The Wild Air of the Bay Area

September 19, 2011

The road of transition can be exhausting especially when survival knocks on the door ever day. Courage opens the door and looks into the eyes of survival and pokes on survival’s shoulder with perseverance and hope. This week I catered to survival most of the time but on Sunday I took a day off and  spent the afternoon on a sail boat. It was a beautiful day and even the sun joined us.  Here are some pictures of the Bay with some beautiful views.

Alcatraz, dolphins, playful seals and a  floating purse was on the agenda. The purse was rescued.It is never a good feeling when you see your whole life floating away in the Bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge sucked in by the open ocean….. it was not my purse – don’t carry one these days , have exchanged the purse for a backpack and nail polish and flip flops for boots.  That’s the price of motorcycling , and it is well worth it.


The “To Drink the Wild Air” transition recipe

August 21, 2011

“To Drink the Wild Air” is all about constant life transition. My best friend the dictionary defines it as a going across or equivalent to TRANSIT, changeover, passing, conversion……all these words have a very precise meaning and are spot on.

Transition can be anything. From bad to good, from good to bad, from darkness to enlightenment, from clear understanding to confusion or from confusion to clarification. A transition is a very individual and a very personal thing. It is about acceptance or disapproval. And the beauty of it is that it can be applied to anything in life.

There is no textbook for transition, nobody can teach transition, it comes from the inside out, it is the strength and courage living inside of us and the reminder to everyone about the inherent willingness to get up and discover the route of the unknown. Not everyone is cut out to enter a transition in life and so life can become a very predictable playground within a convenient set up. A so called rut, defined in the dictionary as a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising.

Since I have packed my soul and my courage once again to follow the route of the transitional highway I have met many interesting people.  Some have never left the rut and are afraid of any transition even though the rut is not all so friendly and comfortable. This is when fear is stronger than faith.

Other people never had a rut. They are in constant transition from the day they were born.

Some people had a rut and decided to enter a transition to change the course of life.  I guess this is my category. My rut was exciting in itself but nevertheless it was a rut and now I am looking for a new but different rut or will my transition be an open ended one? This is up to me!                         As long as fear does not overrule faith I should be fine.

Drinking the Wild Air is not easy at all times but this transitional wave carries me forward effortlessly. Every day as I go along I have to make sure that I don’t run out of all the ingredients I need to carry on.  I am much more alert and sensitive to take a look at my sacred recipe to know when to replenish any spice and condiments of my transition recipe so I don’t lose traction, speed, Inspiration and most importantly faith.

Here it is. Mix it up and enter into your personal “To Drink the Wild Air” transition – create your own personal adventure beyond belief and use whatever vehicle you want to move forward. It can be anything but in my case it is my beloved two wheels where transition and adrenaline meet. The destination is unknown and the ride is breathtaking once again.




To “Drink the Wild Air” Transition Recipe:

What we do not want to use in this recipe is FEAR also described as angst, anxiety, aversion or cowardice.

  •  2 teaspoons believe
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons happiness  
  • 1 teaspoon courage
  • 2 tablespoons of dreams  
  •  1 teaspoon adventure
  • 3 slabs of spirit
  • 1 cup  willingness for change
  • 2 cups of leadership
  • 3 tablespoons of faith  


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Mix the transition mix with a container of adventurous spirit and a can of trust.  The mixture should be thick so don’t stop if it is not there yet. Raise temperature of oven to 425 degrees F.  Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool before serving.

Enjoy your own transition recipe!

Post launch-party

May 16, 2011

Post launch-party. I took a breather and I was distracted by other issues like the Bird Hotel and the challenge to attract more feathered guests with effective Marketing. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Post launch-party. My efforts to re-connect with the local biker scene took shape and I had a good start with this venture  at the the open house event at Scuderia West in April. Through people I have met there I ended up yesterday at the female riders appreciation day at the BMW Motorrad dealership in San Francisco. In the past never a true BMW fan now I was impressed by the new BMW bikes.  The temptation to sit on one of them and to ride was great. The way things shape up I not only re-connect with the crowd itself but also might get the chance to taste the slick new combustion engine technology. These new BMW bikes are hot – to say the least.

Post launch-party. The most important thing in development though is that there will be another book reading/signing event at the West Portal Book shop on June 28 2011 at 7PM.  This will be a short presentation but a good opportunity for all the people who missed the actual launch party. More details about the event once the date comes closer.

Book Shop West Portal

And so my New Life remains unpredictable and exciting. I never know what a new day will bring until it happens and the situation brings new challenges, decisions and situations which have to be adapted according to current circumstances. New Life also can be exhausting – but I embrace it every day and go with the flow.


April 17, 2011

I took the opportunity to participate at the 20th anniversary event at Scuderia West because I wanted to re-connect with my fellow motorcycle riders after having drifted away from that scene for so many years. To be exact the last time I was breathing and living the true biker vibe was in 1995. Right after I blew up the engine of my Kawasaki KLR 650 and shortly before I moved to Mexico City. Ever since life somehow let me drift further away and I finally had lost touch with the biker crowd altogether.

Yesterday I spoke to so many people of all age ranges with different levels of experience or with the burning desire to start either riding a bike or even racing, which reminded me very much of my own humble beginnings when my mind was set on motorcycles and nobody was able to do anything about it. 

With all the information I’ve got yesterday in talking to people I will continue to re-connect even more. There is so much to discover and even though everything has changed in that scene nothing has changed at all. I felt good in this crowd immediately. No words have to be exchanged in order to be understood. In my “old” life I had moved on and have discovered many new exciting things, and now this felt like a homecoming. It was a nice and fuzzy feeling.      

To continue with the journey, my book launch party on May 7 will be another stop where the past fuses with the present and will help to shape the future.

Radio, Newspapers and new events

March 27, 2011

On Thursday of last week I had a wonderful conversation with Lisa Zimmer on her Radio Show Unlimited realities.  This show was rewarding and inspiring in itself.   Feel free to listen in.

Archive link – Unlimited realities with Birgit Soyka  

I am looking forward to do more radio shows but before I do that first I have to put my attention to local issues.

Newspaper interviews, photo shoots and an invitation to the open house event of the local motorcycle dealership Scuderia West located   in the heart of San Francisco.   I am looking forward to be part of this event because this is what I did in my years at the motorcycle magazine “mo”.  Talking shop!   After all these years away from motorcycles – am I still able to talk shop?

I am definitely able to talk about “To Drink the Wild Air” which will lead inevitably to conversations about my time in racing and therefore shop.   

There is a lot to discover on my journey of transition.

April 16 2011 will be the date.  I will announce it with more details in the upcoming two weeks.  Scuderia West,  69 Duboce Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103  ( Aprilia, KTM, Bimota, Vectrix, Brammo).   

This event will be a good taste for more to come in May  7 2011 which will be the

“ To Drink the wild Air”  launch party.   

So – I am NOT running out of things to plan but it seems I am running out of time to plan everything…….

Life transititon

March 21, 2011

Dont forget the radio show with Lisa Zimmer where we will talk about the book itself and the stories beyond.   I am really looking forward to this conversation. Thursday  March 24  @ 9.30 AM (Pacific Standard time)

Now there is no denial anymore. The shift is underway.  Still in the recent past I felt that I needed to go back to this  structured  secure working environment, I have left already twice. I went back because I didn’t  know of anything else to do or I didn’t feel comfortable with any “insecure” alternative.

Today there is no doubt anymore.  My inner resistance just doesn’t allow this boiling inner doubt anymore. I need to move forward, look for new challenges, look for new environments I fit in again and look for people with different ideas. There is no way back anymore. The bridge is burnt. I feel like I am standing on the other side of the river and just look back to my life as it once was. In front of me there are only dreams, visions and the horizon but other than these abstracts there are only some little building blocks of my new life representing my actual future.  I have to pave my new path  and construct a new life altogether.

Three years ago, after the burn out I still was confused in what a life transition actually is and how it would manifest itself, now I know. I can feel it. It is this “oh so familiar” irresistible inner force pushing me forward, exactly the same way it did 25 years ago with my motorcycle adventures to do things I only thought possible in my mind.  Nobody was able to stop me then; nobody will be able to stop me now.  

Many good things are already on the horizon and it just takes determination and perseverance to follow them.   What I am trying to say here is that nothing is the same anymore– everything has changed and I am finally on the road of new discoveries. Stay tuned for all the stories yet to come. There is a lot in the planning and I will talk about every issue when the time is right.

Birds, Modeling, and a book reading…. an interesting day

October 8, 2010

I always was a high level multitasking individual. This is the exact reason why companies love me. Efficiency, speed, and getting a lot of stuff done within one workday are the pre-requisites to be a good employee. I don’t blame them at all. This is also my personal work culture. In my new life, I expect a lot from myself and I deliver. Most of the times I am satisfied with my results at the end of the day when reflecting back the same evening, sitting on my sofa with a glass of wine in my hand, utterly and rightfully exhausted. I definitely had an interesting day this week, when all elements of my “new” daily routine played a role during my productive 10 hours. Here it goes:

7 AM :        jumped out of bed

7.10 AM:   took care of 6 bird cages with 9 birds

  • Changed the newspaper at the bottom of the cage
  • Talking to my guests, playing with them
  • Cleaned out the food and water bowls
  • Preparing a number of fruit and vegetable Cocktails  


8.15 AM:  preparing my own breakfast – a power bar and a cup of hot tea

8.20 AM:  administration – checking E-mails, regular mail, starring in disbelief at another bill!  

9.00 AM:  getting ready for the scheduled audition for a print commercial I was invited to.

  • Taking a shower
  • Out of my Bird clothes ( Workout pants, T-shirt and sweater)  into business casual
  • Styling my hair, putting on make- up, jewelry and grabbing my portfolio.
  •  10.30AM:   leaving the house to arrive at the audition in time. Another stop at Starbucks. My first breakfast wasn’t enough

11.15 AM: found the location of the audition. Filled out paperwork, posed for the photo-shoot and left again.


 11.45 AM : found four Voicemails on my phone.  My friend Florence from Paris was in town. Took care of the logistics for the evening the same day – took two more bird bookings- returned several  calls from my  office on wheels (my car) .

 12 PM: connected this trip with stopping by at Target. My Vacuum cleaner (22 years old) blew up some time ago. A Bird Hotel without a vacuum cleaner – unheard off – impossible. Bought vacuum cleaner and a microwave (which I never had).

 1.30  PM: Arrived at home again. Changed back into bird care clothing, unpacked the microwave, assembled the vacuum cleaner, and cleaned the house, which was a mess, since the vacuum cleaner was out of order for several weeks.

 5.00 PM:  Exhausted from the house cleaning gig- still with the modeling make up in my face-I went on to do my second run of administration – checking E-mails. Received E-mail from the organizer of our writers group ”interested in reading tonight?” (at our monthly Literature meeting) . I replied with an immediate – YES. No reading material was prepared – checking the manuscript of  “ To Drink the Wild Air” for suitable material to present.

5.30 PM: read the material at home and had a late lunch simultaneously. Took care of some more phone calls.
6.00 PM: changed cloth again,  to go out to the monthly Literature event. Before leaving, I waited for another bird guest to arrive.

6.40 PM: new bird flew in, everything was settled, and I was ready to leave the clean house and happy guests.

7.00 PM:  met up with my friend Florence at the Café Royale in down town San Francisco.

8.00 PM:  the reading went well. It was fun and a good practice run   

9.15 PM: dinner with Florence in an Indonesian Restaurant, catching up   

10.30 PM: took Florence to her hotel and drove home.

10.45PM:  tucked in all my guests – said good night and went to bed myself!  

 Not one day is ever the same.