods and cakes ……Yumm!

The Wild Air and Jazz Music

February 27, 2012

Before I take off on vacation to Europe here is the last blog post until the end of March.

This weekend was especially rewarding or even stressful  but  the beauty of suspense and new adventures  once again took over and it turned out to be a very nice Sunday.

Yesterday I began the day with packing my bike in the morning to meet up with a film crew to shoot a music video. This is a whole story in itself and I don’t really want to talk about it just yet but it will be part of the program at my book reading/signing event Birgit Soyka at the Bay Area Moto Shop April 14 2012  Be there!

Here are some pictures of the day. It is a pleasure to breathe the crisp air of the Bay Area on a beautiful Sunday morning after a stressful week.

In the late afternoon I switched the bike for the car to visit a house concert to listen to the John Stowell and Michael Zilber Quartet. Jazz to its finest.  I went to the concert by invitation. How did I get this invitation?

It was a beautiful day in September of 2011. It was a regular office day and I might have had several squawking birds in the Hotel. I receive a Facebook message from someone I don’t know. Turns out my book was an accessory in the guestroom of an ex-colleague of mine now living back in Germany. A guest has arrived at their house and in the room and read “ To Drink the Wild Air” and liked it and sent me a message.  Turns out the guest was John Stowell and is a famous Jazz guitarist.

Of course I accepted the invite and went to the small house concert listening to the Quartet yesterday afternoon to unwind from a day on the bike in the wild sunshine and raging wind.

Here is a little taste of the music. Enjoy the sample!

This is it for a while. I will be in Europe attending family business. Once I am back on March 18 I will prepare the book/bike fest on April 14 and hope to meet more people from the Bay Area motorcycle community.