Birgit Soyka spent her youth chasing the horizon in her mind and heart from the age of five. After she successfully completed her apprenticeship in retail sales she changed fields and worked several years for the motorcycle magazine ”mo” in Germany. Her desire to fly like the birds and live a “life less ordinary” drew her to an early passion for motorcycle racing and world travel, which eventually led her into a successful business career in the Logistics sector. Now, 25 years later, she makes her home in San Francisco and has embarked on a new journey of self- exploration. 


Following  name poem was written by Nicole Barens in San Francisco beginning of 2010

She would be happy to create a name poem for you too –  take the first step  and contact her at


Who knew

beyond the horizon

waited an earthquake,


a corporate chasm?


We could fall,

sleep long bear winters,

ceilings blocking stars.



Fast forward.

No, forget time-lines.


Your 5-year-old horizon girl

zooming on black turf

into the lion-wind roar –

tunnel deliverance

on Alaskan shores.


Then again,

sometimes magic presents differently

in an older body.

Horizons softly shift within,

1000s of experiences trade colors

like so many gels we can layer –

see differently,

doorways appear.


I listen carefully –

there is walk-yes

and there is walk-should.

For you, joy speed and journey.


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