OK – After last week’s blog post, we all know that the book is done and ready to be read by thousands of people.  

I finally had a chance to read it myself – like a book! The writing and editing efforts are rather technical processes but the process of just reading without analysis provides the most pleasure and joy. I enjoy reading, “To Drink the Wild Air” and even though it is my own story, it captivates and inspires me again and so far, I had to keep on reading…. I hope that this will be the effect for all of you once you start reading it.

One part, I desperately wanted to read when I received the print copy, was when I arrived here in California in 1985 after having crossed the country with my old car “Henry” I had introduced already in one of my previous blog posts. The cross-country trip was a great adventure and the final stop up in the hills of Malibu was the ultimate prize. Here is a short excerpt of Chapter 8 “Fearless” – describing my first steps in California.


With some delays, that entire trip took 3,012 miles in 4.5 days with a total cost of $208 for gas, food, and campground fees. Talking about cheap traveling.

            After checking in with Kirsten, my final destination was Malibu. I couldn’t wait to see the ocean. In a little campground on top of a cliff overlooking the vast Pacific, I pitched my tent and sat on the edge to watch the sun setting. I saw the endless and slightly curved horizon stretching out before me, the seemingly infinite expanse of water, and the burning reds and oranges in the sky as the sun made its descent. It felt as if the sky were pushing the sun along on its journey to the east where it would be born again as a new day.

It was on this first evening that I decided to stay as long as I could in that place, as long as it would take for me to fully discover what it had to offer. I wanted to savor every moment of this beauty and to soak up my new surroundings. It felt like Paradise.


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  1. I am just over the moon to see this and the previous post… how exciting to finally hold your “baby” in your hands, and she’s GORGEOUS! The cover design and back cover copy is wonderful. Congratulations and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy soon! Big hugs from me to you!

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