Book launch announcement – 1st of December 2010

November 30, 2010

Spread the word – yell it from the roof tops (or something like that)  

What can I say ??  I have already said enough – now it is time to read.

The Blog underwent another facelift and the new added Amazon button on the right sidebar is the most important addition to it. I think it is big enough not to be overlooked. I can see it from here.  The Amazon site is full of surprises. Click on the author link and find a bio page and see the product description before moving on to check out.   

Further down there you can see a You Tube button/link which is the second best new thing  and gives you the chance to sign up for a five minute trip down memory lane. This icon is a bit smaller but still recognizable. I also can see it from here but I could use my glasses.

I have updated Scribd so the reader can get a taste of the wild air while Amazon is still working to put a “Look inside” arrow over my book image like you can see on pretty much every other book but mine…. oh well – no reason to be sad – also in Cyberspace things take time.

E-book version ?   Not yet. Downloadable at Amazon for Kindle. Thats about it. Still exploring the future in reading but I am a strict believer in oldfashioned books with letters printed on paper pages and texture. But that’s just me. 

I have added more tabs to the site. Media and Press for the future and whoever has the nerve to read the book you can contribute with an exquisite but honest review. You can also leave a review on the Amazon page. Either way – it works and I and the whole world can see it. 

Facebook:  go ahead and connect with me. More interesting stuff is still coming up.  As for the book – it took me a couple of years ( six to be exact ) so I hope I can get the next steps of my projects together a bit faster. Just be there – activate your friends and spread the word.

As you can read in the Epilogue “Forward to the Future”  it is about the fusion of past, present and future with the goal to create great new things.   How everything will look like can be read in “To Drink the Wild Air (Part II)”  – to be released in 2016 ( LOL) 

Just kidding. Stay tuned and log into the blog once in a while to see what’s happening.

Let’s take off for this launch first. Worldwide so to speak – I have many inquiries from the far land of Europe . No more excuses – everybody can just go to Amazon and get a copy. 

And I go and have a glass of wine now.  Cheers!   


One Milestone down – 150 more to go!

October 29, 2010

Meet the BOOK!

Finally, things are falling into place. This week I received the first printed proof  copy and I couldn’t wait to open the package. What excitement it was to finally see the actual product, a bound book with all the words I once had in my head, aligned in sentences and paragraphs making up the pages, printed in black letters onto white paper. The actual book I am talking about over the last six years! The whole project began in 2004 with the first thoughts and actions. Six years ago! Extremely eventful and exciting six  years.

A lot has happened over the years where this book project has accompanied me along the way vividly engraved into my mind. I was carrying this mental image of a book around with me wherever I went. It was omnipresent. My mind was pre-occupied with it. I scribbled down good ideas and inspirations on napkins or scratch paper and collected all of these pieces of paper in a folder so I wouldn’t forget . To convert such a huge project from the mere mental picture it originally was into reality was an experience which taught me a lot. Not only the work of thinking, contemplating, researching, writing, and editing took a toll on my time management, social life, and (mental) health, but also the fact that I was bamboozled out of my initial (not little) investment, hiring  a supporting writer, did not lift my spirits. This incident was tragic and disappointing and did take the wind out of my sails for almost a year where my manuscript ended up in the desk drawer again. Some day in a spur- of-the moment  thing  I said to myself that I can’t allow crooks and  negative influences discourage me and re-vitalized my mental picture of the final product.  I took the manuscript out of the drawer again and continued writing. I made many friends along the way and I learned a lot about writing, grammar, editing, book structure, and especially the English language.

Now it is done! I hold the product in my hands and it feels like a ton has lifted off my shoulders. I am extremely happy with the outcome and proud of my accomplishment.  

I am glad I can share this with all the people I personally know and the people I still don’t know and yet have to meet. All the next steps are lined up and this stage is only the beginning of a grand journey.

You will be part of it.  The launch will be the next big thing and with it  the real excitement is just about to begin….