Birdshit and Nail polish

Last week I introduced the one and only Four Star Bird Hotel in town. Again, some happy guests went home this week with another firm return booking in my calendar.    

But this is not what I want to talk about in this week’s post.  Another new and exciting venture I took on is  Modeling – yes you heard right – Modeling.  This came together  once again when chance and opportunity presented itself and I was able to draw from my past involvement in runway/photo modeling which actually and honestly can be considered as ancient history. But I took the chance to get back into it for the opportunity to learn and grow in an (again) unfamiliar industry, connected to an extremely steep learning curve. I am working with the professional team of Steve and Laurie Cozart of Steele Model and Talent Management who provide the necessary education, photography services and their expertise to make the best out of this journey.    

Check out Steve’s Blog:       Cozartphotos./sneak preview/Birgit


In June, we took the pictures posted here and put together my portfolio of 2010 and one of my modeling involvement in Los Angeles in 1986 for comparison. In July, I sent out my pictures and my Resume to 15 Talent agencies in San Francisco and got two interviews out of it. This week I signed an exclusive contract with Models Inc. Talent Agency in San Francisco. Whew! Now the game can begin.

I already went to an audition for a highly compensated photo shoot, which was a fine experience. I am looking forward to future gigs and the opportunity to create important synergies with the Book PR campaign that will be launched very soon. More about that in next week’s post.

Between cleaning cages, interacting with my bird guests, Book PR campaign, regular life, and keeping up with the harsh requirements of modeling my level of discipline and creating efficiencies are tested to the utmost – sometimes it is even too much for me!

      This one is from 1986, Los Angeles…        


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