Birgit Soyka at Bay Area Moto Shop April 14

March 29, 2012

Join us at Moto Shop for a special event and potluck. 

(Raffle,Book reading,Book signing,Race videos,food and drinks) 

Bay Area Moto Shop 

325 So. Maple Avenue # 20 

South San Francisco, CA 

Saturday  April 14 2012       5pm to 10 pm 

 Our very own, (BAMG Member) Birgit Soyka, the author of the memoir To Drink the Wild Air:  One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon and one of the first female motorcycle racers in her time, will read from her book at Moto Shop in South San Francisco.

If we are lucky we can see the new To Drink the Wild Air music video, currently still in production!

From Female Road Warrior to Spreadsheet Jockey, To Drink the Wild Air chronicles one woman’s journey of adventure, freedom, and motorcycle racing to becoming a survivor of a subsequent corporate career burn out.

Event details : 

Meet and greet at 5pm followed by the book reading  from 6-7pm and  having fun from  7pm-10pm.

Program includes:

Raffle / Book reading / Book signing / Race videos / Music / Food and Drinks.  

    This event is free, just bring something to eat or drink to share.

         Hope to see you all there! 


Schnitzel eating living legend live on April 14 2012

March 25, 2012

yes, I made it back last week from Europe. It was a long haul but my stay in Germany was well worth it.

In between a big family re-union and several celebrations, a load of food and meeting a number of good old friends I also had some encounters with recent history which made me feel surprised but also gave me this fuzzy warm feeling about my humble beginnings  and wild times in the racing scene in Germany.

I strolled around in the city of Stuttgart and passed a news stand. Of course I gazed over the familiar and got stuck on the title page of a new magazine about “young” old timer motorcycles and second hand deals. A closer look revealed my face on the title page sitting on my ( to that time) brand new, shiny, Yamaha RD 350 YPVS  ( in the US it is the  RZ 350) in 1983. I hardly recognized myself but I guess that’s the beauty of pictures taken 29 years ago. Ha, what a welcome to the homeland.  Here is the link with a small version of the title cover page.


And if this is not enough I received another blast from the past in form of an E-mail about the inquiry of the person riding that bike in the picture attached.   Well- I did recognize myself and identified myself accordingly to be accepted into the gallery of forgotten heroes of the race tracks.

I  spent hours looking at all the photos of people I knew and still know in person featured on that site. I think it is a good idea to keep an archive of pictures of a passion which will never die. Check out the link- maybe you also find some people you might know from all around the world. The page is sorted by country and rider.

Motorcycle heroes of the past


Let’s create more modern history and don’t forget about the To Drink the Wild Air  reading event at the Bay Area Moto Shop on Saturday April 14 2012 at 5 PM.   Bring some beer and snacks to share and just relax and have fun.

I finish up this post with the impressions of  some delicious German foods and cakes ……Yumm!