Request for Amazon reviews

May 13, 2012

The book has been published in 2010. Ever since it has received  a number of positive comments and feedback. Some people made it to Amazon and left their honest reviews in the Amazon Book review page . Thank you for your support!  Unfortunately, it is not every ones cup of tea to leave a review and so I am running short on feedback.

So , pleeeeaaaaassssse  for everybody reading ” To Drink the Wild Air”   I hope you leave an honest and heartfelt review on the review link of the Amazon book selling page. In order to get the attention of agents, publishers and  producers the amount of reviews is an important number besides the proof of a solid platform and  dedicated follower ship. This is all difficult stuff and I wish it would  develop by itself but unfortunately this can take years to get to a point where social acceptance is taking over and will produce the desired results.

The book is currently entered in two different book awards and I am waiting for valuable feedback and/or a nomination (!!!) .  The first one is a local award with the BAIPA  Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and the second one is the Hollywood Book Festival . There  the first price would be a trip to Hollywood which would be a nice change to go back to L.A. to check out the old neighborhoods I was hanging out during my beginning times in southern California.  Well, I cross my fingers and just wait for more reviews  to pop up !