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During the first year of having the Book ” To Drink the Wild Air” out on the market true fans have sent me their opinions by E-mail or via Facebook.

I am honored to show them here and thank all my true fans for their enthusiasm and support.


The author Birgit Soyka strives to live a life we all dream about when we are kids: free, independent and self-determined. Motorcycles for her (as well as for me) seem a part of this dream. Birgit describes in sometimes humorous and sometimes thoughtful way how she struggles to stay true to herself in a world with increasingly higher thresholds for individual freedom.  In the end she succeeds to be true to herself by dumping a well paid job and accepting the unknown of a new period in her life after 50. For free minded (real) individuals this diverting book offers a lot of food for thoughts. Birgit has a story to tell!

Hans F.  Germany 


Hi Birgit,

I was visiting with mutual friends in Germany last week, and I read your autobiography when I was there. I enjoyed your writing. Your book is a good read, interesting and entertaining.

John S.  Portland, OR


Birgit, I just finished your wonderful book yesterday. I was so emotionally touched by your thoughts and introspection in those very lonely times. You are unique and your ambition and fortitude are beyond enviable. Please don’t misconstrue, how I wish I could have been a part of some of those conversations. I particularly felt sad when you lost your dad. It is said that one can never go home again. That’s OK, for as you have said, “never look back”. I admire you indeed.  

Scott S.  Las Vegas, NV


Thank you for an amazing story! I just finished it and i must admit i cried and rejoiced myself while reading the epilogue…THANK YOU! For an incredible life, for sharing your story, for bringing so much light on issues few want to discuss!

Claudia S.  Miami, FL


I think you always remained the no guts/no glory girl as having the guts to write it all

down for the “world” to read takes guts. I wrote many things down, but  just for myself.

Respect and compliments for your writing and daring to share your thoughts !

Eric J., Netherlands


Besides the 12 Amazon reviews published at review page   “To Drink the Wild Air” also  received a five Star review at ( Germany) I want to list here:

Rezension bezieht sich auf: To Drink the Wild Air (Taschenbuch)

Birgit Soykas Buch hat mich von der ersten Seite an gefesselt. Seit März 2011 befinde ich mich auf einer einjährigen Motorrad-Reise, die mich auf mehrere Kontinente führt. Warum? Um dem Alltag zu entfliehen, eine Auszeit vom Beruf zu nehmen, neue Kräfte zu sammeln und um grenzenlosen Spaß zu haben. 
Das Buch hätte zu keinem besseren Zeitpunkt in mein Leben treten können. Nicht nur, weil es sehr unterhaltsam ist, sondern weil ich stundenlang “in einen Spiegel” geschaut habe und mir viele der Erlebnisse von Birgit Soyka (auf das Berufsleben bezogen)bekannt vor kommen. So erlebte ich ihre Geschichte in allen Gefühlslagen. Von “himmelhochjauchzend” bis “unglücklich, ausgepowert, völlig am Ende” ist alles dabei. Der Grundton bleibt aber immer positiv, sehr humorvoll und manchmal herrlich ironisch. Ich kann das Buch uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.


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