“To Drink the Wild Air” on Internet Blog Radio

January 29, 2011

Mingled into a regular work week I had some exciting news. I was invited to the taping of my first Internet Radio Show on http://www.healthylife.net/main.html  talking to the host Faith Ranoli  in her show  Heart and Home.


Heart & Home
Thursdays, 1pm PT

Faith Ranoli

Heal your home – transform your life! Blending science with the sacred to create environments of harmony and power designed to support your growth & change. Faith is a Holistic Home Inspector, Author, Lecturer, Healer and Earth Acupuncturist.


I am looking forward to express my thoughts and reflections of many parts in “To Drink the Wild Air” where the big colorful metaphorical wings feed the ever burning question: Am I really living my inner truth?   Inner truth is about faith and hope and the ability to trust innate intuition. Unfortunately, our conditioned lifestyles often don’t give us the mindset  anymore to  listen into the deepest realm of our souls.

 Join in to listen to the show on February 10 at 1 PM (PST)  

Date Title
2/24/2011  Ask Ranoli – Healthy Home Building
2/17/2011  Trisha Morris – Green Home & Feng Shui
2/10/2011  Birgit Soyka – Are You Living Your Inner Truth?
2/3/2011  Erin Zimmer – How Books Are Made
1/27/2011 Ask Ranoli
1/20/2011 John Boyle – Remodeling Tips & Tricks
1/13/2011 Richard Alther – Presenting A Spark Of Hope
1/6/2011 Visioning & Intention: 4 A New Year
12/30/2010 Your Questions My Thoughts
12/23/2010 David Lararoff – Holistic Community Living
12/16/2010 Dowsing For Home and Health
12/9/2010 Chetan Parkyn – The Human Design System
11/11/2010 Sheldon Norberg – Healing Houses

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Spirituality and Business

January 22, 2011

Brain freeze!  No, I didn’t drink a Slurpee or ate ice cream but I did go back to work!  It probably would have been easier if someone could have slammed me over my head with a 2×4.

 My times when thinking was a priority are over.Now, thinking is luxury. Only to be done on weekends. Philosophizing and practicing spirituality to become a better person was pushed onto the backburner again by the duties of survival.  


There is no time to think out there in the business jungle of profits and egos.  A relentless stream of E-mails  floating in 24/7  a hardly justifiable quantity, every single one attached to more deadlines, more pressures and harsh words filled with frustration and anger. Mostly there is a lost thank you to be found somewhere in the last lines. Are those real and heartfelt Thank you’s? A true THANK YOU or is it just a thank you in disguise? A thank you ranked as a mere business courtesy? How many people wouldn’t use these two words anymore if they wouldn’t be part of the required business etiquette? 

My first weeks back in a job gave me more to think than I was allowed to do because there was no time to think and now I am thinking that deep thought is much more important than money.

 Exchanging time for money is one thing but exchanging my spiritual mindset for money is another. Praise to everyone who has a good job and is happy with it and where true Thank you’s are exchanged instead of fake ones.    

 Now I am sitting here and think about the first radio show I am invited to and how I can talk about Faith and Hope while there is no time to think.  There is no time to think but there is still faith and hope.  I will think about this topic today and tomorrow the time slot allocated to do my personal thinking. Weekend thinking in oppose to business hour thinking. Interesting concept.    

 The other day someone told me when asked a question that “He didn’t have the time to think about it yet” which is somewhat thought provoking in itself. Thinking requires time, yet we don’t take out the necessary time we need to think.   

 Think about it.

Books, Reviews and Radio Shows

January 9, 2011

I am back.

The original thought was to re-surface refreshed and invigorated in 2011.The truth  is that this first week in 2011 was  unusually hard and stressful and did reveal with utter cruelty how my life will look life until further notice…  as long as I see fit and allow this type of madness in my life.

 So, 2011 – what’s  going to be on the agenda?      

 First of all, I had a very nice Christmas and New Year celebration and I am content with the fact that I was able to finish all my projects and endeavors successfully in 2010.  “To Drink the Wild Air” has found its home on Amazon and is available for everyone.   I am happy to report that it already received good reviews from friends and people I don’t know establishing a solid base to move forward throughout 2011.   

The “Look inside” button was installed by Amazon as it hadn’t been in December and now all things are set.  Also, going forward the schedule of the Blog will be changed to the weekend.

 Still in December I have established a number of contacts and opportunities as promising next steps, ready to be tackled one after another to come to fruition.   

 I am happy to inform you that I am invited to two Internet Radio Shows in March and April and that there will be a local book signing event scheduled in San Francisco.        


 Beginning with next week’s Blog post I will introduce each opportunity and hope that everyone who is following  the Blog will enjoy  the excitement  as much as I do.

Sliding through December on Eggnog and New Years Champagne, celebrating my birthday with wine and beer now going back again to drink the wild air!      

 See you next week.