Birds, Modeling, and a book reading…. an interesting day

I always was a high level multitasking individual. This is the exact reason why companies love me. Efficiency, speed, and getting a lot of stuff done within one workday are the pre-requisites to be a good employee. I don’t blame them at all. This is also my personal work culture. In my new life, I expect a lot from myself and I deliver. Most of the times I am satisfied with my results at the end of the day when reflecting back the same evening, sitting on my sofa with a glass of wine in my hand, utterly and rightfully exhausted. I definitely had an interesting day this week, when all elements of my “new” daily routine played a role during my productive 10 hours. Here it goes:

7 AM :        jumped out of bed

7.10 AM:   took care of 6 bird cages with 9 birds

  • Changed the newspaper at the bottom of the cage
  • Talking to my guests, playing with them
  • Cleaned out the food and water bowls
  • Preparing a number of fruit and vegetable Cocktails  


8.15 AM:  preparing my own breakfast – a power bar and a cup of hot tea

8.20 AM:  administration – checking E-mails, regular mail, starring in disbelief at another bill!  

9.00 AM:  getting ready for the scheduled audition for a print commercial I was invited to.

  • Taking a shower
  • Out of my Bird clothes ( Workout pants, T-shirt and sweater)  into business casual
  • Styling my hair, putting on make- up, jewelry and grabbing my portfolio.
  •  10.30AM:   leaving the house to arrive at the audition in time. Another stop at Starbucks. My first breakfast wasn’t enough

11.15 AM: found the location of the audition. Filled out paperwork, posed for the photo-shoot and left again.


 11.45 AM : found four Voicemails on my phone.  My friend Florence from Paris was in town. Took care of the logistics for the evening the same day – took two more bird bookings- returned several  calls from my  office on wheels (my car) .

 12 PM: connected this trip with stopping by at Target. My Vacuum cleaner (22 years old) blew up some time ago. A Bird Hotel without a vacuum cleaner – unheard off – impossible. Bought vacuum cleaner and a microwave (which I never had).

 1.30  PM: Arrived at home again. Changed back into bird care clothing, unpacked the microwave, assembled the vacuum cleaner, and cleaned the house, which was a mess, since the vacuum cleaner was out of order for several weeks.

 5.00 PM:  Exhausted from the house cleaning gig- still with the modeling make up in my face-I went on to do my second run of administration – checking E-mails. Received E-mail from the organizer of our writers group ”interested in reading tonight?” (at our monthly Literature meeting) . I replied with an immediate – YES. No reading material was prepared – checking the manuscript of  “ To Drink the Wild Air” for suitable material to present.

5.30 PM: read the material at home and had a late lunch simultaneously. Took care of some more phone calls.
6.00 PM: changed cloth again,  to go out to the monthly Literature event. Before leaving, I waited for another bird guest to arrive.

6.40 PM: new bird flew in, everything was settled, and I was ready to leave the clean house and happy guests.

7.00 PM:  met up with my friend Florence at the Café Royale in down town San Francisco.

8.00 PM:  the reading went well. It was fun and a good practice run   

9.15 PM: dinner with Florence in an Indonesian Restaurant, catching up   

10.30 PM: took Florence to her hotel and drove home.

10.45PM:  tucked in all my guests – said good night and went to bed myself!  

 Not one day is ever the same.   


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