Books, Reviews and Radio Shows

I am back.

The original thought was to re-surface refreshed and invigorated in 2011.The truth  is that this first week in 2011 was  unusually hard and stressful and did reveal with utter cruelty how my life will look life until further notice…  as long as I see fit and allow this type of madness in my life.

 So, 2011 – what’s  going to be on the agenda?      

 First of all, I had a very nice Christmas and New Year celebration and I am content with the fact that I was able to finish all my projects and endeavors successfully in 2010.  “To Drink the Wild Air” has found its home on Amazon and is available for everyone.   I am happy to report that it already received good reviews from friends and people I don’t know establishing a solid base to move forward throughout 2011.   

The “Look inside” button was installed by Amazon as it hadn’t been in December and now all things are set.  Also, going forward the schedule of the Blog will be changed to the weekend.

 Still in December I have established a number of contacts and opportunities as promising next steps, ready to be tackled one after another to come to fruition.   

 I am happy to inform you that I am invited to two Internet Radio Shows in March and April and that there will be a local book signing event scheduled in San Francisco.        


 Beginning with next week’s Blog post I will introduce each opportunity and hope that everyone who is following  the Blog will enjoy  the excitement  as much as I do.

Sliding through December on Eggnog and New Years Champagne, celebrating my birthday with wine and beer now going back again to drink the wild air!      

 See you next week.


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