I survived this week.  Great support for the launch. Thank you for all your replies and best wishes.

It was great to hear from so many people locally and/or from all over the world. It was a good start and I am hopeful to keep the momentum going.

So – after all the rush and excitement, and for the first time in quite a while, I was able to continue reading the book I am currently reading… and don’t get me wrong here – I did read “ To Drink the Wild Air” already many times – I am entitled to read something else.

 The book I am reading is called “The Soul’s Code” – In search of Character and Calling by James Hillman. James Hillman by  profession is a psychologist.

One Chapter is talking about intuition. This caught my attention because I wrote quite a bit in “To Drink the Wild Air” about the fact that I function 100% on intuition in oppose to analysis to meet without doubt at the point of reason.

I hardly had any doubt in whatever I did or I didn’t care. Only later on in life when  fear and  other convoluted thought processes took over my mind I had doubts, therefore  my own theory in living according to my instincts guided by intuition has not failed me. It was always my innate driving force, always guiding me into the right direction or showing me to do the correct thing.

Well- at one point I voluntarily tried and adjusted my own thought process to be more analytical, and the moment I did this, my life became a lot harder and more difficult. Being an intuitive person, it was difficult to open my mind to analysis and I don’t think I offered more than 40 % of my spirit to do so.   

Well, needless to say – I quickly dropped the analytical mindset again and went back to my true spirit’s calling and my never failing intuition. Every human being is equipped with the basics of intuition but as per my experiences – some people are blessed with more and some human minds practice to overrule intuition with analysis.   

Anyway – James Hillman brings the explanation of intuition to a point. I am not sure if I got the point across in “To Drink the wild Air” but Mr. Hillman does – and he should – he is a psychologist!

I never would have found these words let alone would have been able to explain it so poignantly well.


In psychology intuition means “direct and unmediated knowledge” immediate or innate apprehension of a complex group of data. Intuitions occur to a person without any known process of cogitation or reflective thinking. It does not expand slowly as a gradual suffusion of mood: nor does it advance by thought, step by step; nor does it come to its insight by a careful examination or sensate details that compose the whole object before me. Intuition is clear, quick, and full. Like a revelation, it comes quick and fast. Intuition is also called upon for explaining creativity and genius, the inexplicable accounted for by a process that is itself inexplicable. Intuition may propose a way, but does not assure right action or even accurate perception.  

 I guess I can consider myself intuitively lucky. My intuition never led me astray and I was able to distinguish between right and wrong.  I hope I am able to cherish and cultivate it so my intuition can continue to guide me well in all future endeavors.


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