Transition meets the flow of time ( and You Tube)

September 26, 2011

To initiate a transition in midlife is not easy though drastic changes in live are sometimes inevitable. Sometimes changes are involuntarily and sometimes more than voluntary. In my case it was both. If my brain wouldn’t have been burnt out so radically in 2007 maybe I still could have found a tad bit of fun in what I was doing and the willingness and strength to pull myself together to hang in there for another 20 years. Many people never get to this point and therefore there is no need to think about current set ups in life especially when life is more than comfortable.

In my case it was the most drastic development I ever could have imagined and of course it opened the door for me to see myself again the way I always was and the realization that this person somehow got lost. I had to make the decision, no matter how hard or how difficult this transition will be, I had no  choice in the matter, I had to go forward to look for alternatives. I started my journey first in 2007 and then once again for good in 2009. And now ( 2011) I can feel the same awareness of life again I had when I was racing motorcycles, riding along the highways in many travels and perceived the world as a beautiful playground. Now I feel this strong sense of inner peace and happiness.

All of this does not come without a price. I went back to the basics, back to the bare minimum in many things. I fell into a business I love and I spend a lot of time with. I bought an additional business and try to make that work as well. Time is of the essence – but then time never has an end. There is a continuous and endless flow of time. We only feel time in the aging of our physical bodies. Time is also changing our perception of the world or of the people around us and how we fit into the world.

There is one thing which is beautiful on the road of transition. I have met so many new people. I connected with many people I have lost touch with or didn’t remember anymore (but they remembered me), I encountered many helping hands and unconditional support for all my endeavors and I have to say – I could not do all this without you. THANK YOU!

I truly appreciate your compassion.  And so I would like to share a slide show a friend put together just for fun. I really like it and this little song (unfortunately in German) is more than appropriate for the situation. Someday I will translate the lyrics someday. Honestly, I will.

This slide show is the teaser flick to the new To Drink the Wild Air book trailer clip which will air soon. More about that in the next couple of weeks! Just enjoy this little clip in this very moment.

Birgit on Locations 



The Wild Air of the Bay Area

September 19, 2011

The road of transition can be exhausting especially when survival knocks on the door ever day. Courage opens the door and looks into the eyes of survival and pokes on survival’s shoulder with perseverance and hope. This week I catered to survival most of the time but on Sunday I took a day off and  spent the afternoon on a sail boat. It was a beautiful day and even the sun joined us.  Here are some pictures of the Bay with some beautiful views.

Alcatraz, dolphins, playful seals and a  floating purse was on the agenda. The purse was rescued.It is never a good feeling when you see your whole life floating away in the Bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge sucked in by the open ocean….. it was not my purse – don’t carry one these days , have exchanged the purse for a backpack and nail polish and flip flops for boots.  That’s the price of motorcycling , and it is well worth it.

Modern female Adventurers

September 12, 2011

Two weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link about two German girls traveling across Canada and the US.  This famous mouse click nowadays makes it possible that I can connect to total strangers on the road. Technically we are strangers but in our heart we are bikers, one big happy family. But technically we are strangers who just hooked up with a mouse click.

To be exact in this case it was through a motorcycle adventurer traveler forum. Word travelers, motorcycle world travelers, adventure travelers, one forum after another, you name it – there is a forum for absolutely everything with the sole purpose to connect  people,  to link , for people to communicate  and finally to talk  to each other from the most remote locations. Likeminded strangers hooking up with each other, meeting people one was never able to hook up before. People you possibly never would have met before under any other circumstances.  How cool is that?

Well, in our case now – the link led to a mail, the mail turned into a call and a hearty  “howdy” between three fellow country women and the howdy turned into a breakfast invitation at my place. The girls arrived.

Katja and Nadine from Cologne, Germany. Two big bikes, packed like participating in the stampede of the Gold Rush in the Yukon, packed for being on the road for 365 days.  They are already on the road since 165 days!  By the time they arrived in San Francisco they already had clocked around 15.000 miles. The trip started in Miami and went north into Canada before going westwards via Vancouver to steer south along the US west coast. The  final destination is  Los Angeles where they are planning to ship their bikes to Australia,   after Australia to New Zealand and then back to Europe in another six month or so.

Not only people can be found with the socially stimulating forums and the art of  linking  travel buddies and likeminded people, also couches, sofas, sofa beds, floors, cushions, airbeds and everything that can be used to crash  a night or two can be found all over the world. Cool – I have to say.

Let’s go back 30 years when I was on the road. No Cell phones, no E-mails, no Internet, no GPS no forum, no couch surfing. We relied on campgrounds, road sides, bridges and other remote areas to rest our tired heads at night. We relied on “organic people meeting” on the road. Organically offered couches or sofas through organically met people on the road. Nothing else!  In a way it was cumbersome but adventurous. We found the occasional party because we coincidentally ran into the right people at the right moment at the right place. Nothing was planned or linked. Everybody was on their own. Survival at its best.

Here  a good example of 1886 in the desert….  my bike , the sun and me.

God forbid the bike broke down in the desert….. I remember I was sitting out there for hours waiting and hoping for my friend’s navigational finesse to find me. One wrong move and we never would have found each other. No Cell phone, no E-mail, no GPS, no couch.

So- is this the evolution of traveling?  There is no right or wrong – it is just different. It has its advantages nowadays –and the more I think of it – there are no disadvantages whatsoever. There is only one question I am asking myself.  Does all of the supporting technology suck the air out of an adventure?  I don’t know. I haven’t had the chance to travel in modern times (so to speak) on a motorcycle and I still have to wait awhile before my transition period allows me to hit the road again. For the time being I am happy with local rides on my Honda.

Here is the travel blog of Nadine and Katja. Actually written in German but Google volunteers with the translation which can be very funny at times. As much as Google wants to be on top of everything- it still needs some training in the translation department….


I wish Katja and Nadine a great trip and many more adventures they will remember for the rest of their lives. There is nothing better than Drinking the Wild Air – at least for a little while in your life.

Keep on riding !!!!

Book Review from

September 3, 2011

Shortly after my speedy trip to Sacramento for my quick guest appearance in the morning show Sacramento & Company I have received via Google alerts a book review I have not even anticipated.

Here is the link

“To Drink the Wild Air” was reviewed and featured in the Adult Non Fiction section right beneath Christopher Hitchens’ “Hitch22″and Stacy Schiff’s “Cleopatra”.

I take it as an honor to receive a book review from an established book review site like

Here it is:

Another Review at MyShelf.Com

To Drink the Wild Air 

One Women’s Quest to Touch the Horizon
Birgit Soyka

Parendum Books
November 2010/ ISBN 978-0-9830398-0-8
Non-Fiction / Sports / Bio

Reviewed by Justin Feller

This inspirational memoir forced many personal questions I didn’t necessarily know that I had about how I’m choosing to live this life. Reading any book that causes as much self-reflection as this book does cannot be described as anything except excellent. Trying to be the first serious female competitor in a completely male dominated Californian motorcycle scene would be a lofty goal in itself, but over coming everything from career burnout, serious injury, isolation and even deportation makes this achievement completely inspirational. As you follow Birgit Soyka on her life journey you will without a doubt find yourself developing a closeness with this brutally honest, charismatic and often comical author that is rarely found in many books today. If you have recently been pondering that age old question, “Is this all there is to life?” then you will find this book nearly impossible to put down.


Reviewed 2011
© 2011