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February  2012 

Judges commentary  – 19th  Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

To Drink the Wild Air is purely and simply, a good read. The author has led a full and rich life, one that in many respects is out of the common path. In this book, she writes of it with “the final goal of entertaining and enlightening the reader,” a goal that she achieves. Her story progresses from her childhood in Germany to the present and is interspersed at key points with brief chapters titled “ Alaskan Journal”, written years later, at a time when she was reflecting on the experiences she has just chronicled or is about to cover.  A strong quality of this book is that you don’t have to be someone who especially likes motorcycle racing or who shares her other enthusiasms to enjoy it and to develop a good degree of respect and admiration for the writer. It’s also a pleasure to read so generous an autobiography, one that is not in a hurry to get from point to point but that explores in depth the writer’s experiences. Ms. Soyka writes candidly, and she is also a person who reflects deeply about her life. All these qualities make To Drink the Wild Air a book that can be recommended to anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a good story.


August 01 2011

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To Drink the Wild Air 

One Women’s Quest to Touch the Horizon
Birgit Soyka

Parendum Books
November 2010/ ISBN 978-0-9830398-0-8
Non-Fiction / Sports / Bio

Reviewed by Justin Feller

This inspirational memoir forced many personal questions I didn’t necessarily know that I had about how I’m choosing to live this life. Reading any book that causes as much self-reflection as this book does cannot be described as anything except excellent. Trying to be the first serious female competitor in a completely male dominated Californian motorcycle scene would be a lofty goal in itself, but over coming everything from career burnout, serious injury, isolation and even deportation makes this achievement completely inspirational. As you follow Birgit Soyka on her life journey you will without a doubt find yourself developing a closeness with this brutally honest, charismatic and often comical author that is rarely found in many books today. If you have recently been pondering that age old question, “Is this all there is to life?” then you will find this book nearly impossible to put down.


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May 01  2011

The Examiner    

Announcement for “To Drink the Wild Air” : 

\”To Drink the Wild Air\” in San Francisco\’s The Examiner

To Drink the Wild Air

By Birgit Soyka ($16.95)
The San Francisco author’s memoir covers her journey from motorcycle racing in her youth to corporate burnout and her quest to reclaim her adventurous spirit. A book-launch party is 4 p.m. Saturday at, 524 Union St., San Francisco.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

April 2011

The Sunset Beacon, San Francisco

Sunset Beacon archive link April 2011

Sunset Beacon Birgit Soyka article


March 2011

Endorsement for  “To Drink the Wild Air”  

“What I loved most about this book is its courage- the courage to shed false ideas of self, the courage to jump into experience with little more than our breath to support us, the courage to get out on the open road and invite experience to shape our inner lens. Birgit is a warrior of the heart, and her story inspires us to take giant leaps, crafting our landing strip with our own two hands`.

Jeff Brown, Author of Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation (


March 2011   – German motorcycle magazine “mo”








Midwest Book Review


Reviewer’s  Bookwatch: January 2011 

 Logan’s Bookshelf

It’s hard to rein in to normal when you’ve lived on the road. “To Drink the Wild Air” is the memoir of German-born Birgit Soyka who came to America at age 25 and embraced the open road and motorcycle racing. As her life went on, she embraced marriage and never completely settled down. A unique memoir, “To Drink the Wild Air” is a fine and solidly recommended pick, not to be missed.
Carl Logan

January  13 2011  by Maria Espinosa,  American Book Award Winner 

“Imbued with a strong and courageous spirit, Birgit Soyka has pursued motorcycle racing–rare in a male dominated field–worked in high ranking positions, obtained a black belt in martial arts, and pursued international adventure. The power of her faith in herself and in the universe has enabled her to realize seemingly impossible dreams.”

Maria Espinosa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Author of Incognito: Journey of a Secret Jew, Dark Plums, Longing and Dying Unfinished                                                                                               


December 11  2010  by Bonnie Cehovet , WA

Professional Tarot Grand Master, Tarot reader, Reiki Master, teacher, writer,editor

A lifetime quest for most of us is that of figuring out who we are, and what our path in life is meant to be. In other words, we are searching for that which will make our lives authentic. This is what this book is all about – the life story of a woman who knew that she was meant to follow a certain path in life – that of adventure. Whatever her life included, there must be adventure.

 Soyka experiences life to the fullest, and in sharing her experiences (with adventure, work, and relationship), she helps those women that follow her to better understand themselves, and their options. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to really see corporate change, how it affects us as part of a corporation, and how to stay true to following our own dreams.

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December 14  2010   Women’s Radio, NV   by Whitney Lewis , Contributing Editor “Whity with it” 

Whitty With It is a column compiling the emotional, raw and educated perceptions of indie artists from around the world and from time-to-time offers thought provoking book reviews/precis.   

Women’s Radio , NV   Women’s Online Media and Education Network

“To Drink The Wild Air”

"To Drink The Wild Air" By Whitney Lewis, Contributing Editor of Whitty With ItAuthor(s): Birgit Soyka
Publisher: Parendum Books
Copyright: November 12, 2010 Share
To Drink The Wild Air gives readers a glimpse into Birgit Soyka’s life philosophy from the back seat of a motorcycle
To Drink the Wild Air
Birgit Soyka
Parendum Books Publishing

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