Radio, Newspapers and new events

March 27, 2011

On Thursday of last week I had a wonderful conversation with Lisa Zimmer on her Radio Show Unlimited realities.  This show was rewarding and inspiring in itself.   Feel free to listen in.

Archive link – Unlimited realities with Birgit Soyka  

I am looking forward to do more radio shows but before I do that first I have to put my attention to local issues.

Newspaper interviews, photo shoots and an invitation to the open house event of the local motorcycle dealership Scuderia West located   in the heart of San Francisco.   I am looking forward to be part of this event because this is what I did in my years at the motorcycle magazine “mo”.  Talking shop!   After all these years away from motorcycles – am I still able to talk shop?

I am definitely able to talk about “To Drink the Wild Air” which will lead inevitably to conversations about my time in racing and therefore shop.   

There is a lot to discover on my journey of transition.

April 16 2011 will be the date.  I will announce it with more details in the upcoming two weeks.  Scuderia West,  69 Duboce Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103  ( Aprilia, KTM, Bimota, Vectrix, Brammo).   

This event will be a good taste for more to come in May  7 2011 which will be the

“ To Drink the wild Air”  launch party.   

So – I am NOT running out of things to plan but it seems I am running out of time to plan everything…….


Life transititon

March 21, 2011

Dont forget the radio show with Lisa Zimmer where we will talk about the book itself and the stories beyond.   I am really looking forward to this conversation. Thursday  March 24  @ 9.30 AM (Pacific Standard time)

Now there is no denial anymore. The shift is underway.  Still in the recent past I felt that I needed to go back to this  structured  secure working environment, I have left already twice. I went back because I didn’t  know of anything else to do or I didn’t feel comfortable with any “insecure” alternative.

Today there is no doubt anymore.  My inner resistance just doesn’t allow this boiling inner doubt anymore. I need to move forward, look for new challenges, look for new environments I fit in again and look for people with different ideas. There is no way back anymore. The bridge is burnt. I feel like I am standing on the other side of the river and just look back to my life as it once was. In front of me there are only dreams, visions and the horizon but other than these abstracts there are only some little building blocks of my new life representing my actual future.  I have to pave my new path  and construct a new life altogether.

Three years ago, after the burn out I still was confused in what a life transition actually is and how it would manifest itself, now I know. I can feel it. It is this “oh so familiar” irresistible inner force pushing me forward, exactly the same way it did 25 years ago with my motorcycle adventures to do things I only thought possible in my mind.  Nobody was able to stop me then; nobody will be able to stop me now.  

Many good things are already on the horizon and it just takes determination and perseverance to follow them.   What I am trying to say here is that nothing is the same anymore– everything has changed and I am finally on the road of new discoveries. Stay tuned for all the stories yet to come. There is a lot in the planning and I will talk about every issue when the time is right.

Unlimited Realities ….

March 13, 2011

This week I want to share the newest scheduled radio show and another media write up, this time received from the German motorcycle magazine “mo.”     

 Unlimited Realities is the name of the Blog talk radio show, where the host Lisa Zimmer will speak with me on March 24 at 9.30 AM PST about “To Drink the Wild Air”.  I am looking forward to another inspiring conversation about intuition.  Please check out below link with the announcement.

Unlimited Realities blog Talk Radio:

Provocative, informative, and empowering radio. Featuring authors and those improving the world one step at a time.

Intuitive Consultant – Life Coach – Radio Host:                 

Lisa Zimmer (Mahoney) is internationally known as an accurate and confidential Clairvoyant and Life Coach. Lisa has been known for her insight and compassion in her work for over 25 years. Sought by law enforcement for crime solving, her reputation let to an International clientele.

Lisa Zimmer is a published writer and columnist who developed a Body, Mind, Spirit television show where she worked with and was endorsed by Dr. Bernie Spiegel, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Larry Dossey and other pioneers in the field. Her published guided Imagery Visualizations have aided clients overcoming challenges in their lives and guiding them to a more fulfilling future in accomplishing their goals.


That’s not all.

I have to extend a big THANK  YOU  to my old friends in Germany at the motorcycle magazine “mo ” .I have received the March 2011 issue with a quarter page dedicated to “ To Drink the Wild Air”. This little article transported me back to the times when I was still part of the staff at the magazine and work was fun. It will be archived in the Review tab for future reference.

Be true to yourself

March 6, 2011

This week I had a great interview with radio host Kathleen M. Schmidt on her Radio Show “Project Empowerment” where we spoke for one hour about “To Drink the Wild Air.”

This is the Archive show link to listen to our talk.

This opportunity gave me a burst of inspiration.

“Be true to yourself ” was my answer to Kathleen’s last question of the interview but only afterwards I thought of the perfect answer (of course only when it was too late).  

 We wouldn’t walk around with clothes too small for us making us feel uncomfortable, would we? We would go out and find the cloth that fit our style and sizes or go bigger in size rather than smaller. This is the essence of being true to yourself.  Finding the right fit of people and places in this world to feel safe, prospering and happy.  To look at your inner “awareness mirror” and follow through with correcting whatever needs to be corrected in your life to move forward with strength, pride and confidence.   

Kathleen is the Author of the book “Escaping the Glass Ceiling” – A story of survival and Empowerment of Domestic Violence – and creator of the radio show Project Empowerment. Courageousness is found in all areas of life and her story is one of admiration and compassion to overcome hardship and seeking personal happiness.

I am honored that I had the chance to share my story with her and her listeners, although my story is not related to domestic violence, our stories overlap with courage, faith and believe.