One Milestone down – 150 more to go!

Meet the BOOK!

Finally, things are falling into place. This week I received the first printed proof  copy and I couldn’t wait to open the package. What excitement it was to finally see the actual product, a bound book with all the words I once had in my head, aligned in sentences and paragraphs making up the pages, printed in black letters onto white paper. The actual book I am talking about over the last six years! The whole project began in 2004 with the first thoughts and actions. Six years ago! Extremely eventful and exciting six  years.

A lot has happened over the years where this book project has accompanied me along the way vividly engraved into my mind. I was carrying this mental image of a book around with me wherever I went. It was omnipresent. My mind was pre-occupied with it. I scribbled down good ideas and inspirations on napkins or scratch paper and collected all of these pieces of paper in a folder so I wouldn’t forget . To convert such a huge project from the mere mental picture it originally was into reality was an experience which taught me a lot. Not only the work of thinking, contemplating, researching, writing, and editing took a toll on my time management, social life, and (mental) health, but also the fact that I was bamboozled out of my initial (not little) investment, hiring  a supporting writer, did not lift my spirits. This incident was tragic and disappointing and did take the wind out of my sails for almost a year where my manuscript ended up in the desk drawer again. Some day in a spur- of-the moment  thing  I said to myself that I can’t allow crooks and  negative influences discourage me and re-vitalized my mental picture of the final product.  I took the manuscript out of the drawer again and continued writing. I made many friends along the way and I learned a lot about writing, grammar, editing, book structure, and especially the English language.

Now it is done! I hold the product in my hands and it feels like a ton has lifted off my shoulders. I am extremely happy with the outcome and proud of my accomplishment.  

I am glad I can share this with all the people I personally know and the people I still don’t know and yet have to meet. All the next steps are lined up and this stage is only the beginning of a grand journey.

You will be part of it.  The launch will be the next big thing and with it  the real excitement is just about to begin….


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