Time and delays

It’s a fact. I am not able to keep the publishing date of July 2010 as anticipated. I spent the last two month with editing on a part time basis  because life is just too busy to just stick with one thing only. Ok, so I am hopeful that the book will be available on Amazon.com. in September. Nevertheless, the delay will be well worth it and I am feverishly looking forward to the moment when I hold the finished product, an actual book in my hands. Once this is done, I most likely need an extensive vacation….


Editing is an interesting phenomenon. It is hard to let go and the art of every writer is to let go at one point. If not, every page could potentially turn into a lifetime project and every day or even every hour when you look at the same sentences or paragraphs there is something to improve.

A neutral eye is necessary to keep perspective of the quality of the work. A neutral eye can also be expensive to be found in the sea of editors out there. I am at the point where I have to trust my instincts before I’m going mad….  

The other thing is time. In writing and editing time seems irrelevant. It’s there and it’s not there. It is only there because we measure it meticulously. We fragment the day into hours, minutes, and seconds and even though time itself never increases its speed, it seems it does. The more we do in one day the quicker time flows. Even slowing down doesn’t stop the time flow and becomes difficult. My life is slower as it was before and yet – time flows by quicker than sitting in an office somewhere. Time is eternal – we race against it because we are aging with time – but time itself never runs out. It always will be there – invisible and abstract.   

 I wasn’t able to combine or control time flow with my editing efforts. Time has fast-forwarded to July of 2010 and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it other than look back and ask myself where the hell this all this time go. … and so I go back to the computer and continue with my editing in the hope I can beat time. Sitting in my chair I am thinking by myself how nice it would be if time would be timeless…


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