24 hours

And another two busy weeks have passed by and had been packed with work, educational events, networking and fun activities. Besides some beautiful autumn rides I took in the Bay Area there is nothing further planned for the book. There is one more event on my schedule which is rather recreational and fun. I will visit the San Mateo International Motorcycle Show from November 18-20 ( in San Mateo, CA) where I will meet some people in person I have met in Cyberspace in the course of 2011. I am looking forward to put faces to E-mail text and see what 2012 might have in store for me.

San Mateo Motorcycle Show 2011

I was invited to a Writers Club meeting and found new inspiration and help there, especially with the topic of time Management and the fact that every author’s life is very much involved. Book Marketing is a full time job and so is a job and/or to manage a small business. I seem to be able to multitask a lot but sometimes I doubt my effectiveness. I wish the day would have more time but then the measurement of time always was the same. No matter if it was Socrates, Nostradamus, Galileo or Einstein at the end of the day their day also only had 24 hours. Period. Maybe these 24 hours felt differently because things moved slower and these scholars only were foreseeing what we experience today with cyberspace, mach speeds and moon travel.

Nowadays we have so much support from technology which we use to increase the speed of everything, especially our communication, we overwhelm our awareness and mental capabilities at times and a lot of things suffer and don’t have the desired quality anymore as a result….but we tend to squeeze more and more into one single day still only offering 24 hours….   Peak season has caught up with me in my business Squawk and Howl and we all prepare for our traditional Thanksgiving feast.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that we are all able to slow down for at least one day !



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