The magnificence of birds

In the book I have many references to the horizon as being the one and only thing that fascinated me from a very early age, always projecting my own visions of adventures and experience.  The metaphors however of having big colorful wings carrying me thru the clouds and bright skies to the nearest horizon are a lot more powerful… I am just about to grow new wings – as we speak.   

I speak to birds and they speak to me. 

Raven” is an interesting fellow. His eyes always twinkle mischievously and his black shiny feather coat is more beautiful than all the diamonds of this world.   

I’ve conversed with the bald Eagle in Alaska, flying majestically above the clouds in the blue sky scanning the earth for prey. Once the prey is identified “Eagle’s” precision and grace is facilitating a torpedo like descent to earth to stay nourished.  No salmon can take a relaxing afternoon swim in any lake, river or in any bay. The only enemy of “Eagle” is human civilization and worldly ignorance. 

“Parrot” is precious because of its colors, sounds and smarts.  Parrot is intelligent enough to entertain humans but never lose their spirit and instinct within. I envy the parrots for their colorful wings, grace and elegance.

“Toucan” is the gem under the birds of prey. Toucan has qualities Eagle, Raven or Parrot cannot match.  The hook bill  of Toucan is razor-sharp and absolutely dangerous, hence it can be deadly. Toucan is changing colors with the seasons of the year. Bright yellow like the sunshine, a turquoise brighter than the Caribbean sea , a green deeper then the green of any emerald ever seen, screaming red, fluorescent green, orange, black and white. Just magnificent.


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