February 25, 2011

I am honored to have been invited by Kathleen M. Schmidt to talk on her radio show “Project Empowerment”. I think that my continuous journey can contribute to the concept of personal empowerment in looking at our daily lives and existence with more critical eyes.   The most important questions for me right now are: what exactly are we willing to accept in our daily lives?  What do we have to accept?  and  What do we voluntarily accept  due to our own weaknesses and lack of perseverance?  No matter in what areas of life, work, friendships, relationships or any business ventures, these questions always will prevail and will shed light  on the deepest inquiry of all: do we really follow our inner truth, dreams and desires?   

I had dreams and visions driving me forward with an incredible and irresistible force. There was never any doubt in my mind about anything I dreamed of. At eighteen, I felt I had only shifted into second gear but that my acceleration was beyond anyone’s power to stop. Settling for anything less would have meant losing my belief in myself. This couldn’t be all there was to life!” (From “To Drink the Wild Air” Chapter 2  Freedom, Birds and Motorcycles)   

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Birgit Soyka talks to Kathleen M. Schmidt


Upcoming Shows!
March 2, 2011 Birgit Soyka, author of “To Drink The Wild Air, One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon” www.todrinkthewildair.com  

 9 AM (Pacific Standard Time)



Project Empowerment is a live show 100% focused on empowering lives everywhere.  Although the main topics are focused on survivors of Domestic Violence, the underlying message is empowerment for all.

It is not your typical scripted show, but more like a discussion with friends over coffee.  The subjects are heavy, but the message is to turn something dark into light. Project Empowerment is all about making a personal connection with the audience.  Use the shows as an audio resource, as each contains powerful information to enlighten and educate people not only on domestic violence, but different ways to empower your life.


Living your inner truth

February 17, 2011

Sorry for the delay. I, like many other people at this time of the year, had to battle with the flu which slowed me considerably down.  Physically incapacitated I still made it to my first Talk Radio Show appointment with www.HealthyLife.netWhere Positive People & Radio Unite.

I couldn’t have wished for a better host on the Thursday afternoon show “Heart and Home healing” with Faith Ranoli a holistic Home inspector, Lecturer, Healer, Earth Acupuncturist and Author of the book “The mystical Guide to Home Inspection.”  It was a good conversation for one full hour and whoever has the time and the muse to listen to it feel free and go online to the archive files and follow the directions to find the segment.  http://healthylife.net/RadioShow/archiveHH.htm

The show aired on Thursday February 10, 2011 at 1 PM (PST). It is important to me to talk about things I believe in and things I consider important in my life and I hope I can add value and give food for thought to anyone else. Living the inner truth is an Art form. As in Martial Arts we all have to train in tireless repetition to discover and understand what our inner truth really is. Some people know and follow – other people never find it and walk in haziness all their lives and other people simply ignore it. Ignorance is the biggest crime of all.

I continue walking at the edge of the dichotomy of socially acceptable actions and my inner truth and use my faith to see me through. That’s why I am moving on to my next Radio Show Interview on March 2 2011 talking about Empowerment. More details will follow.

Audition in Los Angeles

February 6, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a production company in Los Angeles. They found my application for a game show online and were interested to hear if I am still available.  I responded without any delay or hesitation with “of course” and answered a couple of general questions before I hung up the phone.  

A game show- interesting – have I ever done this?   NO – this is definitely a missing piece in the chain of all my adventures and activities.   That evening I went home, checked out the dates and location and decided to go.

The audition for the game show was scheduled for February 05 in Anaheim, CA to be exact at Disneyland. The last time I set foot into Disneyland was in 1986 as a must see for a newcomer to the country.

I booked my airplane ticket with some of my remaining miles and put in a rental car reservation to bring me from LAX to Disneyland in Anaheim.

Saturday Feb.05

My alarm clock was ringing at 5 AM. That moment I thought – maybe I should blow this off. What an ungodly time to get up on a Saturday morning. I got up.

I was at the terminal at the airport at 6.15 AM. The Flight left as scheduled at 7.30 AM. While I was going through security I was made painfully aware f the fact that my drivers license and its extension was expired.  Oh – shit – what happened to my usual efficiency on this one? I truly forgot…..

Ok – I continued to travel with the Green Card. Whew – now, without valid driver’s license I couldn’t rent a car. Next best thing is a shuttle. There was no timely shuttle in sight. This was the second time I thought to blow this off and just enjoy myself in good old Los Angeles for a day. 

Waiting was no option. The next best thing was a Taxi.  I had to swallow several times when the cab driver told me the rate but I made a decision. I took a taxi for this long ride fighting through the congested Freeways of L.A.  . This was probably my most expensive taxi ride I have ever taken.  Period.

Nevertheless I made it to the audition in Anaheim at 10.25 AM. I checked in as number 154.

At 11.30AM I had my first interview.  After filling out more paperwork I had  a 1 minute chance to verbalize everything I had written down already 5 times.

I was pulled out of the group with 10 others and brought into the next room. More paperwork!  More detailed questions this time. A little guidance from the casting people and off to the next room.

Good news was – I made it to the next round….

The next round was rather nerve- wrecking.  Five minutes in front of running cameras answering questions.   I made it – was quite happy with my performance. I was talking about my book, motorcycles, travel and Tae Kwon Do…..

Back to the second room – more paperwork!  This time a stack with around 50 pages!  I filled them out handed them over.  I  AM IN!!!   They have picked me as a contestant with a fair chance to win 50 thousand dollars connected with fun, excitement and valuable time on national television.

More details about this opportunity will follow.

I had to work my way back to LAX. Another taxi was just waiting there. He gave me a better rate but still it was expensive. I arrived at LAX at 4 PM. I met a friend for drinks. I walked over to the domestic terminals and jumped on my plane back to San Fran at 7 PM.  Touched ground, picked up my car and was back home at 9 PM.   What a day……

I am looking forward to hear back from the production company in Los Angeles. The next trip down to L.A. will be a much more serious one.   The story will continue.