Two Wheel Rhapsody

May 30, 2011

Since last week’s ride two wheels definitely have gained more importance again. But nothing else has happened ever since except the prep work of more book readings and a Group Book Launch party. Both events will be scheduled in June.

The collective Book Launch party is organized by the San Francisco Writers Community I had joined in December of 2009 to find out what it takes to write and publish a book and to get an understanding of promoting and market a book. I met many likeminded people and we are all on the journey together. This journey is exciting in its own way and deserves an evening of fun.

Saturday, June 18 at Café Royale, 800 Post Street @ Leavenworth, San Francisco  7 PM

The second event will be my first book introduction in a book store.  I am looking forward to this one since I have never done  a reading in a book store. I am sharing this evening with well established authors. I am looking forward to an exciting evening. This is a public event.

Tuesday, June 28 at Book Shop West Portal, 80 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco                                          7:00-9:00 PM

However – there is a lot more in the pipeline in terms of meeting new people, creating new opportunities, discussing and evaluating possibilities. The beauty is that the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned. There will be more. One thing at the time.