In[w]hale – ex[w]hale

Last week I spoke about the bear tracks in Alaska. This week I go back to my times in Mexico.

Chapter 21, titled “The Spiritual r[E]volution”, talks about my time in Guadalajara, Mexico. We spent many weekends in Puerto Vallarta for sun, fun and beer on the beach.  One New Year’s we spent several days savoring the intense sunshine and we also decided to see the whales. A big party Yacht took us out to the open sea. There they had little sea kayaks. I took one and went out to explore the ocean.  

It was all nice and relaxed when suddenly I felt a surge of water coming at me and saw a huge shadow swimming by only inches beneath the water’s surface. I was worried. This was a shadow of the size of a small island. The surge turned into full blown waves, the kayak bounced around in the ocean like rubber duck in the bathtub. I inhaled and watched the eerie shadows in silence– seconds later, I was sprayed by a shower of water from a jet as high as six feet, leaving me soaking wet: a whale had exhaled! I had the front row seat to see the spectacle of a family of  whales crossing my waterway. It was exhilarating and scary; my little wobbly sea kayak against the biggest marine mammals in existence. That moment I felt small and insignificant. The family passed by, pushing forward the waves they created with their huge bodies propelled by the incredible tail fins. I was privileged to be at the right time at the right place to have seen this so close by.

Unfortunately this picture only captures the aftermath of the experience.


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