Be true to yourself

This week I had a great interview with radio host Kathleen M. Schmidt on her Radio Show “Project Empowerment” where we spoke for one hour about “To Drink the Wild Air.”

This is the Archive show link to listen to our talk.

This opportunity gave me a burst of inspiration.

“Be true to yourself ” was my answer to Kathleen’s last question of the interview but only afterwards I thought of the perfect answer (of course only when it was too late).  

 We wouldn’t walk around with clothes too small for us making us feel uncomfortable, would we? We would go out and find the cloth that fit our style and sizes or go bigger in size rather than smaller. This is the essence of being true to yourself.  Finding the right fit of people and places in this world to feel safe, prospering and happy.  To look at your inner “awareness mirror” and follow through with correcting whatever needs to be corrected in your life to move forward with strength, pride and confidence.   

Kathleen is the Author of the book “Escaping the Glass Ceiling” – A story of survival and Empowerment of Domestic Violence – and creator of the radio show Project Empowerment. Courageousness is found in all areas of life and her story is one of admiration and compassion to overcome hardship and seeking personal happiness.

I am honored that I had the chance to share my story with her and her listeners, although my story is not related to domestic violence, our stories overlap with courage, faith and believe.    



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