Dreaming of….

January 16, 2012

I went to wine country yesterday to savor the beauty of the lush landscapes cradling the many vineyards of northern California and its mild climate. I was sitting in the sun with a glass of wine and started to dream about the glaciers in Alaska. It was relaxing and soothing.  I still see the glaciers in my mind like it was just yesterday when I was up north to find peace for myself and I love to read the part in “To Drink the Wild Air” where I can re-live my experiences with pictures and sounds.

Its shape and blue-white color was of incomprehensible size and beauty, and only the privileged bald eagles with their enormous wings were able to land on the remote heights of the peaks, on top of the world between raw ice and the Universe. This mountain of ice seemed to soar endlessly into the air before my eyes, marrying the colors of the white-tipped crystals with the most beautiful and intense marine blue of this mighty sky, and continuing into the distance until it was stopped by the horizon. Each huge slab of ice breaking off the glacier created a rolling, crashing tidal wave that rocked any boat passing the glacier shore even within the safe distance of a quarter mile; and the bigger the piece of falling ice, the bigger the wave. 

It was absolutely stunning to watch nature at work like this. There was no silence in the presence of a glacier. The air was filled with sounds, sounds I had never heard before, quickly turning my initial awe into a deep reverence for nature while I listened to the symphony of the glacier’s orchestra playing its own creation of a masterpiece. Moving ice plates pushing against each other with raw force caused loud crackling noises interlaced with screeches and squeaks. The incredibly loud plop when one of the huge pieces slid gracefully into the water was followed seconds later by an immense echo that reverberated many times within the glacier’s core, the sound bouncing off the rocks on which the glacier had settled with the deafening volume of a thunderstorm. The glacier spoke to me and reflected, in its perfection, the sound of my own thoughts with the echo of many!


24 hours

November 14, 2011

And another two busy weeks have passed by and had been packed with work, educational events, networking and fun activities. Besides some beautiful autumn rides I took in the Bay Area there is nothing further planned for the book. There is one more event on my schedule which is rather recreational and fun. I will visit the San Mateo International Motorcycle Show from November 18-20 ( in San Mateo, CA) where I will meet some people in person I have met in Cyberspace in the course of 2011. I am looking forward to put faces to E-mail text and see what 2012 might have in store for me.

San Mateo Motorcycle Show 2011

I was invited to a Writers Club meeting and found new inspiration and help there, especially with the topic of time Management and the fact that every author’s life is very much involved. Book Marketing is a full time job and so is a job and/or to manage a small business. I seem to be able to multitask a lot but sometimes I doubt my effectiveness. I wish the day would have more time but then the measurement of time always was the same. No matter if it was Socrates, Nostradamus, Galileo or Einstein at the end of the day their day also only had 24 hours. Period. Maybe these 24 hours felt differently because things moved slower and these scholars only were foreseeing what we experience today with cyberspace, mach speeds and moon travel.

Nowadays we have so much support from technology which we use to increase the speed of everything, especially our communication, we overwhelm our awareness and mental capabilities at times and a lot of things suffer and don’t have the desired quality anymore as a result….but we tend to squeeze more and more into one single day still only offering 24 hours….   Peak season has caught up with me in my business Squawk and Howl and we all prepare for our traditional Thanksgiving feast.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that we are all able to slow down for at least one day !


New You Tube book trailer

November 2, 2011

Here I am again.    As I said – sometimes there is too much stuff and not enough time. Happens to me lately more than I am willing to admit.

But anyway – as I had posted earlier, on November 4  the book “To Drink the Wild Air” will be introduced by the Lit Chick Show hosted by Sylvia Massara. Here is the link:

  Lit Chick Show

The intros newest components is a new video book trailer, public in You Tube as of today, called

To Drink The Wild Air Part II

The clip incorporates the feeling and the motion of my current mindset and determination to change my life around to something I can enjoy for the next 20 years or so.  I had a pretty good run so far but now breaking into my second half of life a lot of things are changing. Physically, spiritually and mentally. All three combined have incredible power to throw these unexpected curveballs because body mind and soul are just not familiar with the challenges and have to adapt and re-learn. It’s just like when we grow up. Life always presents changes and transitions but in some parts in the course of a lifetime they are more defined and difficult and it can be that one’s whole life philosophy has to change and adapt simultaneously. All these changes need an open mind and even more courage than in the earlier years because time has turned into a fierce competitor and our physical body also rebels with some of the activities I have considered as normal for many years. Every day is a new challenge but is also exciting when keeping the final goal in mind.

Long live life and what we make out of it!

Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events

October 24, 2011

I am well aware of the fact that I am currently not able to keep my weekly schedule with the blog and I also admit that I am DROWNING – in work!   One person is only able to do so and so much and finally something has to give.

My own little business is picking up because we are looking into the holiday season and this is the first time I’m having to contemplate in how to move forward. It is getting too big for one person to handle. This new situation clearly  presents another roadblock and new challenges for me but hey I already made it that far and things will work out. Nevertheless I am happy and I am still trying to accommodate all my other responsibilities like for example keeping everyone up to date with the progress of the  To Drink the Wild Air project.  I am drinking the Wild Air on a daily basis all right and as unbelievable as it sounds I still was able to contribute with a little Interview to a very special blog.

You can find my short contribution in the Blog tab at Trillium Motorcycle Tours and Events  which contains the Women Rider’s Speak series.

Women Riders Speak is an interview series with female motorcyclists which appears every Monday. Through their stories, they illustrate the trans formative role motorcycling has played in their life. In this interview, Birgit Soyka of San Francisco, CA reflects on how at 51, after a riding gap of sixteen years, she reconnected with her youthful spirit.

When I read the mission statement of this blog it spoke to me immediately. I never looked at it that way because I always felt this oneness with the bikes and it took effort on my part to quit at one point in my life. However, the final statement in the About us tab in the Trillium blog is reflecting my personal journey in precise words and I am hoping that I can share my personal transition and mental transformation with others on this platform. Every transition has its own story, and there is any which way possible to change things in life when there is the willingness to do so. Read on, Trillium’s blog is full with stories well worth to be read.

Since it’s creation in 2003, Trillium’s purpose has been to create an environment which facilitates personal and professional growth through motorcycling. Hundreds of clients have enjoyed fantastic motorcycle experiences throughout the best part of Ontario, made wonderful friends and visited new places – geographically and metaphorically.

While continuing to fulfill its purpose, Trillium’s focus has changed to reflect this perspective-discovering the road to personal and professional leadership and transformation- while still retaining adventure and networking opportunities.

Book Review from myshelf.com

September 3, 2011

Shortly after my speedy trip to Sacramento for my quick guest appearance in the morning show Sacramento & Company I have received via Google alerts a book review I have not even anticipated.

Here is the link          http://www.myshelf.com/reviews.htm

“To Drink the Wild Air” was reviewed and featured in the Adult Non Fiction section right beneath Christopher Hitchens’ “Hitch22″and Stacy Schiff’s “Cleopatra”.

I take it as an honor to receive a book review from an established book review site like myshelf.com.

Here it is:

Another Review at MyShelf.Com

To Drink the Wild Air 

One Women’s Quest to Touch the Horizon
Birgit Soyka

Parendum Books
November 2010/ ISBN 978-0-9830398-0-8
Non-Fiction / Sports / Bio

Reviewed by Justin Feller

This inspirational memoir forced many personal questions I didn’t necessarily know that I had about how I’m choosing to live this life. Reading any book that causes as much self-reflection as this book does cannot be described as anything except excellent. Trying to be the first serious female competitor in a completely male dominated Californian motorcycle scene would be a lofty goal in itself, but over coming everything from career burnout, serious injury, isolation and even deportation makes this achievement completely inspirational. As you follow Birgit Soyka on her life journey you will without a doubt find yourself developing a closeness with this brutally honest, charismatic and often comical author that is rarely found in many books today. If you have recently been pondering that age old question, “Is this all there is to life?” then you will find this book nearly impossible to put down.


Reviewed 2011
© 2011 MyShelf.com


August 30, 2011

From my trip to Sacramento this Monday.

It was a great experience and the fastest 7 minutes in my life. 

Guest Birgit Soyka at KXTV Sacramento and Company News 10

‘To Drink The Wild Air’ – August 29, 2011

 Cynthia Butler     23 hrs ago
  • Pursuing what you want in life and actualizing dreams can mean taking chances, throwing caution to the wind and just going for it!

Author Birgit Soyka was racing motorcycles as a twenty-something in her native germany, when she slapped on the golden handcuffs and took a corporate job in the US. Realizing that she has lost her sense of spirit and zest for life, Birgit reclaimed her self and through a journey of wild adventures and experiences began to live again and become the person that she knew she could be.

Birgit writes about her life in her new memoir, “To Drink the Wild Air: A Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon.” Birgit talks about her life with hosts Guy Farris and Jodie Moreno. To read more about Birgit or to purchase her book go to todrinkthewildair.com

Sacramento & Company/News10

Copyright 2011 / All Rights Reserved

Sacramento & Company News 10 abc

August 27, 2011

Entrenched up to my eyeballs with transitional issues, time sensitive projects, business set-up and the occasional Happy hour I always have to expect the unexpected. And so it was this morning at 8 AM. While sipping my hot tea I am checking my mails minding my own business, expecting the usual and only the usual.

The first mail was an unusual one. The text read: Birgit, sorry for such short notice but there is an opportunity to be a guest on the Sacramento and Company morning show on Monday August 29 at 9.00 AM  in Sacramento. Are you available?

Flexibility is the spice of live…. of course I am available. Is it possible for me to switch from survival business mode into an inspiring and informative TV morning show guest talking about the “To Drink the Wild Air” story?

I don’t know but we will find out. On Monday morning at 9 AM on this live link.     Sacramento & Co morning show News 10

There was no time for any advertisement or Marketing. It just dropped onto my calendar out of the blue sky.

The show will be archived and can also be watched later.

I am off to Sacramento tomorrow afternoon  breathing the Wild Air !