Living your inner truth

February 17, 2011

Sorry for the delay. I, like many other people at this time of the year, had to battle with the flu which slowed me considerably down.  Physically incapacitated I still made it to my first Talk Radio Show appointment with www.HealthyLife.netWhere Positive People & Radio Unite.

I couldn’t have wished for a better host on the Thursday afternoon show “Heart and Home healing” with Faith Ranoli a holistic Home inspector, Lecturer, Healer, Earth Acupuncturist and Author of the book “The mystical Guide to Home Inspection.”  It was a good conversation for one full hour and whoever has the time and the muse to listen to it feel free and go online to the archive files and follow the directions to find the segment.

The show aired on Thursday February 10, 2011 at 1 PM (PST). It is important to me to talk about things I believe in and things I consider important in my life and I hope I can add value and give food for thought to anyone else. Living the inner truth is an Art form. As in Martial Arts we all have to train in tireless repetition to discover and understand what our inner truth really is. Some people know and follow – other people never find it and walk in haziness all their lives and other people simply ignore it. Ignorance is the biggest crime of all.

I continue walking at the edge of the dichotomy of socially acceptable actions and my inner truth and use my faith to see me through. That’s why I am moving on to my next Radio Show Interview on March 2 2011 talking about Empowerment. More details will follow.


“To Drink the Wild Air” on Internet Blog Radio

January 29, 2011

Mingled into a regular work week I had some exciting news. I was invited to the taping of my first Internet Radio Show on  talking to the host Faith Ranoli  in her show  Heart and Home.


Heart & Home
Thursdays, 1pm PT

Faith Ranoli

Heal your home – transform your life! Blending science with the sacred to create environments of harmony and power designed to support your growth & change. Faith is a Holistic Home Inspector, Author, Lecturer, Healer and Earth Acupuncturist.


I am looking forward to express my thoughts and reflections of many parts in “To Drink the Wild Air” where the big colorful metaphorical wings feed the ever burning question: Am I really living my inner truth?   Inner truth is about faith and hope and the ability to trust innate intuition. Unfortunately, our conditioned lifestyles often don’t give us the mindset  anymore to  listen into the deepest realm of our souls.

 Join in to listen to the show on February 10 at 1 PM (PST)  

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