Newspaper,birds,motorcycles and a public event

Took me a bit longer this week to manage a post but now I can introduce two more things.

The first one is the article in the local newspaper Sunset Beacon. One morning I stepped out of the house and felt how I stepped on a paper laying on the floor. I looked down and saw I had stepped on my own face.. How awful! I quickly picked up the paper and cleaned it off and made it wrinkle free. I was impressed by the size of the picture. I brought it back to the kitchen and put it on the kitchen counter to read the article later when I had more time. But then there was the traditional flight hour and my bird Eddie landed on the kitchen counter and started to shred the paper. I caught it just in time, ripped it out of his beak and assessed the damage. The corner of the paper was missing and the paper looked somewhat frazzled. Now it was wrinkled again but my face (thank God)was still intact.  I took the paper and put it in a very safe place protected from all evil. Now I scanned it and attach the link so everyone can enjoy the article ( and the pictures) .

Sunset Beacon Archive link -Speed Racer

Sunset Beacon archive – Birgit Soyka article

Secondly – I am getting ready to re-connect with the motorcycle crowd next Saturday at the dealership Scuderia West. I will be part of the open House event for their 20 years anniversary. This will be fun. Come on in, take a look at sports bikes, E- bikes, Moto Cross bikes,  accessories, the book ” To Drink the Wild Air”, eat a Cookie with me and talk shop.      

Follow this link:    

Saturday April 16  2011 from 10 AM  to 6 PM.


One Response to Newspaper,birds,motorcycles and a public event

  1. Azia says:

    Which came first, the problem or the sotuoiln? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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