Life transititon

Dont forget the radio show with Lisa Zimmer where we will talk about the book itself and the stories beyond.   I am really looking forward to this conversation. Thursday  March 24  @ 9.30 AM (Pacific Standard time)

Now there is no denial anymore. The shift is underway.  Still in the recent past I felt that I needed to go back to this  structured  secure working environment, I have left already twice. I went back because I didn’t  know of anything else to do or I didn’t feel comfortable with any “insecure” alternative.

Today there is no doubt anymore.  My inner resistance just doesn’t allow this boiling inner doubt anymore. I need to move forward, look for new challenges, look for new environments I fit in again and look for people with different ideas. There is no way back anymore. The bridge is burnt. I feel like I am standing on the other side of the river and just look back to my life as it once was. In front of me there are only dreams, visions and the horizon but other than these abstracts there are only some little building blocks of my new life representing my actual future.  I have to pave my new path  and construct a new life altogether.

Three years ago, after the burn out I still was confused in what a life transition actually is and how it would manifest itself, now I know. I can feel it. It is this “oh so familiar” irresistible inner force pushing me forward, exactly the same way it did 25 years ago with my motorcycle adventures to do things I only thought possible in my mind.  Nobody was able to stop me then; nobody will be able to stop me now.  

Many good things are already on the horizon and it just takes determination and perseverance to follow them.   What I am trying to say here is that nothing is the same anymore– everything has changed and I am finally on the road of new discoveries. Stay tuned for all the stories yet to come. There is a lot in the planning and I will talk about every issue when the time is right.


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