Spiritual leadership in life

The turnout of the event last night at the West Portal Book shop was great. It was inspiring to me to see so many interested people and I was especially happy to see my San Francisco fan base.

I had prepared a 30 minute presentation and I was glad that everyone participated so nicely.  I spoke to many people I didn’t know and were inspired by “To Drink the Wild Air”. Thank you to the WNBA who gave me the chance to participate and thanks for colleague writer and friend Teresa LeYung Ryan whose support and expertise was indispensible.

Here are some picture from the evening.  Pictures capturing the essence of the moment, capturing the interaction and enthusiasm shared with me , pictures of all the happy faces looking at me while I was speaking about my adventures and thoughts in life.

It was great!!  Thank you for being there.

Introduction of the authors by the book store owner Neal Sofman

” To Drink the Wild Air”  San Francisco fan club !!!!

                                                                                                                  The presentation

Puzzled ????????????????

Teresa LeYung Ryan and  Birgit Wild Air

Wet Portal Book Shop


2 Responses to Spiritual leadership in life

  1. Dear Birgit, I had so much fun celebrating “Rebuild Your Life Month” with you, my friends and yours at BookShop West Portal! I too blogged http://lovemadeofheart.com/blog/coach-teresa-how-do-writers-authors-rebuild-their-lives/ See you and Jacqueline on Thursday July 7, 2011 at San Francisco Public Library-main branch, Stong Conference Room 6:00-7:30pm for WNBA meet-up! Cheers from Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung-Ryan

  2. Looks like your gig was a big success, despite the weather. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I’m just about finished with your book and I can’t believe how eventful your life has been so far. Can’t wait to see what the second chapter holds.


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