A stroll into cyber past….

March 30, 2010

Since our last reading event on March 17  I took it upon myself to explore the Marketing and Publicity aspect to get the buzz about ” To Drink the Wild Air”  out. Just to understand where to begin and what to do is already a challenge. In the process I met many interesting people, made new friends and of course there is the Internet. I spend 80% of my time, and I am doing this fulltime right now, in front of the Computer and today I took a stroll into cyber history where there is no mercy anymore. Everything is out there, readily available, waiting to be found.  We are all used to it and live with it . It also can be entertaining.  I stumbled upon an old article published by the Los Angeles Times with the exact date of July 03 1986 by David Keck. When I am not mistaken this was the reporter who came to the address I was living at to the time, to interview me and he was attacked by my roommate’s aggressive pit bull “Shannon”.  Chapter  11 in the book  is talking more about this event.  Anyway – the reporter’s dress pants were quite damaged but he managed to leave the premises unharmed. The result was the  interview  about me  complaining how slow the traffic flow in the United States is. 

She\’s easing into the fast lane       This  clip  is what made it to the archives

Below is the original clip from my personal  newspaper clip collection.


Well, to my defense I only had arrived in Los Angeles  1 year earlier  and it took me a while to adjust. Actually it only came to this point because I already had far too many tickets. One more and I would have had to send my Drivers licence back to the local DMV office. Ok I decided to slow down – kept my licence and raced on the racetrack. This was much more effective. The rest is history.

The next link I opened was even worse. It was the points  listing of  the Yamaha Cup race  series in Germany in the year of 1984. I was in 26th position with measly 2 points. All these 25 guys in front of me where insanely faaaaaast. The lap times between first and 15th were usually only 2 seconds apart – but these two seconds on a race track is an eternity.  At least I was mentioned on the “list”  and I had some points. There were still 22 guys behind me without any points at all. I remember all of my competitors because even though we fought hard on the track we also knew how to party.   

    Yamaha Cup Deutschland 1984

I am sure  I will find more of these hidden treasures. I will share them as I dig them out from the deep cyber space archives.


Back to the present.

My next public reading will be at Kepler’s Bookstore  Kepler\’s Books   in Menlo Park on Friday April 23  from 7 PM to 9 PM.  More details about that event will follow.


The first step….

March 19, 2010

… into the right direction.

I was thinking about my progress over the past six month in regards to my journey as an Author. Even though not visible to others yet – thinking about it made me realize that  I have taken a quantum leap into the right direction.  It is difficult to shake off the corporate working mentality, taking a different route and to stay focused and determined to walk along a new path in a totally different environment  within  “foreign” territory. This is my new horizon.

Last  Wednesday, on St Paddy’s day,  I stepped out of my personal comfort zone and read an excerpt of a chapter of ” To Drink the Wild Air” . Words I had in my head for so long  I shared with others, for the first time. At first there was this element of nervousness and the realization that it is different to read creative work vs. doing a Power Point presentation. I like the reading better. It is soothing to my soul. I like it and I will continue to walk this new path until I hit the next  crossroad.

The event hosted by the Literary Community of San Francisco was an uplifting experience for me and was another little puzzle piece I needed to move forward.  

I am glad I am able to start off my Blog with a “milestone” like this.    

The Beginning

March 7, 2010

Ok. Here I am .

announcing my public reading debut of an excerpt chapter from ” To Drink the Wild Air” .

Wednesday March 17 2010. 7PM.

Cafe Royale, 800 Post Street, San Francisco CA

I’ll let you know how it went.