Radio, Newspapers and new events

On Thursday of last week I had a wonderful conversation with Lisa Zimmer on her Radio Show Unlimited realities.  This show was rewarding and inspiring in itself.   Feel free to listen in.

Archive link – Unlimited realities with Birgit Soyka  

I am looking forward to do more radio shows but before I do that first I have to put my attention to local issues.

Newspaper interviews, photo shoots and an invitation to the open house event of the local motorcycle dealership Scuderia West located   in the heart of San Francisco.   I am looking forward to be part of this event because this is what I did in my years at the motorcycle magazine “mo”.  Talking shop!   After all these years away from motorcycles – am I still able to talk shop?

I am definitely able to talk about “To Drink the Wild Air” which will lead inevitably to conversations about my time in racing and therefore shop.   

There is a lot to discover on my journey of transition.

April 16 2011 will be the date.  I will announce it with more details in the upcoming two weeks.  Scuderia West,  69 Duboce Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103  ( Aprilia, KTM, Bimota, Vectrix, Brammo).   

This event will be a good taste for more to come in May  7 2011 which will be the

“ To Drink the wild Air”  launch party.   

So – I am NOT running out of things to plan but it seems I am running out of time to plan everything…….


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