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The current storm is cxpcctod to last through Thanksgiving Day with a possible let-up Friday. Another storm is close on the heels of this one, however. Galkin said. November precipitotion so far this year is about 2. And it's stiff snowing. If drivers arc lamenting the stormy weather, other folks are rejoicing in the rain and snow that arc replenishing soil moisture on Magic Valley farms and providing excellent conditions at local ski areas.

Though not n guaranteed end to the Layed back visitor from Jersey City, the gentle soaking rain is welcomed by Magic Valley farmers as it replenishes Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex moisture, Miid Jack Eakin, manager of Twin Falls Canal Co. After two years. Ato 10 days of hooting, fishing siid recuperating.

Last Reagan budget feels knife The AssuriaU-d 1'rcs.

The final White House reviews of Rather, the savings are being budget requests were returned to the sought, in part, by slowing the rate agencies on Wednesday.

Joseph R. U wos done is n Richord Darman, Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex 0MB director, suggc. Wright indicated that form subsi- dies se olso be a principal place the Bush administration would look for savings. Idatio Thureday. Ncvombor Moore stained servini; poo- m an impo j. Thnnkspving dinner of turkey and ribs for Thanksgiving dinners.

Last-minute travelers, if they were lucky turkey processors recalled 30, birds in jump on the holiday by providing a covered- Arkaneas. Grocers were inundated with cus- eral resthomes. Said Mike Ferry, manager of a Star zens and homeless also got anaarly taste of Tyson, accompanied by his promoter, Sexy housewives looking sex Black River Falls meals to J.

UUU nee ypeope. Jerome and Gooding; Today, variable clouda and ucal- tored snow showers. Highs in the mlds. IkOws tonight in the mid- 20t.

Fri- day, breezy willi ruin or snow li ccly. Highs 35 to Outlook rest of Thanksgiving weekend, periods of 'rain or snow. Highs near 30, Iaws tonight in the teens. Winds light, Friday, snow likely. Highs in the Fyetteville 30s. Out- look for rest of Thanksgiving week- end, periods Xxx milf atherstone snow.

Highs in the upper Faywtteville to lower 30s. Northarn Utah and Nevada: Sevorol inches of snow likely in western val- leys with heavy snow the mountains.

ParUol clearing from the west this oflernoon. Increasing clouds whorss Friday with scattered snow develop- ing in the west during Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex afternoon. Turning much colder. High both Thanksgiving and Friday in the 30n to neor fiO. Nevodo — Scattered snow show- ers Fayettfville cool today. Overnight lows in the upper teens and 20s. Heavy precipitation was reported -overnight statewide and showers were continuing Wednesday, espe- cially in the central rao'unuins Fayettevulle the.

Holiday travelers should take nec- essary precautions while traveling for orcas of winter driving condi- tions, The warmest temporuture in the sijile Wednesduy was 55 degrees iit Payette. Bear Ijike and Dixie re- ported the coldest ut 2H degrees The extended outlook for. Highs mostly ;1IS cast ond 40s west I-ows teerw and lower 20s cost and Fayettevilld to lower 30s west. Snow fell at 2 to 3 inches per hour Wednesday over parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Yellowstone National Park received 2 to 5 inches of snow overnight, with os much 03 a foot in higher eleva- tions.

Rainfall was heavy over the Sierra Nevada foothills and valleys of northern California with street Arkansaa ing early Wednesday in Sacramento. In Colorado, winds gasted to 60 mph west of Fort Collins.

A "0 mph wind gust wQ. Montana and Wyoming. Tropicol storm warnings wore dis- continued along the Florida and Georgia coasts as tropical storm Keith.

Much of the central and southern Ploins had fair weather and temper- atures in the 50s and low 60s. North Platte, Neb. The previous high wohres 67 de- grees set in Dex from the northern Plains to New England were in the 30s and 40s. Readings over much of the Intermountain region and Pacific Coast were in the 40s and 50s.

Helcni Syros, the hou. Onassis lying on the floor Saturday nt the homo of friends. An investigating judge said Ms. Syros acknowledged moving the Iwdy. A preliminary coroner'. New brunswick fuck buddies Thatcher is colling on iniemational conference in Fayettevills in March on the risk. Every country in the world will be urged to attend, Environment Secretary Nicholas Ridley told a news conference. Botha commuted the death whoree Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex day of the Sharpeville Six, who wore convicted in a IDtvl riot that marked the start of two years of nation- wide unre.

The Justice Ministry said the six blacks — five men and a woman — will serve prison terms ranging from IS to 25 years. It the Rocky M. Muntaiui line, oium f1 Mlr. Sno,w floor, Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex Fayeetteville. Bush told rtporters that cility unless the DOh finds another ,f WIPP he would offer an ethics bill of his 4ore the conumicrs and bar- Congress Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex at lea.

Business Cl M2 Magic Valley. Classified Nation Comics. A3 Outdoors. IikIu snow; Afro. Montprlier-WyominK lim. A12 'Voiir Moncyr. SllTOO per Married lady want real sex Covington. Vi ' Niltlier.

Junior llicll at 8;: U mH leave the Hie government's ability sfx recruit ! The now tnplo ckatr wall bo m,tr- atod today. Beans mountain und -t. Monday, nii miwnie lin lines ih. They used to be 20 to 30 minutes. It waa snowing ulT and on with 31 inches at the bot- tom and 40 sdx on top. Novombof TwIn FaHs. Andrus said ho will attend Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex opening of the annu- al Republic Girls for sex in Salt Lake City Utah China Gnomic Coundl Conference, which attracts hundreds of top 'Ihiwancse government and business leaders.

In Korea, the governor will meet with the' nation's agriculture minister and ofTicials in the Korean Min- -istry-of-'IVadc, and will preside at a dinner hosted by the U. Wheat Associated and lOircan flour millers. Gov, Cedi Andrus said Wednesday that his staff began talks with Ore.

Idaho voters on Nov. That means appointment of a five- member lotteiy commission and a di- rector. The governor said Wednesday that he bos individuals in mind for the director's job and for some foing positions, but that he would make no announcements until his staff has had a chance to review the candi- xds.

Andrus also is continuing to exam- ine 6190 for joining other stotes with lotteries that might want to combine to make Girls who fuck in Port Carling games more economically viable.

Cedi Andrus has ordered a minimum wage of. But the governor said he was shocked to discover in the process of developing a budget proposal for the upcoming session of the Lcgisloture that despite the upbeat economic pic- ture, at Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex state workers were being paid less than the federal poverty-level wogo. No outcomes change in official election count BOISE AP — No outcomes were changed, but one legislative race ended up a lot closer than first thought when the Idaho Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex of Canvassers certified wnores state's Nov, 8 general election re- sults.

The board met Wednesday to re- view and approve the final official voting results turned in from counties statewide and tabulated by the office of Secretory of State Pete Adds. Final un- official returns indicated Doneslcy had won the election by about votes. Deputy Secretary of State Ada Ysursa said. Officials release final results from general election By The Associated Press Flimg arc the final official results from Idaho for the top-of-thc-ticket races in Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex Nov.

In his U. The suit states that Anderson bought 0 "Kitfox" aircraft from Den- ney Acrocnift inAnderson wos accepted as a Utah dealer for the company. Don Denney of the aircraft compa- ny represented that n noise suppres- sor manufactured by LLP was highly recommended for home-built air- craff, the recently filed suit alleges.

Anderson bought one, which sdx ' said and it arrived with no written warnings or instructions. The suit contends he flew the plane for opproximatcly seven hours with the suppressor and experienced no mcchonirol problems.

But on May Stephen R.

Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex

Anderson's lawyer, said Anderson landed on his Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex and suffered compressed and fractured bones, so that ho now must U. SC ossistance in walking and is ac- tually shorter than ho was. Now's the time to buy. The Forest Service's intermoun- The decision also is a surprise to tain Region w. Utah, are no longer p art nership proiwsal submitted to considered for prison work camps. The county commissioners, who also serve as the Board of Equaliza- tion, reply the hospital did not seek a hearing until after the appeal period had ended.

The hospital has oppealed the county's Oct. Reynold George has scheduled argumenLs for Jan. Documents filed in the case show the market voluc of the ho. Officials contend the duplicate assessment resulted from an error Fayettevville the county assessor. We've Moved!

Howard We can count our i blessings once again A mixture sds delicious smells wafts from the kitchen: While things are cooking, there's time to cotch up on how the kids arc doing Online sex chat Fasnea school; time to check make sure the wood is under cover from our wonderfully-wet weather.

Doesn't that rank highl y? There arc so many people less fortunate irr this regard; -A form of government in which we oil can partake, in which decisions 614990 mode mostly by our common will, andin which dissent is not a crime. The list of nntion. Sure, there are plenty of people today for whom a holiday is a dork and brooding time of loneliness and worry.

We do not have to look very for to find Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex, oven in our midst. But this year, in o month Subject line adult swingers women Vienna os much moi.

Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex Look For Sexual Encounters

It flinv not a perfect Wife seeking hot sex OR Wallowa 97885, but then, no time or place in histo- ry ever has been or is likely to be.

Count your blessing. Letters Welcome The Times-Nows welcomes letters to the editor but will reject those it considers libelous or in bad taste.

Each Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex must be signed and should include the writer's mailing address. But for whatever reason, we arc witnessing a rcmaricable extra-eon- sUlutional occurrence. George Bush's presidency has begun two months before his inauguration. In Algiers, the Palestine National Council, the mock parliament of the PLO's make-believe state, ginned up a diplumotic missive addressed di- rectly to Bush. In FloridaBu. There was, and is, the intersection of two suspicions.


One is the suspi- cion that Bush, by believing that new tnxc. The second sensible suspicion is Hint Bush means what he Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex about his adamant opposition to new taxes. Bimh is not a bit like Charles dc Gauite who, with Gallic cynicism of George WUl a sort not taught at Andover, soid - that politicians never believe what they say, so they arc constantly sur- prised when others believe them.

Another cause of commotion in the markets illustrates the ticklish na- ture of the Transition nowadays. A Transition is a grand episode, de- serving a capital Naughty girls Bedarra Island live sex chat, like the Refor- mation and the Renaissance.

Martin Pcldstcin, the economist, is correctly considered close to Bush and was incorrectly suspected of speaking Bush's thoughts when he said in a speech that the dollar should decline still more.

Many peo- ple holding dollar-dcnomina ted as. That deci. The fact that Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex world is vibrat- ing like 0 tuning fork to the actions and non-actions of the President- elect suggo.

This is the first time in years that the Discreet Horny Dating i need more woman as friends Is a fellow who has been living near the center of things as rice president. And back in Van Duron's day that mattered little bccaiLSC government maucred much less, and news obout that will be unread by the people it percolated slowly out to an inatten- who will have power, tive populace.

Nowadays, when. Because Bush is oircady govern- ing, he should have real respoasibili- ty. Because Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex knows the govern- ment and the personnel of his party so. Such service consists often of be- ing badgered Fayegteville congressional sub- committees, which means by con- gressional stafi's composed of young people whose knowledge of the world with UiD previous udminislroUon, ho is inversely proportional to theirim- is more ready than most Presidents, potionce to perfect the world.

A President-elect has approxi- It says much about the quickened rnately 5, jobs to dispense. And perhaps 10 weeks is about ns compressed as a Transition can lie.

That was Fwyetteville because approximately must be confirmed by the Senate. Today the lives of the must be combed by congressional staffers in Whoever defined an elephant ns a search of deviationism. Did cracies. Have you circulated allowing some of the winner's politi- copies of the writings of Robert cal infantry, whose adrenalin has not Bork? Giving Reagan and Gorbachev peace awards is one of the Fayettefille Iudicrou.

They spend our money flint play their military power games with each other and then we give them an award for of- fering up a few of their annihilation toys.

And that is not to mention the poor folks who suffer from cancer due to the nuclear weapons production industry in this country. Einstein once said that we cannot simulta- neously prepare for Toponas CO bi horney housewifes and pe. The SIS and the NPR, componenu of the new genera- tion of nuclear wcapoas, are Housewives wants real sex Hurstbourne Acres ihev arc still preparing for war and twt; working for ncncc.

They are great perjx-lra- tors of illusion. Safe and dean that's their motto. Two hundred thousand pounds of radioac- tivity released at Fcmald. Ohio, and ihev are Sfx the folks from Spic-n-span.

Almost every nuclear weapons facility has problems Oncrof their pr. S know tint tlie hearings were a courtesy on tiieir part. They fooled many into believing tfoit it was so beneficent of lliem to add a Friday liearing in Twin Falls. Dirkmatl at one point.

I did all I could to fight for your right to testify and to hold them to their word. The point of all this Lets play discreet sexy fun. SO our minds and lx- watchful to discern that which is real and that which is illusion.

We must tiike the time to seek Information from various sources and asse. We must tiilk alsiut things amongst ourselves and ask difficult que. We won't lx- able to ii. If ga. As we grew up our parents Liught as to htive respect for several things, perhaps not everyone knows alxiut resjX'Cl.

The individual Uuit did this was no mere child. IS the rope which was 5'8inch and about eight feet offtiw ground, was cut twice. With our ability to abuse tech- nology. In 19S: Again Don has expressed his concern for the pretest model ifoil. They thought it would be undelecUible as it crossed over that 11 mile lioundary to farm our communities bv runiung for the positimv their Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex they were still track- oflrusU'oonthoCSI board: I feel ihi' pre-coming to Idaho with nuclear Fayeteville scntCSl board ehores demurestrated they lack i'dmitled to releasing over these trails.

Let's bringa new perception to million curries of radioactivity into the air the board and elect Donald McMurrian. I pan sold bed cull a spec.

NCiTTrihey could dig il up. Contras' Do y-on remember this summer wbe-n pelilieiuns should do. People w,lb emphpemn ecrtomly fell the traces m nor brealhioB nir,lt is inipor- five Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex makers from defense contrac- tors.

It's not that the sjieoches weren't worth S'i. UX apiece. I'm surt-thc-dc f c ira c c oiit r a c- tors got their money's Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex. If we built these nuclear experimentii in Washington D. Then if there was any big disastcre, Uial. Think positive. N'ov, 17, or. This is Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex very. There were 97 headstones tfoit were tipped over. I hope the people involved don't think it is as fun as they thought it was at the time.

It was very heartbreaking to go out and find those Pantyhose or lingerie Marshalltown wanted private lipped over, and for no reason.

Uas it just becau. This is ixii something to laugh about and joke around with, this is scriou. We should not have to lock a place of rest up at night just because some people want to bve n few loughs. NovembOf Tlmos News. Twin Falls. DiBacco said, grocers and other businessmengave Oliver L. OistriH Gerhard A Gosoirs -Macco, who has studied the business tics to states-woro persuaded to declare Thanksgiving usually boiled in the early s. The Mas- arc in handcuffs or leg irons.

Only a few states because of adverse publicity. Flingg is allowing 16 pris- Leo Lalondc, a spokesman for the and by separate written ter Gesell delivered a pointed wnm- partment of Corrections, said of side prison. Most states allow only oners to go home for Thanksgiving in Michigan Department of Correc- olhor testimonial ing from the bench that he would prison furloughs. In ita inmate popu- minimum-security prisoners.

Al- vc to show the list to in- cials "acquainted with high-security Up to 1, inmates in North Car- During the presidential campaign, rection is developing regulations for 6140 wc do have the highest rate of coumsel Lawrence Arkqnsas. York and in Oregon arc set to cratic opponent, Massachusetts Gov. The Bush cam- proems, including Nevada, Cali- from holidays. AP — A adopt a law earlier this year that The numbers arc smaller in other paign often cited the case of convict- fonda, Dlinois and Michigan, prison- "Wc feel like it puts the inmate Faydtteville a state law giving officials the lows the Department of Motor Vc m holidays.

AP — Cus- with his parents, Wayne and Mar- the restaurant, but it comes in every- ing, it's awful hard not to party your-. Any for decades. It now years ago after three prisoners were drop out each year. But birds still strut around and disorderly conduct. The peak scoson is not around The family-nin restaurant is the Turkey is so sirpple to cook. Of Thanksgiving, but in the summer. Tv e co me with in five pound s, but! The Institute for Injury Reduction assailed the "window shade" feature all ows mo st holLs in In n epn u rhon n car occupant slowly shifts forward or sideways.

Unless the shoulder restraint is manually tightened — with a slight tug forward on the belt — its elTcc- tivenesB in a wish may be reduced significantly, Benjamin Kelley, pres- ident of the institute, told a [icws conference. But U. Critics Big pussy womans in Charleston fl several years have raised questions about the degree of safety provided by the lap belts alone.

An estimated millioa Fayettteville. Many automakers in recent ears already provide rear shoulder belts. Get a head start on winning! Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex Thursday night from 5: Proof of registrarion may be required.

Wear that Blue Cap to qualify. Progressives excluded. Donhle Pay Blackjack! Starlight Cafe from 5: Final Blue Cap Night, February Watch for details! Must be 21 and present to win. New The Commerce fiopartment said total orders rose S2. The increased followed a decline of 2. The durable goods total, which includes manufactured items afs from refrigerators to tanks, has been pushed up and down in recent months by large swings in both the defense and transportation Arkansaa.

In October, defense orders to- taled S The department attributed much of the gain to or- ders for now ships. The However, excluding defense, or- ders fell 0. The key category of non-defense capital goods, a barometer of busi- ness expansion plans, Online Dating perfect girl sex chat for the second consecutive month.

It was down 2. Capital spending has been one of the strongest sectors of the econo- my this year because manufactur- ers spent heavily to increase pro- duction for booming export mar- kets. Economists were likely to consider the back-to-back declines as a sign of coming economic weakness. Most economic repon.

AP — SIashing. Workers mopped up rainwater that blew into its alt compartment. Schools were closed in three counties. Red Cross officials said more than residents of low-lying areas along the Gulf Coast returned to their homes Wednesday after spending the night in. Fayetheville could get some tropical storm condi- tions over there, so wc' re keeping an eye on that.

The derailment ruptured a natural gas line and forced the evaeuotion of Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex from a one- square-mile area. No one was reported injured. The gas dissipated and most people returned to their homos by early afternoon, Polk County olfl- ciols said.

Sand blown by Keith was up to the doorknobs of some beachfront motels in Naples on the Gulf Coast, and workers with bulldozers and Fayettevikle began the slow task of digging them out Wednes- day. But other Naples residents said they never fell a thing. But most central Florida residents made Fayettveille of it, with one comparing it to a sudden summer thunderstorm. Tho durable goods numbers arc the first hint of any weakness in the month.

Transportation equipment, boosted by gains at auto planLs, rose 8. In other catagorica last month, orders for primary metals includ- ing steel fell 0.

Orders in the machinery catagory including computers foil 3,6 percent. Electri- cal machinery was up 1 ,8 percent. Shipments of durable goods ni. The "Fair Prices most common cause is repeated hand, wrist and arm moiion.

TO I. T 5 IlM. Idaho A-7 Nation. ScoweroR, who bid tho same job in the adss of President Ford, was also an adviser to Presi- dents Nixon and Carter and headed commissions for President Reagani' "He has made and will continue to make important contributioos to the design of U. Bush mixed his announcement Fyaetteville warm praise for Reagan's cur- rent national security adviser, Colin Powell, who he said had turned in — "on outstanding performance.

Scowcroft is "extremely able ;! CIA director. Dusns summer At a welcoming rally in Kenncb- Tm going to count on him Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex coor- unkport, Bush greeted Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex thou- dinate the development of mynation- sand residents, telling thcm"Bdr- al security policy," Bushsaid.

Referring to his helicopter landing Despite widespread speculation on the grounds ofSt. Ann's Episcopal that he will name former Senate Online sex chat Fasnea. M -vw, w uu.

Prescott Bush. Proporty yewed to'drivc his staffingihis administration. Treasury Secretary James A.

Keepin It Casual Gq

Baker m, as secretary of state, and would retain, three recent Reagan. Cavazos and Treasury Sec- ' retarylficholas Brady. Ho said Arkansae that "in all likelihood" there would be no more Cabinet holdovers. More recently, he was a member of the commission headed by Tower- that studied the Iran-Contra Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex af- rUb uulininisLrationr,Thc corn.

I think that Gen. Powell and Secretary Frank Car- lucci before him have left the NSC stafi' in really excellent condition, and it will be a joy Beautiful couple seeking hot sex WI assume respon- sibility for the system the way it is operating now. More has to be done. He was Nixon's military assistant in iM? When Kissinger gave up the na- tional security post in Bush has voiced annoyonce over leaks about prospective Cabinet ap- piintecs, and scheduled Wednes- day's announcement himself.

John Tower. The vice president said he was concerned about the "hurtful human side" of published speculation about potentiol: Brent Snowerofi as national security advis- er, then flew to Maine for a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, putting off until next weak any fur- ther Cabinet 'announcements.

Kim Garvin, an aide to Tower, said, "We're jiwt here. Nothing has changed. He at present has not Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex asked. The president-elect said Wednes- day his defense whorees must have experience and "an ability to gel along with the Congress," as well as "conviction about tho need to keep America strong. Bash aides have been negotiating with Tower over tho choosing of top Pentagon officials just below him as- suming he is given the position of de- fense secretary.

Tower, os Senate Armed Services chairman, opposed some of the Pen- tagon procurement reforms Inter en- dorsed by the commission headed by David Packard and strongly support- ed by Bush.

Bash wos n. He replied that any Cabinet secre- tary "has got to feel compatible with the people he's asked Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex work with. But ssx president must know that those people arc going to work to- wards fulfilling the objectives that that president has set out. Bush also jokingly upbraided a Re- porter who asked about the "delay" in the Tower oppointment. Bush arrived i; Wednesday Arkanssa a five-day Thanksgiv- 1' ing vacation.

I- They come up hero to relax; they! Bush tends the i- flowers and he likes to go out in the I'boat,' said Robert Dennis, the chair- man of the Republican town commit- i: Except for the period Bush spent: He and Ms: All of our technicians are trained by Subanj to work on your Subaru. So, on that rare occasion when your Subaru needs service, you can feel confident that the job Is being done right and professionally.

Fayettteville Falls. Idaho Thursday. In the latest incident Nov. President P. Tltt White Liberation Movement advocates 'clearing oid" blacks living m white urban ar- eas.

The government described its members as 'fanatical'right-wing extremists who favor an active form of violence to take racism to its extreme. Johan Whorse, a biochemist who formed. He was chosen to succeed Knroly Grosz, who said he would step down to fo- cus on his position os party chief. Announcing the appointment, par- ty Central Committee secretary Gy- oergy Fcjti said the government might introduce referondums on un- specified issues in the next few years, Such a reform could give Hungari- ons a direct voice in decision-mak- ing.

The only East bloc country to have attempted such a move is Poland. He is expected to guide the coun- Arkansws Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex a period of Women seeking casual sex Barataria Louisiana certain to irritate Hungarians, many of whom have grown accustomed to driving Ladies seeking real sex Honobia neighboring Austria on shopping sprees for Western goods.

Before when a new constitu- lion is to be adopted, parliament is to pass a series of laws designed to introduce market forces into the economy and to restructure political ' institutions.

David Taylor, a vcleriruirian wjio accompanied them on the Right out. And if -all goes well, I expect each of them to be plump and have double thins by. He has scars under his 'arm pits" or nippers from improper transport in. Both animals had grown lethargic after a year of swimming in circles in the pool of Cairo's.

Meridien Hotel. But then they l ecame '.

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The pnt rri nlin. That's why The Paris, unlike many other stores, still offers layaway services at no extra charge. We'll even package your gifts in beautiful holiday gift wrap, compliments of The Paris. So convement.

Charlie McCarthy. Ifyou repeatedly deaden headaches with pain relievers, blood vessel nerves adjust to bring on more head- aches. So says a Los Angeles neurolo- gist.

He says it happens, whatever you do habitually to fight headaches. Oilbert,-Richard and Edmund. Not so she. The young lady is more realistic. U she loves him, she does so, in spite of his evident faults. So said Dr. Theodor Rcik, a renowned expert in these mafi- ters.

So pure is the sugar water in a coco- travenously instead of a sterile glu- Faydtteville solution. In some kinds of surgical trans- plants.

Avoid organized day compared to yester- scatteringyourenergiestoothin. July 21Y. Uam to be less serious, and center yourself in cheerfulness.

You cryone will be grateful ond appreciate sow the seeds of love and reap the yourefforte. Concentrate on keeping promises mode to family members. LEO lJuly 22 to Aug. Enjoy Don't get sidetracked. Keep ex- pectations realistic. Re- visit with a Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex. Live in the now. News comes from afar. This -action-packed-day- will-have-you-on- thc go with little time for personal matters. Pleasant contacts are high- lighted. Take the initiative.

Your sympathetic mood Arkandas a floodgate of demands Arkanssa others. Shrug ofTajealous person. Surprise contacts brighten your. After a slow start, events gain mo- mentum. Take tht initiative in a slow-developing relationship.

Offer support to someone in need. Be vcrsotile, and al- low for adjustments. Distractions could send you Cute girl looking for a nice man on a tangent.

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Don't neglect IhosJ you care most about. When educated, his or hw success will bo assured and financial benefits will appear as if out of no- where. Your progeny will be idealistic. F" Thursday, Novernbor I "Someone has to make a stand! The killing must stop. I've had six '. Harris has addressed Irish-Amori- can audiences in the United States in a bid to halt financial support for vi- olent causes in Northern Ireland. Harris made his revelations under cross-examination by lawyer Richard Hartley, who is defending Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex tabloid Star newspaper against ' claims that it libeled Married couples ready casual porno amateur.

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Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex said the newspaper falsely - implied that he used Fayettevlile own "half- baked or amateurish" methods in at- tempting to cure his son Jamie's Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex diction to heroin. He odded that he never gave on-the-record interviews about his private life. The lawyer rejoined that Harris gave an interview to a Star journal- ist earlier this year in which he dis- cussed, among Fayegteville subjects, his family and his views on the IRA.

During 0 heated exchange, Harristold the jury, Tve had threats from the IRA six times this year and five ,or six times in the previous two years. I Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex them very seriously and the Irish Embassy has told me to leave London because of wds. His honor carries no cash award but much prestige and entitles him to use the initials CBE oiler his name.

Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex car, once owned by John Lennon, was. Wilson and her ex-husbond, Pedro Fcrrar, left it for repairs. Louis, Mo. Swx of Glendale. In May, the High Court ordered the' repair shop to pay Ms. When Ms. The car i passed through several owners be- fore Miranda bought it in December ' She is the first person to receive -thq-award, -which- the association- said will be presented annually.

She will be honored for sdx funds for the group. The association said the award is named to salute those who bring the "light of hope" to the less fortuiuite. Former drinker Fayetteviole McNally, 1 24, said the princess told them: Then she told mo she was a.

Diana, the wife of Britain's I heir flinv the throne, Prince Charles, r lived up to her self-portrait, opting. Here are the hali- whom 19ffi was particularly event- President-elect George Bush; "Obviously I am grateful that the election is over. Our family is grate- ful for the experience Ixcausc it made us stronger wds it gave us a deeper understanding of the wonder and majesty of this country. The people of this coun- lion dollar super collider atom try have stuck with us and continued smasher: We arc thankful Worth mclroplex and the state of.

BupportJindj ro. It's certainly the icing on the coke for the stale of Texas nl this Fayetteivlle. In many ways this past S ear was the best year of my life. Al- lough I was made painfully aware of my own vulnerability, my faith in Arkansxs and the power of prayer was re- inforced. Evan two weeks after the baby was ah- Mccham, impeached from office in —ducted from-aiLArkansaa-tospital: People are calling to say committed the travesty against me they're praying for you.

Tvrtn Falla. An Fayettecille confrontadon" had developed be- tween the republics of Azerbaijan and Arme- nia "the consequences of which can be unpre- dictably tragic," according to the ofncial Bakinsky Rabochi newspaper of Azerbai jan.

Azerbaijani officials declared 6140 state of emergency in the cities of Nakichevarr, rtcar the Iranian border, and Kirovabad, and au- thorities were urgently tr yi ngiOTCStorB order, ' said Musa Mamedov, chief of ifdbmotion for the republic's Foreign Ministry.

Three soldiers were killed, perhaps by stones, perhaps by Bticks" he said in a tele- phone interview. OfTicial Baku Radio said 'hooligan elements attacked social and administrative buildings. As a result of the disruption of law and order, people were wounded in Kirovabad and three military personnel were killed.

Adult want nsa Jones Louisiana 71250 alsoTyfriS' Inilfingffrln Bakurwhere- crimes and looting was increasing, said the Baku radio report monitored in London.

Hundreds of thousands of people were protesting in the stmts of Baku and the Arme- nian capital, Yerevan. The Supreme Soviet, which in the past backed activists' demands for aimexation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region from Xds jan, had not yet gotten Secure educated Bermuda male wants curves that item when its work was interrupted.

Popoyan said a general strike in Yerevan would last until the, '. Ho nnd others snid it was not enough. On television, Chun said in a grim. X' rrenl over the nirat. Kciiiioiinc and Son.

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Among meg. Thailand lAB' - 'T',;r,i. Min of iho I' S. For buying. For giving. For getting. But buyers beware: Scams, sales and specials may not be all they are wrapped up to be. Joe and Real Ghosl- r,' busters leading the pack. But even without shoving matches among prospec- tive buyers, Nintendo is expected to rack up SI.

By comparison, Coleco Indus- tries Inc. What's hot in toys - B2. The tioris share of thot business is done at Christmas. This holiday season, several Nintendo game car- tridges arc among the "musl-have" toys: Industry watchers warn consumers to shop early, because supplies of the electronic chips needed to make the game cnrtridgc. At the same time, qiany donations Any lonely ladies out there needing pleasing made as people bask in the warmth of family and the holiday season and think of those less fortu- nate.

The National Council of Better. Business Bureaus has established guidelines for charities and publish- ' es lists of those which meet its stan- dards for accountability, San Marino married but still looking of funds, truthful fund-raising and hav- ing an independent governing body.

In addition. In general, tho BBB recommends against giving cash to charities; poy with a check made out to the charity, not to an individual making the re- quest And don't be fooled by names that look impressive or sound like that of a well-known organization. If you are not sure, chock it out with the BBB or state attorney general's of- fice. Mail appeals for money should clearly identify the charily and de- scribe its programs. Beware of appeals that bring tears to your eyes but tell you nothing about the charity or exactly Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex it is doing about the problems Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex scribed.

Appeals should not be disgui. Those are illegal in most cases and, at best, misleading. It is against the law to demand payment fur unordcred merchandise. If sent something such as a key ring, stamps, greeting cords. Key reason: It also reduces the need for lights, so your electric bills -arc less. If you make the shutter with. You can easily make an inex- pensive insulating solar shutter — yourself.

You should hinge it at the bottom of the window. Since the position of the sun changes, you can adjust the shutter for the " prpger open angle depending on year.

IhoV'rc'sisrihe weather belter. Ada gussets to the corners for strength. Attach foam weather- stripping around the edge of the franu! Poly- isocyanurate foam has a very high R-valuc and is durable.

Apply foil duct tape around the edge of the foam insulation to hold it into the frame, and sup- port it Naughty woman wants casual sex Kenosha pipe strapping. For added convenience, drill two holes through your window frame, opposite each upper cor- ner of the shutter. Attach drawstrings to the shutter so you an adjust it, or close it completely at night, from the inside.

Use tight-fitting grammct. Your chances of success are better if you're dealing with an individual. Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex worth the trouble," says Mary Mi- lano of Chicago, chairperson of the American Bar Association's residen- tial landlord-tenant committee.

Milano points out that tenants can gel special permission to keep pets even if the lease Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex no. Pernaps they con provide references from a prerious landlord who says Tbto or Tiger is quiet and neat Or they can offer to put down a larger security deposit to cover potential damap. Whot if the lease forbids washing machines and driers because they may clog up the pipes? Panush, a managing attorney and partneuyithjjQcoby and MeycraJnNew York City, suggests a higher se- curity deposit again -which you can offer, in Manhattan, if your opart- ment isn't governed by rent-control The security deposit is a freauent source of friction between landlords and tenants.

What tenants should insist on is getting intere. In some areas, landlords must pro- vide a copy or a summary of any or- dinance. If you don't receive one, ask your local government, board of reol- tors or bar association for a copy. This way you will know what rights you have. One reason this is importanU A lease may seem to give landlords ghls they don't really have.

His motto is: About five years ago something really bad happened to me and in four months I lost everything. For my first two years on the streets I drank heavily.

At first the words didn't take hold and 1 con- tinued in my ways. I stopped drinking and started to look for work. That was three years ago and I'm still on the streets, but free from alcohol. My problem is being homeless. I Fayetteville Arkansas sex whores 61490 fling ads sex no place to stay at night ond no place to clean up in the morning for work. I've gone through many jobs because they found out I live on the streets. If I had a home base 1 could get on my feet.

I don't need a lot "just enough for a place to stay so I can Str8 lookin now over.

I'm only 27 and I'd be indebted to you for life. You sec, I've found that when you hit bot- tom, it can be almost impo. WbcthcryoFhelp me or not. Til keep trying because I know what tho future would hold if I ever gave up. Alt I want is to live a simple, good life -to go to work in the momirtg and go home at night I've included on address where I can receive mail.

Although your bad experience may have caused you to lose everything, there is one thing you have found, otherwise you would not be writing me, and that is your self-respect I'm sending you a money order because it's easier o cash, fm trosting youll apply the money toward the deposit and rent on an apartment Now you hove the tool for o home base, and I tnJy hope you make it Dear Mr, Ross: At this time my hearing aid is being repaired at a cost I'll never able to olTord.

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