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Girls i ll buy your worn socks I Search Sexual Encounters

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Girls i ll buy your worn socks

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Though you've no reason to believe me, I can only boobsure you I'm much more nice than cynical and angry in real life.

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8 Weird Products Fetishists Can Buy Online - Oddee

In fact, infatuation with the feet is the most popular form of fetish, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

She started out posting old pairs of socks to Ebay, and much to her amazement, got responses within minutes.

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Her competitive edge came from the knowledge that customers want to see much more than just the Fruit of the Loom logo. Her listings modeled the socks both on o off, flaunting her curvy arches or her painted toes.

Of course, customers will have their fair share of questions and requests.

Victoria is a tall girl, really fun and slightly flirty, sometimes. what, send me ten dollars a pair and I will send you all the worn socks you want. So today is the day im selling my worn items - I have flats, heels and trainers and then for my sissy subs - grab some clothing I have worn that you can wear. dirty underwear, take a look at these surprising items you can buy online. 2 The Chinese college student who sells girls' used quilts to their.

They may ask for an intricate description of the stench. Jessie will oblige and send the customer a selfie, but she says this is a surprisingly rare request.

Men have also been able to earn thousands of dollars meeting market demand for "frat boys used socks" or "hot college jock socks.

Perhaps more difficult than finding eager customers, however, is finding a fetish-friendly storefront. The site once deleted 13 of her well-crafted sock listings in one fell swoop. There are a multitude of alternatives for dirty sock selling, however.

Woman earns £k a year by selling her socks to foot fetishists | Metro News

Craigslist has also been known to boast a thriving used sock economy. This is extremely important, given that marketing strategy is a major aspect of the foot fetish trade.

Once you discover the cash to be gained from accomodating foot festishists, who knows? You might consider the slew of other sexual services that pay a uour penny. This certainly happened to Jessie, who found herself a financial dominatrix to one customer who was all too eager to become her human ATM.

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But Jessie refused the offer. She also consistently turns down the opportunity to boost her business by selling soiled pantiestoo.

But therein lies the beauty of the used sock industry. You can watch the money pile up, all while maintaining anonymity, the ability to turn down uncomfortable requests, and not seriously fucking up your future.

Skip to main content. I make bank selling my filthy used socks to foot fetishists online I make bank selling my filthy used socks to foot fetishists online Sex March 04, By Lindsey Kline.

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