In this inspirational and entertaining narrative, the author Birgit Soyka gives the reader a glimpse of her life philosophy from the back seat of a motorcycle. Her memoir races along the twisting roads of untamed dreams and an obsession to follow the horizon.

Audacious and honest with a healthy dose of humor, Birgit’s story is a reminder to live life to the fullest, to persevere no matter what the obstacles, and to always remain true to yourself and your dreams.

To Drink the Wild Air recounts Birgit’s 25-year long journey from her wild motorcycle days in her homeland of Germany to the narrowing noose of career burnout in the United States, which left her with the burning question: Is this all life has to offer? It was also the wakeup call to reclaim the fearless spirit of her youth and to combine it with her sophisticated adult wisdom.

Birgit was the only female breaking into the male dominated sport of motorcycle racing in California, showing courage and determination to win a championship against all odds and encountering injuries, destitution, homelessness, and the threat of deportation along the way.

She shifted into a different gear with marriage and a professional business career, where she applied her competitive courageousness to conquer every challenge that came her way. In her quest for new experiences, she has lived in more than a dozen cities in four different countries.

Enjoy the ride!






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