Change and transition

Over the last two week’s I was talking about the Bird Hotel and my involvement in modeling. I treat both things as an integral part of my life transition and deal with them as they come along. The other thing I am spending my time with is the book production itself. I am not going to talk about it in detail because the outcome will be publicly available soon and than people can judge for themselves.

Though a day (when structured) most of the time seems extremely short, it also can be long and productive. Many things can be put into 10 hours of daylight and many things can be accomplished (or not accomplished) depending on mood, level of energy and discipline.

I try to discover new things every day and combine them with the more familiar things in my life. It can be frustrating and confusing at times but eventually rewarding. In order to do this it is necessary to have the answers for two questions readily available.  1) What is my goal ?  and 2) How am I going to get there?  Indeed easy questions – but the answers to them are damn hard to articulate so the brain can grasp the concept to convert ideas and thoughts into productive action leading us to the desired goals.

 It is so much easier to just do whatever we do like robots, day in and day out in order to avoid the challenges to create something new. If there would be a specific change formula I probably already would have gotten it but unfortunately there isn’t and every individual is in charge for their own change and terms of the how and why. On the other hand it would be boring to have a change formula because than the journey would be most probably be boring. Like this, every day is different – every day has its up’s and down’s.

There is never a straight road to reach one’s goals, instead, there are twists and turns, surprises, disappointment, anger, frustration, joy and sadness. But with every new day there are two very important components contributing to the individual change formula and that is faith and hope.



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