Book launch announcement – 1st of December 2010

November 30, 2010

Spread the word – yell it from the roof tops (or something like that)  

What can I say ??  I have already said enough – now it is time to read.

The Blog underwent another facelift and the new added Amazon button on the right sidebar is the most important addition to it. I think it is big enough not to be overlooked. I can see it from here.  The Amazon site is full of surprises. Click on the author link and find a bio page and see the product description before moving on to check out.   

Further down there you can see a You Tube button/link which is the second best new thing  and gives you the chance to sign up for a five minute trip down memory lane. This icon is a bit smaller but still recognizable. I also can see it from here but I could use my glasses.

I have updated Scribd so the reader can get a taste of the wild air while Amazon is still working to put a “Look inside” arrow over my book image like you can see on pretty much every other book but mine…. oh well – no reason to be sad – also in Cyberspace things take time.

E-book version ?   Not yet. Downloadable at Amazon for Kindle. Thats about it. Still exploring the future in reading but I am a strict believer in oldfashioned books with letters printed on paper pages and texture. But that’s just me. 

I have added more tabs to the site. Media and Press for the future and whoever has the nerve to read the book you can contribute with an exquisite but honest review. You can also leave a review on the Amazon page. Either way – it works and I and the whole world can see it. 

Facebook:  go ahead and connect with me. More interesting stuff is still coming up.  As for the book – it took me a couple of years ( six to be exact ) so I hope I can get the next steps of my projects together a bit faster. Just be there – activate your friends and spread the word.

As you can read in the Epilogue “Forward to the Future”  it is about the fusion of past, present and future with the goal to create great new things.   How everything will look like can be read in “To Drink the Wild Air (Part II)”  – to be released in 2016 ( LOL) 

Just kidding. Stay tuned and log into the blog once in a while to see what’s happening.

Let’s take off for this launch first. Worldwide so to speak – I have many inquiries from the far land of Europe . No more excuses – everybody can just go to Amazon and get a copy. 

And I go and have a glass of wine now.  Cheers!   


Launch date coming up soon

November 19, 2010

December 01  2010  — official launch date for the book.

On Tuesday November 30 2010 everyone will receive either an E-mail, a Facebook message, a Linked-In message and a blog post to the happenings of the day. Some people will receive all of it. So don’t be suprised when you are inundated with  To Drink the Wild Air materials.

So, having said that,  just wait 11 more days and find a load of new and interesting things on my website and blog, including a little video clip. 

Until then,  I will be more then busy preparing the next stages of my project, including a job I took to keep the wheels greased and the action going. 

For the local San Francisco folks. If you have nothing better to do please stop by at:

 Cafe Royale, 800 Post Street @ Leavenworth , San Francisco

to catch another 10 minute reading from the book. This is the second time I will read from the book  instead reading from the mansuscript.   

The event is scheduled for:

 Wednesday December 01, 2010 at 7.00 PM.    


The fall of the Berlin Wall – actual anniversary

November 12, 2010

Let’s continue in the spirit of reminiscence.

Already at the beginning of October of this year, the internet spit out more photos and articles to re-capture and remember the vibes of this unbelievable event profoundly altering the German history. All NEWS stations like CNN, DW, FOX, CBS, ABC, NPR and every possible corner of Cyberspace came to life to report on the actual holiday set for October 3, the date the German government had set to remember this historic event affecting the countries’ future from that day forward. 1990 was the first year when October 3 was marked as a big holiday in every German calendar; hence, we celebrated the 20 years anniversary this year in 2010.    

However, the actual events went down , this exact week between the 8th and 12th of November 1989. This week, 21 years ago.I was living in Los Angeles to that time and was following the events on TV as they unfolded uncontrollably for the authorities. Today there is an infinite number of Web pages and pictures out there capturing the smiles, the tears and the hopes of millions of people.

Watch this little you tube flick. 

I am sure that all these people were drinking the wild air that week and that particular day. I cannot even imagine how this must have felt.  

How did you experience his event ?   


Here is a short excerpt of Chapter  “The invisible Split” of To Drink the Wild Air”.   

That day Roger and I had lunch in a little Chinese restaurant, watching it all on TV. We were witnessing a deeply emotional and monumental event of major historical impact. The Berlin wall was built in 1961 and had existed for my entire lifetime. I‘d had my own experiences crossing it to visit the Eastern part of my own country, known as the German Democratic Republic for all these years. My father had dealt with it during the postwar and Cold War years, and this wall was responsible for the final split of his own family. Already, just the idea that after twenty-eight tragic years of “The Wall” there would be at last one big, unified Germany was so huge that my mind couldn’t even grasp it. My sympathy was with the leader at the time, Mikhail Gorbachev, and his “Glasnost” movement. I was proud of the resistance of the German younger generation and general movement to acquire freedom in their lives. I knew how they were living. I understood.

Suddenly I felt this sense of belonging to my own country, although I never previously had a shred of patriotism in my bones, since patriotism in Germany was translated as the equivalent of the neo-Nazi movement I deeply oppose and had never wanted to be associated with. I wish that our nation could have been able to show, more often, a small token of national pride, but this unfortunately only came to the surface with the impact of such incredible historic events leading to the death of the Wall. I felt the tension and the excitement of the people through the television set, thousands of miles away from Berlin; I watched people in tears in utter anticipation of attaining a better life and the ultimate prize of freedom! Of course, no one really expected that Chancellor Kohl’s big decision to immediately reintegrate the seven eastern states with the whole of western Germany would lead to the decline of a once-prosperous nation. To this date, Germany still has not recovered from this economic shock.

            The next morning I phoned my parents and good friends to get their reactions to the news. Some of my friends were already on their way to Berlin to celebrate with the crowds there, and for the first time I was jealous; I was missing out on something meaningful happening in my own country. My consolation was that I was soon going to be living and working in Switzerland, much closer to the current events creating a new Zeitgeist going into the future.


November 5, 2010

OK – After last week’s blog post, we all know that the book is done and ready to be read by thousands of people.  

I finally had a chance to read it myself – like a book! The writing and editing efforts are rather technical processes but the process of just reading without analysis provides the most pleasure and joy. I enjoy reading, “To Drink the Wild Air” and even though it is my own story, it captivates and inspires me again and so far, I had to keep on reading…. I hope that this will be the effect for all of you once you start reading it.

One part, I desperately wanted to read when I received the print copy, was when I arrived here in California in 1985 after having crossed the country with my old car “Henry” I had introduced already in one of my previous blog posts. The cross-country trip was a great adventure and the final stop up in the hills of Malibu was the ultimate prize. Here is a short excerpt of Chapter 8 “Fearless” – describing my first steps in California.


With some delays, that entire trip took 3,012 miles in 4.5 days with a total cost of $208 for gas, food, and campground fees. Talking about cheap traveling.

            After checking in with Kirsten, my final destination was Malibu. I couldn’t wait to see the ocean. In a little campground on top of a cliff overlooking the vast Pacific, I pitched my tent and sat on the edge to watch the sun setting. I saw the endless and slightly curved horizon stretching out before me, the seemingly infinite expanse of water, and the burning reds and oranges in the sky as the sun made its descent. It felt as if the sky were pushing the sun along on its journey to the east where it would be born again as a new day.

It was on this first evening that I decided to stay as long as I could in that place, as long as it would take for me to fully discover what it had to offer. I wanted to savor every moment of this beauty and to soak up my new surroundings. It felt like Paradise.