Dream Factory

November 20, 2011

Ahhhh  … isn’t it nice to stroll down the aisles of a  motorcycle show once in a while to help me realize that the bike I am actually riding is already news from yesteryear… and that just a view hours of indulging in the dream factory of the bike manufacturers made me want to buy a brand new shiny, state of the art sports motorcycle, and a beautiful pink girly helmet or even some slick race leathers. But instead I only got myself the bare necessity which was a pair of winter gloves I needed desperately in order to survive the wet and stormy San Francisco winter month (on my bike).  So – at least I did send my hands to a warm summer vacation to Cancun with those beautiful new gloves.

Motorcycle shows are not only there to watch the newest bikes and trends but also to meet people (in person) to chat a bit and to be inspired. And so I finally met two ladies in person I only knew by E-mail or via Facebook.

Liz Jansen from Canada, author of the book “Women, Motorcycles and the Road of Empowerment” – Fifty inspiring Stories of Adventure and Self-Discovery                     http://lizjansen.com/

and  Carla King a well known San Francisco author of the book “American Borders- a solo circumnavigation on a Russian sidecar Motorcycle.    http://carlaking.typepad.com

I am always intrigued by all the women adventurers of this world and their drive to break these artificial boundaries that motorcycles are just a “guy” thing. I myself still feel my racer blood pumping in my veins but I wouldn’t mind to jump on a beautiful tricked out dual purpose bike to circumnavigate the world. Well, life is still young and this is only the start. I just have to concentrate on other things right now but the world will always be there to be explored.


24 hours

November 14, 2011

And another two busy weeks have passed by and had been packed with work, educational events, networking and fun activities. Besides some beautiful autumn rides I took in the Bay Area there is nothing further planned for the book. There is one more event on my schedule which is rather recreational and fun. I will visit the San Mateo International Motorcycle Show from November 18-20 ( in San Mateo, CA) where I will meet some people in person I have met in Cyberspace in the course of 2011. I am looking forward to put faces to E-mail text and see what 2012 might have in store for me.

San Mateo Motorcycle Show 2011

I was invited to a Writers Club meeting and found new inspiration and help there, especially with the topic of time Management and the fact that every author’s life is very much involved. Book Marketing is a full time job and so is a job and/or to manage a small business. I seem to be able to multitask a lot but sometimes I doubt my effectiveness. I wish the day would have more time but then the measurement of time always was the same. No matter if it was Socrates, Nostradamus, Galileo or Einstein at the end of the day their day also only had 24 hours. Period. Maybe these 24 hours felt differently because things moved slower and these scholars only were foreseeing what we experience today with cyberspace, mach speeds and moon travel.

Nowadays we have so much support from technology which we use to increase the speed of everything, especially our communication, we overwhelm our awareness and mental capabilities at times and a lot of things suffer and don’t have the desired quality anymore as a result….but we tend to squeeze more and more into one single day still only offering 24 hours….   Peak season has caught up with me in my business Squawk and Howl and we all prepare for our traditional Thanksgiving feast.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that we are all able to slow down for at least one day !


New You Tube book trailer

November 2, 2011

Here I am again.    As I said – sometimes there is too much stuff and not enough time. Happens to me lately more than I am willing to admit.

But anyway – as I had posted earlier, on November 4  the book “To Drink the Wild Air” will be introduced by the Lit Chick Show hosted by Sylvia Massara. Here is the link:

  Lit Chick Show

The intros newest components is a new video book trailer, public in You Tube as of today, called

To Drink The Wild Air Part II

The clip incorporates the feeling and the motion of my current mindset and determination to change my life around to something I can enjoy for the next 20 years or so.  I had a pretty good run so far but now breaking into my second half of life a lot of things are changing. Physically, spiritually and mentally. All three combined have incredible power to throw these unexpected curveballs because body mind and soul are just not familiar with the challenges and have to adapt and re-learn. It’s just like when we grow up. Life always presents changes and transitions but in some parts in the course of a lifetime they are more defined and difficult and it can be that one’s whole life philosophy has to change and adapt simultaneously. All these changes need an open mind and even more courage than in the earlier years because time has turned into a fierce competitor and our physical body also rebels with some of the activities I have considered as normal for many years. Every day is a new challenge but is also exciting when keeping the final goal in mind.

Long live life and what we make out of it!