Transcendental change

Sorry, I was not able to keep my schedule this week but here I am.

Lately I connected with several  friends of my “old” life online and I answered the first question  everybody asked me of  “ What are you doing these days ?“ in delightful reflection and visionary foresight.

 Something which started as a side project around six years ago while still slaving to fear and convenience , turned into the catalyst of the most profound life change and career transition. This was long overdue once I was able to finally step out of the general mold and follow my intuition again. I initiated this change accepting the necessary adjustments in life style and habits to explore new possibilities and this will be my conversation for the upcoming weeks, instead of talking about stories from the book I will do some present tense “reflection” and later will go back to the anecdotes of the past.  

So, what am I doing?   

I am involved in an array of activities and involvement as a freelancer with my Project Management skills on my side to keep all elements coordinated and eventually, also life-style sustaining profitable.

Next week I will continue with another aspect of my new life since it would be too much for one Blog post.

For today, I will introduce the San Francisco Bird Hotel.

Something I had started as a hobby already in 2006 shortly after coming back from Alaska. While I still was working and traveling around 60 hours a week this idea has turned into a viable niche business model. Let’s just say I am the CEO, COO, CIO and CFO of the organization and work with real bird brains all day long. I am intrigued by the possibilities this venture has presented to me. Although it is not so much about the business itself as it is about the fact that exotic birds feel  attracted to me the same way I feel attracted to them. My ethics and values stay intact with the feathered creatures and they know that they can trust me, although I am often exposed to the occupational hazards of being bitten….. I had my share of gushing blood and missing flesh on my fingers. Nevertheless, my bird guests love their stay at the Bird Hotel and enjoy every minute of it.

My client list grew in 2010 from 10 returning clients to 25 returning clients, and my income grew 500% from August in 2009 to August 2010. There was no week in 2010 where I didn’t have any guests in the Hotel. Go to the Webpage to check out the accommodations.

We just produced a promotional video of the Bird Hotel, which will be posted on the page soon. There is constant movement and new developments and the site will be updated accordingly.  The one and only marketing campaign of “word of beak” is a strong and effective Marketing campaign and the chirped word is spreading well in and around San Francisco. I am positive that this will lead into something big and I want to be prepared once bigger opportunities will  knock on my door.


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