19th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

February 20, 2012

Last week was the perfect week to receive a nice Certificate and a long letter from Writer’s Digest to whom I sent my book for the Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award around 8 month ago.  Why I am saying it was the perfect week is because I volunteered at the San Francisco Writers Conference http://www.sfwriters.org/ over the weekend from Feb.16 to Feb 19 2012 which is the event to visit in the quest to be a (successful) author. This was the first time I have participated in such a conference and it was impressive from the first to the last minute. The amount of useful information and endless Network opportunities every participant took home is nothing short but overwhelming. It will take weeks to digest every detail learned in the panel discussions or classroom sessions, but I guess this is the name of the game to grow into a shining star within the endless galaxy of unique talent and aspiring authors. The whole weekend was a great experience and I will do it again next year if I get the opportunity. Of course the Hotel already was an experience in itself with its glamour and comfort – inside as well as outside.

Back to the Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Award. Needless to say I didn’t receive the first price but I got a review and that itself made me already happy.

Judge’s commentary:

To Drink the Wild Air is purely and simply, a good read. The author has led a full and rich life, one that in many respects is out of the common path. In this book, she writes of it with “the final goal of entertaining and enlightening the reader,” a goal that she achieves. Her story progresses from her childhood in Germany to the present and is interspersed at key points with brief chapters titled “ Alaskan Journal”, written years later, at a time when she was reflecting on the experiences she has just chronicled or is about to cover.  A strong quality of this book is that you don’t have to be someone who especially likes motorcycle racing or who shares her other enthusiasms to enjoy it and to develop a good degree of respect and admiration for the writer. It’s also a pleasure to read so generous an autobiography, one that is not in a hurry to get from point to point but that explores in depth the writer’s experiences. Ms. Soyka writes candidly and she is also a person who reflects deeply about her life. All these qualities make To Drink the Wild Air a book that can be recommended to anyone who enjoys losing themselves in a good story. 


The call of the open road

January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

The New Year has been creeping up on us. It is already January 10th of 2012 and we enjoy an extraordinary winter here in San Francisco. The last six weeks of warm weather definitely made up for the miserable summer we had in 2011.

Actually this is a very positive way to start the New Year and it will continue like that. After a very hectic Holiday season I finally can come to my senses again to see what’s on the itinerary for this year. To be honest I have not made any plans. No New Year’s resolutions or any firm goals. Things will happen when they are supposed to happen.

My life transition will continue full steam ahead, new people will come into my life and interesting opportunities will be presented. There will be some surprise events in 2012 I cannot talk about just yet and there will be new developments I never would have dreamed of. It is just a matter of going with the flow and to follow the music of my heart. Isn’t it great to just know that? Isn’t this what it means to live life to the fullest or experience every day like it would be your last?  With that in mind I closed shop yesterday and went on a beautiful Monday motorcycle ride. I followed the call of the open road and it was the most rewarding thing I could have done on any Monday.

The “To Drink the Wild Air “tour seems boring at times but great things need tedious preparation before they are come to blossom.

A successful transition is about the combination of a joyful and successful work life with a rich and rewarding personal life.  And once again I didn’t choose the easy route with self employment and the daily battle of survival. The art of being is to combine duty with peaceful existence!

Test riding a BMW S 1000 RR

December 2, 2011

Christmas in the city of San Francisco. The  Civic Center in festive look at night. Christmas is around the corner.

Only two questions here:

What is it and who wants to give this to me????

The dream factory played havoc with my mind. Test ride scheduled with this one!  Stay tuned for the detailed report.