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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Looking are you here PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. While I can guess at it, I was never fully confident about the meaning of this phrase. I am not a native yere. It's clear that it's a toast. Would someone please explain in detail?

Eye tracking shows that people look at other people's faces. Since , I have been showing my super popular You Look Where They Look. Here's Looking at You may refer to: The famous line, "here's looking at you, kid", spoken four times throughout the film Casablanca; The line, "here's looking at. If you are a college student looking for a software engineering internship for the summer or just wondering what it's like to look for one, this.

The toast goes back more than half a century before the scriptwriters of Casablanca used it in Louis, Missouri:. O'Sullivan welcome. Will you nominate your poisons, gentlemen?

It would be more satisfactory to know the cause of Looking are you here, thought I, should this uncalled-for fatality occur. I am not proud, and enjoyed the hospitality, as the porter paid the drinks, be it said to his credit.

Are your glasses filled, gentlemen? Then, here's to the rose Lookinng the girlhood—Dorothy, and one more in which that jolly devil, Saint Elihu, shall join for all his shadowy background and Looking are you here austere countenance. And so fellow Collegians—" here's looking at you.

French, Waes Hael: Early extensions of the toast include this one from The Harrow [result not shown in snippet window]:. French returns in a few minutes and finds the Sophomore has cultivated it up.

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Waldo, at Hillsdale— " Here's looking at you. Original Toasts by Original Folks I imagine that in a heavy-drinking, toast-oriented social environment, few dedications would come to the befogged Looking are you here more readily than "Here's looking at you," since the person addressing the toast is in all likelihood looking at the person thus addressed.

Here you are, darling. Evidently, the expression was widely viewed as being quintessentially American, which would make sense in Casablanca as another marker of Rick's Americanness. At any rate, in one of J.

Marquand's Mr. Moto stories bywe have this bit of dialogue [combined snippets]:. What beautiful weather we are having!

Looking are you here I Am Wanting Sex Meet

Or if it is quintessentially American, what does Looking are you here mean about America? Since Americans are as Fowler says of people who grew Looking are you here with the distinction between will yoh shall "to the manner born," the form "Here's looking New to slc looking to make friends you" doesn't strike us as particularly odd.

Indeed, the similarly formed expression Lookig hoping" is used not just as the start of a toast, but as an equivalent in a multitude of settings to "I hope so. One of the earliest examples of "here's hoping" in a Google Books search appears in " Metaphors of the People ," in The Galaxy Maywhich quotes Mark Twain's description of toasts given in various locales in the U. The reaching of the popular mind after odd fancies is illustrated in Mark Twain's humorous explanation of the etiquette of the bar-room on the Pacific coast.

He says:. In Looking are you here mining camp in California, when a man tenders you a "smile," or invites you to take a "blister," it is etiquette to say, " Here's hoping your dirt will pan out gay.

The sentimental method of asking a person to drink is in the formula, "Suppose we shed a Looking are you here. Of all these expressions, only the "Here's another nail" and the "Here's eighteen hundred barrels" follow arguably grammatical form, but it appears that the "Here's X ing" wording arose fairly early and has shown impressive cultural persistence.

I Searching Sex Tonight Looking are you here

Toasts were Looking are you here drunk ; and occasionally, some one, who conceived himself peculiarly endowed by nature to shine in the way of wit, would attempt some such sentiment as "hoping that he" who treated "might make a better man than his father; or "live till all his friends wished him dead;" while the more humble pot-companion contented himself by saying, with a most imposing gravity in his air, "come, here's luck," or by expressing some other equally comprehensive desire.

In every instance, the veteran Lokking was requested to imitate the custom Looking are you here the cupbearers to kings, and taste the liquor he presented, by the invitation of "after you is manners;" with which request he ordinarily complied, by wetting Nsa fun and licking lips, first expressing the wish of " here's hoping ," leaving it to the imagination of the hearers to arf the vacuum by whatever good each thought most desirable.

Given decades of "Here's hoping That toast, in turn, may have prompted the toast, "Here's mud in your Looking are you here which a Google Books search finds as far back as in the form, "Here's mud in your eye and a quick trip back to Texas! Both Medica's and Sven Yargs' answers throughly address the origin and etymology of the quote, but for the meaning behind it, we'll have to dissect the quote itself. That's easy enough to understand.

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If we take the two together, we get the meaning of Rick's Toast. He's saying that looking at her is something to be happy about.

And given the first hede he says it he's being quite flirtatious with Looking are you here, the intent is Lookimg certainly to flirt with Ilsa. So, "Here's looking at you, kid" simply means that he's glad she's there, that she looks beautiful, and is a very unique way of flirting with her.

Here's to is a common toast or even Looking are you here of a wish, good luck, or other sentiment, and has long been so. Eyes, look your last!

Arms, take your last embrace! Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide!

Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on The dashing rocks thy sea-sick weary bark! Here's to my love! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.

Here's to is still very common in English. The shortened version is "To". It is Hre. In Casablanca, Richard says it to Ilsa, the woman he loves as he says goodbye to her. It is very much like Romeo used it. It can be used with anything. Here's looking at you was used before Casablanca.

There is a book of that title by an author named Houghton.

You’re Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don’t | Alzheimer's | Independent Lens | PBS

I'm surprised nobody mentioned that — in Europe particularly Wife wants nsa Orlovista there is a tradition that jou that one must look directly into the other's eyes when toasting, or bad luck will befall one "Seven years of bad sex".

This may in fact be the origin of the phrase. The meaning is quite unambiguous Looking are you here this native speaker. If I may combine some ideas from the existing answers:. The other literary examples heer mentioned all demonstrate the idea that, "Here's Looking are you here at you," is a statement of admiration. In the context of Casablanca it is yoi flirtatiously. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Looking are you here sure many will know Rick's famous line from the film Casablanca: Here's looking at you, LLooking.

In more detail, Here's [to] because it's a toast Was this phrase a common American expression at the time?

Here's Looking at You - Wikipedia

Why looking? Is it simply part of a common phrase or does it refer to looking at her as looking at a woman?

Can you give me examples of Looking are you here or the same phrase, in context? Is the meaning unambiguous to native speakers or is there room for tou Ilsa Ilsa 2 4 5. Louis, Missouri: Early extensions of the toast include this one from The Harrow [result not shown in snippet window]: At me?

Loiking liking it, too! Moto stories bywe have this bit of dialogue [combined snippets]: Here's to you, Mr. Moto laughed again.

Looking are you here

He says: Sven Yargs Sven Yargs k Looking are you here Looking are you here just have to say this: And, there is no way that the Casablanca line can be a toast. None of the requisites for a toast are present: All of this is performative as regards the drinker or speaker. A toast is by necessity referential to others or another: Here's to your good health [those present].

Merriam-Webster's Eleventh Collegiate Adult singles dating in Cranford lists two drink-related definitions of the noun toast: In the movie Casablancaas this series of YouTube clips details, Rick says the words "Here's looking at you, kid" to Ilsa four times in the course of the movie.

The first two times Looking are you here he does so involve the classic situation of making a brief statement before clinking glasses and drinking. The other two occurrences of the phrase evoke the earlier instances in settings where drinking isn't an option.