Action, reflection, and being human

My friend Jacqueline had a nice Blog post this week in her Blog “Six month to live” which is dedicated to the question  of what would you do if there only would be six more month in your life?


It is a simple question but there is no simple answer. Should we drop everything and just do what we always wanted to do or is it about to come to terms with the human condition in daily life?

In regards to her latest Blog post I agree with Jacqueline wholeheartedly that we are all an intricate part of the big picture and that the complex mechanism of the whole Universe influences us all, but we still go by our gut feeling or make our decisions from the heart at the time when it feels right.

 My conclusion to all of this is simple: it is not easy to be human! The human condition is one of the most difficult topics to discuss, explore and to understand. There are thousands of books and millions of different interpretations offered with the conclusion that every person is differently wired and structured. I lost my job in September of 2009 and I am happily looking back of one successful year in opening my heart to many colorful birds and their humans and my house to people in need, hit harder then myself, by the economy and the negative down spiral of things. I hope I can keep it up and I hope I will be supported by the stars, the moon and most importantly by the sun to finish what I have begun. I am grateful that I was able to work on my own project integrating positive qualities and a different pace, exactly the way I had described in the Epilogue of “To Drink the Wild Air” I wrote in January of this year. First, I had to go forward to find the past again but now I have caught up to the present with lightning speed and can work on the future with all my combined qualities.  

My phrase is to live every day as if it would be my last, with the necessary compassion and humility, although people sometimes don’t even respond to compassion or kindness anymore due to fear, embarrassment, or cowardice. Nevertheless, every single day adds to the sum of six month and afterwards we will re-live these six month many more times in our life times, adding more quality and finally might be able to come to terms with our load to be human.


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