The first step….

… into the right direction.

I was thinking about my progress over the past six month in regards to my journey as an Author. Even though not visible to others yet – thinking about it made me realize that  I have taken a quantum leap into the right direction.  It is difficult to shake off the corporate working mentality, taking a different route and to stay focused and determined to walk along a new path in a totally different environment  within  “foreign” territory. This is my new horizon.

Last  Wednesday, on St Paddy’s day,  I stepped out of my personal comfort zone and read an excerpt of a chapter of ” To Drink the Wild Air” . Words I had in my head for so long  I shared with others, for the first time. At first there was this element of nervousness and the realization that it is different to read creative work vs. doing a Power Point presentation. I like the reading better. It is soothing to my soul. I like it and I will continue to walk this new path until I hit the next  crossroad.

The event hosted by the Literary Community of San Francisco was an uplifting experience for me and was another little puzzle piece I needed to move forward.  

I am glad I am able to start off my Blog with a “milestone” like this.    


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