Spark Plugs vs.Cosmetics

NGK vs. Maybelline, Champion vs. Rimmel, Bosch vs. Revlon, or should it be performance vs. beauty?

Let’s bring it to one common denominator.  Performance and beauty. Two characteristic words describing power and elegance honed in strictly defined and different worlds but easily interchangeable.   Beauty can be found in performance and performance can be beautiful. Every which way is possible.      

It all happened in Germany.The first four-stroke gasoline combustion  engine was invented by Mr. Nicolaus Otto in 1876 and 20 years later  two still very  famous gentlemen, at least by name,  Mr.Karl Benz and Mr.Gottlieb Daimler patented the first  so-called “automobile” with the  Otto-cycle combustion engine concept . This was the beginning of the car revolution as we know it today, pioneered by the brand of Mercedes-Benz.

 Every little component in an engine is interdependent and positioned in precision to its interactive and specific job duties.  A spark plug is one of those components. It is an absolute “must have” to make an engine run. The embedded electrode produces the spark and carries the current to ignite the air/gasoline mix in the combustion chamber.   If there is no spark – there is no running engine – as simple as that.  A spark plug is as old as the combustion engine itself and it still looks pretty much the same since 1876. The only thing changed are the materials and its now rather slick appearance, hence it has changed its makeup. Nowadays we are talking about V- Power, G- Power, and Iridium, Laser Platinum or High Power performance spark plugs as the new breed of beauty in performance.  

This picture was taken during a race event in 1984. In my opinion, every woman should be able to change spark plugs. Why not?  So, it happened that I was pretty entrenched into the spark plug world.  A world I knew and I felt comfortable in.

Always up for exploration,despite my spark plug fetish, I became adventurous and broke into the world of modeling and feminine beauty. Beauty in appearance that is!  Unknown instruments like mascara, lip stick or an eye shadow brush was a totally new world for me.  It took utter concentration on my part to apply makeup the right way and after my first attempts my face looked like a crayon drawing produced by a four-year old…..  there was a lot for me to learn. Already the terminology of super lustrous, illuminating, pink twinkle, disco gloss, and creamy feel, long-lasting, shiny, comfortable or forgiving seemed funny to me. Everything was gibberish to me.

So I went from the race track to the runway performing the cat walk. With 5’9  (176 cm) and 130 pounds (58 KG) I was far too short and hopelessly overweight for this scene but as long as the makeup looked good the show went on.  

This  picture shows my debut in modeling around the same time. This photo never made it further than into my desk drawer, but here it is – out in the open.   The picture is proof enough that makeup can be magical.

For many years spark plugs dominated my life, then spark plugs and makeup overlapped for some time and by the end there was only the makeup left.  

I have a feeling that the conventional spark plug as we know it will not survive another 134 years with the rapid development of alternative technology trying to eliminate CO2 emissions. The electric engine generation is knocking on our doors and sooner or later will take over. Makeup on the other hand is never going to die. It always will be every woman’s best companion to transform her into something radiant and beautiful.  It never crossed my mind to buy a spark plug just for the fun of it but I understand the world of beauty better now and I make sure to find the specific, age defining, forgiving, illuminating and lustrous products to make me feel fit into the world.  Now it is only about beauty.


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