August 30, 2011

From my trip to Sacramento this Monday.

It was a great experience and the fastest 7 minutes in my life. 

Guest Birgit Soyka at KXTV Sacramento and Company News 10

‘To Drink The Wild Air’ – August 29, 2011

 Cynthia Butler     23 hrs ago
  • Pursuing what you want in life and actualizing dreams can mean taking chances, throwing caution to the wind and just going for it!

Author Birgit Soyka was racing motorcycles as a twenty-something in her native germany, when she slapped on the golden handcuffs and took a corporate job in the US. Realizing that she has lost her sense of spirit and zest for life, Birgit reclaimed her self and through a journey of wild adventures and experiences began to live again and become the person that she knew she could be.

Birgit writes about her life in her new memoir, “To Drink the Wild Air: A Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon.” Birgit talks about her life with hosts Guy Farris and Jodie Moreno. To read more about Birgit or to purchase her book go to todrinkthewildair.com

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August 27, 2011

Entrenched up to my eyeballs with transitional issues, time sensitive projects, business set-up and the occasional Happy hour I always have to expect the unexpected. And so it was this morning at 8 AM. While sipping my hot tea I am checking my mails minding my own business, expecting the usual and only the usual.

The first mail was an unusual one. The text read: Birgit, sorry for such short notice but there is an opportunity to be a guest on the Sacramento and Company morning show on Monday August 29 at 9.00 AM  in Sacramento. Are you available?

Flexibility is the spice of live…. of course I am available. Is it possible for me to switch from survival business mode into an inspiring and informative TV morning show guest talking about the “To Drink the Wild Air” story?

I don’t know but we will find out. On Monday morning at 9 AM on this live link.     Sacramento & Co morning show News 10

There was no time for any advertisement or Marketing. It just dropped onto my calendar out of the blue sky.

The show will be archived and can also be watched later.

I am off to Sacramento tomorrow afternoon  breathing the Wild Air !



The “To Drink the Wild Air” transition recipe

August 21, 2011

“To Drink the Wild Air” is all about constant life transition. My best friend the dictionary defines it as a going across or equivalent to TRANSIT, changeover, passing, conversion……all these words have a very precise meaning and are spot on.

Transition can be anything. From bad to good, from good to bad, from darkness to enlightenment, from clear understanding to confusion or from confusion to clarification. A transition is a very individual and a very personal thing. It is about acceptance or disapproval. And the beauty of it is that it can be applied to anything in life.

There is no textbook for transition, nobody can teach transition, it comes from the inside out, it is the strength and courage living inside of us and the reminder to everyone about the inherent willingness to get up and discover the route of the unknown. Not everyone is cut out to enter a transition in life and so life can become a very predictable playground within a convenient set up. A so called rut, defined in the dictionary as a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising.

Since I have packed my soul and my courage once again to follow the route of the transitional highway I have met many interesting people.  Some have never left the rut and are afraid of any transition even though the rut is not all so friendly and comfortable. This is when fear is stronger than faith.

Other people never had a rut. They are in constant transition from the day they were born.

Some people had a rut and decided to enter a transition to change the course of life.  I guess this is my category. My rut was exciting in itself but nevertheless it was a rut and now I am looking for a new but different rut or will my transition be an open ended one? This is up to me!                         As long as fear does not overrule faith I should be fine.

Drinking the Wild Air is not easy at all times but this transitional wave carries me forward effortlessly. Every day as I go along I have to make sure that I don’t run out of all the ingredients I need to carry on.  I am much more alert and sensitive to take a look at my sacred recipe to know when to replenish any spice and condiments of my transition recipe so I don’t lose traction, speed, Inspiration and most importantly faith.

Here it is. Mix it up and enter into your personal “To Drink the Wild Air” transition – create your own personal adventure beyond belief and use whatever vehicle you want to move forward. It can be anything but in my case it is my beloved two wheels where transition and adrenaline meet. The destination is unknown and the ride is breathtaking once again.




To “Drink the Wild Air” Transition Recipe:

What we do not want to use in this recipe is FEAR also described as angst, anxiety, aversion or cowardice.

  •  2 teaspoons believe
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons happiness  
  • 1 teaspoon courage
  • 2 tablespoons of dreams  
  •  1 teaspoon adventure
  • 3 slabs of spirit
  • 1 cup  willingness for change
  • 2 cups of leadership
  • 3 tablespoons of faith  


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Mix the transition mix with a container of adventurous spirit and a can of trust.  The mixture should be thick so don’t stop if it is not there yet. Raise temperature of oven to 425 degrees F.  Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool before serving.

Enjoy your own transition recipe!

Inspiration by focus

August 14, 2011

or focused inspiration ?

This Saturday was my first ride out. I needed to see what Rrramonn can do. How fast I could go….

Where is the fear barometer these days?  Where are my limits? Are there any limits?  Do I trust the bike as I always did? There are still some open questions in this quest of return. Questions ready to be explored . Questions that cannot be ignored.

But before I go on please refer to the sidebar to see my technical sponsors. Names you will hear quite frequently in the future. OKP Precision Works ( no existing logo) , Waterfront Automobili INC,     ( check out the You Tube when hovering over the Ferrari) , Motion Pro Quality tools , Lindemann Race Suspension and Tech Shop where I can go and build my dreams ( as soon as I have time) all people with an open mind and dreams for their own.

Ok – back to Rrramonn. Since I have the bike I never left the city and now it was time to conquer the windy back roads off the beaten path (so to speak) to really test the bike and my own audacity.

All the emotions and excitement I had experienced in my first ride a couple of month ago with a borrowed bike was now 100 times amplified and sensitively electrified. There was no fear.  After the first set of wild, crazy windy roads I had to come to the conclusion that I MUST BE CRAZY!!!!!  But it is a good CRAZY.  Focus, acceleration, top gear, full throttle, top speed, your only friend in this moment – FOCUS. If only one little thing goes wrong – everything goes wrong.

What was the conclusion to this four hour afternoon ride in the sweltering sun of the East Bay?

Rrramonn is a little screaming rocket. There is real power in this 600 cc engine. There is agility in this 17 year old body. His spirit complements my own. There is a mutual understanding. We are a perfect fit.

OKP – the rear suspension is a problem. As I have feared from the beginning.

Lindemann Engineering – the front suspension is a jewel. Also the front end is perfectly set up, smooth and responsive.

Motion Pro – the clutch cable is a gift.  No effort on my part with the clutch hand.

Physically – my butt hurt after the ride and it became somewhat uncomfortable. Who would care after such an adrenaline rush?

And the final conclusion was:    There is NO FEAR and there are NO LIMITS!!!

Bikeminded – back to where I came from

August 7, 2011

Is there anyone out there who, after many years,  took up a hobby or a lifestyle again they had left a long time ago? How was the journey of the return for you?

End of June I decided to take a summer vacation during July. Now my “vacation” and summer (as it looks like) is over.  The deception of summer is only due to my geographical position in San Francisco were July and August are the most friendly hosts for heavy fog and rain.   Thank God this is only in the city and always gives a good reason to leave town. But life did go on – also in July.

I did prepare for my second half of 2011. First things first – I needed two wheels again and I got them.

 Meet “Rrramonn” a 1995 Honda CBR 600.

Thanks to the expertise and many hours of work at OKP Precision Works a run down, crashed and technically neglected bike was turned into a reliable piece of machinery again. A piece of machinery which will be part of all upcoming events.  Thanks to the magical support of the Ferrari Doctor himself from Waterfront Automobile in San Francisco the bike also sparkles like new and volunteered as the photographer.

A come back in sports which require extensive equipment seems more cumbersome and difficult in oppose to sports  where there is only a bathing suit or running shorts involved.

17 years can be a long time. I still have some “Birgit the Circuit” memorabilia stored which almost has disintegrated into dust. I had to throw out a 20 year old helmet because its interior crumbled like nicely aged blue cheese. My old gloves are only good to be pinned to a wall as a portrait of the good old times. My ex race leathers which are not so smooth anymore and far too small for my current size lie crumbled in the closet. Equipment of old materials long rendered useless and insufficient. Equipment out of style. But now the equipment question is solved. It took me some time but I am up to date again. The bike was the last piece missing in this puzzle.

Let’s see about the timeline according to the story in                                           “To Drink the Wild Air”:

1978   –    first bike

1983   –    first race

1991    –   last race

1995    –   last bike  ( approximately 250.000 miles and a fairly big number of (race) crashes later)

2011    –   first bike  ( “Rrramonn” a Honda CBR 600)

How is the feeling you might ask???

It is as good as it always was. I have to hone a number of technical riding skills but I haven’t forgotten. I haven’t lost the touch!

There are many things in store for me and Rrramonn. It will be another great ride.

Follow me.