Sassy Kool and Birgit Soyka

April 16, 2012

Yeah ,  finally  back for another post.  Saturday April 14th was anticipated, lived , enjoyed  and it has passed. Another fun evening in the series of book readings.

The most important thing of the evening was the World Premiere of the official

                   To Drink the Wild Air music video. 

Sassy Kool is the composer, singer and performer of the video and she deserves a big THANK YOU and applause for her time and talent to make this happen.  If you want to hear more of Sassy Kool ‘s cool music video performances visit her on You Tube. 

On Saturday April 14 at the Bay Area Moto Shop in South San Francisco around 20 people had gathered to join another reading.

A big thank you to all my friends who were able to make it that evening and to everybody I didn’t personally know interested to learn more about the story. The reading was authentic, performed from the saddle of my bike.

We all chipped in with food and drinks so that we had everything we needed. It was a fun evening.

I leave this post with the last part of my reading with an excerpt of the Alaskan Journal Part 2  “ The Emergence of Nature’s Divinity “ which talks about of pursuing dreams and following your intuition before it is too late. That reading performance in particular reminded me on that part of the story and this avalanche of thrilling life transition my decision in 2006  has evoked.


Like being here in Alaska: it has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would to realize this dream come true, but I never want to be too old to dream and to pursue my dreams. As a young person, I fused faith and inner strength, leaving my life at home behind to take the quantum leap to follow the sunsets in another country. Life’s force led me through thick and thin, and my guardian angel had received a tough assignment with me, providing luck and protection whenever I needed it, for which I will be forever grateful. Life for me was a vision, chasing the unknown and adjusting to the thrill of it. The Universe was my collaborative eyes and ears; it always sent me timely messages to show me when I needed to make changes or correct my course, and so it is again now. But looking back, isn’t it true that my dream job in Germany, working at momotorcycle magazine, was still too confining for me, and eventually I had to leave to seek more adventure and freedom? Isn’t it true that my racing escapades in Germany were rudely interrupted by a horrible crash to show me another path? The same with my racing years in California, when it took the harsh realities of a substandard lifestyle, a terrible accident, temporary imprisonment, and the threat of deportation to make me realize I had to think about my life differently, before I ended up getting myself killed.  Today, my Alaskan journey brought me to the end of the world. I walked along a small dreamy country road until I came upon a little yellow sign with a three-letter word: “END.” The road stopped and the Icy Straights, leading into Glacier Bay National Park, began. I hopped onto a whale-watching boat.  What could be more beautiful than gazing into this dark-blue strip of water? Here, the horizon is where the lighter blue of the sky and the deep navy blue of the sea meet in unison. Add to that the golden glint of the sun’s rays on the surface of the water, and you have pure magic.


True friendship

January 30, 2012

Last Friday I received a phone call from an old friend I haven’t seen for 27 years!!   All I heard through the cell phone lines was:  “ I will be in  San Francisco !!!!!”

TWENTY  SEVEN (27) YEARS!! This is a damn long time, and hard to grasp that it was even possible to lose touch of each other for such a long time.  Just go to Chapter 9 of “To Drink the Wild Air” and read the story of The wingspan of a free spirit. The story contains adventure, compassion, friendship and an unforgettable road trip with my run down bike. Bernie, selflessly spent a night at the General County hospital in Los Angeles with me while some doctors butchered my highly damaged foot which only hours before was mangled in a motorcycle accident. There was no one else around. I was alone in a city without mercy. But one human, I hardly knew to that time, helped out and carried a big weight in the final outcome of this miserable situation and subsequently of the course of my whole life.

Now, 27 years later on a Saturday afternoon Bernie knocked on my door, I opened the door and we started  talking like it just was yesterday. We spent a beautiful weekend roaming the beautiful Bay Area and reminiscing from the first to the last minute of his stay. Luckily this trip included his 65th birthday.

Such instances make us very aware what real friendships are all about in oppose to our many Facebook friends we painstakingly maintain to be informed and to stay “cyber technically” connected. Fortunately an old organically grown and maintained friendship delivers proof enough that it is more worth throughout a life time to know a few people in depth than knowing thousands of people superficially.

The ultimate truth is that time is relative. Those 27 years seemed like they were compressed into 48 hours but once talking about the happenings of 27 years- time revealed its true nature and intention. Twenty seven years can also be a very very long time.  Our youthful faces have made room for the lines of the infrastructure of life experience, wisdom has conquered recklessness, we all need reading glasses, our thoughts are utterly structured and we are forced to listen to the requirement of our physical bodies. 27 years leave undeniable tracks on our psyche, physical bodies and our mind. This is the human condition. Everyone will experience the same sooner or later.

Bernie, my friend, I am glad we had the opportunity to celebrate your 65th birthday together. It was an honor, great pleasure and a lots of fun.

Transition in motion or E=mc2

October 9, 2011

I have to admit – last week I was too busy to compose a blog post. Frankly, every week is busy but now the wave of my life transition has swept me of the ground and I am in free flow (so to speak).

Some blog posts ago I talked about my personal transition recipe to emphasize the must have’s for this inevitable life and career transition. To make sure to get all the ingredients to create a change in the flow of things, acting upon my inner vision and reading the appropriate books to complement my current mindset.

In the reading material section I found Jim Lindsey’s  A flaw in the fabric  – a travelers guide for a lost soul.  I wonder what the recommendations are for  a “lost” or rather inquisitive soul like mine.

An absolute must for people who want to change their lives is to apply spiritual leadership and willingness to create or to do something else. The burning desire to break out of the current rut, to do something new and create something incredible for the future.  To be a visionary and to be a producer and let yourself be that person to takes charge of creating the path you will walk on.

The first step of my change was to re-connect with my youthful spirit to re-experience the thrills of my youth. For this I needed a motorcycle to travel back to that mindset. This is only a little piece of the puzzle but complements the big picture. I have to admit I am having the time of my life with the bikes.

The constant and ever present roadblock in this transition is called survival and this is the harsh truth.  In other words – what to do to create money but still stay flexible in hours and involvement. I am beyond the 8 to 5 experience but I have no idea for how long. Is my current lifestyle sustainable forever? Difficult question! To combine a life transition with a career transition is double as challenging and takes a lot of contemplation, perseverance and mental strength.

My little Bird Hotel which I founded in 2006 out of my love to parrots and all other feathered creatures grew over the years into a full blown business. I am working in my own company and I never thought this would be possible. I extended our services with another business purchase and now the pressure is on. Can I make it work? Is the flow of time on my side? Is my intuitive and spiritual approach enough to carry me through the motions of business ownership? Only time will tell.

I breathe the Wild Air in any which way possible and I know that the Universe threw me onto this path to accomplish something. I have no plan to give up or to stop.  Instead I will create more motion and movement to increase the speed of the transition carrying me forward.

Transition meets the flow of time ( and You Tube)

September 26, 2011

To initiate a transition in midlife is not easy though drastic changes in live are sometimes inevitable. Sometimes changes are involuntarily and sometimes more than voluntary. In my case it was both. If my brain wouldn’t have been burnt out so radically in 2007 maybe I still could have found a tad bit of fun in what I was doing and the willingness and strength to pull myself together to hang in there for another 20 years. Many people never get to this point and therefore there is no need to think about current set ups in life especially when life is more than comfortable.

In my case it was the most drastic development I ever could have imagined and of course it opened the door for me to see myself again the way I always was and the realization that this person somehow got lost. I had to make the decision, no matter how hard or how difficult this transition will be, I had no  choice in the matter, I had to go forward to look for alternatives. I started my journey first in 2007 and then once again for good in 2009. And now ( 2011) I can feel the same awareness of life again I had when I was racing motorcycles, riding along the highways in many travels and perceived the world as a beautiful playground. Now I feel this strong sense of inner peace and happiness.

All of this does not come without a price. I went back to the basics, back to the bare minimum in many things. I fell into a business I love and I spend a lot of time with. I bought an additional business and try to make that work as well. Time is of the essence – but then time never has an end. There is a continuous and endless flow of time. We only feel time in the aging of our physical bodies. Time is also changing our perception of the world or of the people around us and how we fit into the world.

There is one thing which is beautiful on the road of transition. I have met so many new people. I connected with many people I have lost touch with or didn’t remember anymore (but they remembered me), I encountered many helping hands and unconditional support for all my endeavors and I have to say – I could not do all this without you. THANK YOU!

I truly appreciate your compassion.  And so I would like to share a slide show a friend put together just for fun. I really like it and this little song (unfortunately in German) is more than appropriate for the situation. Someday I will translate the lyrics someday. Honestly, I will.

This slide show is the teaser flick to the new To Drink the Wild Air book trailer clip which will air soon. More about that in the next couple of weeks! Just enjoy this little clip in this very moment.

Birgit on Locations 


Birgit the Circuit

May 23, 2011

Once an adrenaline junkie, always an adrenaline junkie!

The attentive reader of “To Drink the Wild Air” does know that I have sold my last street bike back in 1995 after I blew up the engine of my Kawasaki KLR 650 and shortly before I moved to Mexico City. There was no need for a bike in Mexico City and I had to concentrate on different things down there as it turned out. Mainly to make sure that my stuff didn’t get stolen left and right.

I never rode a bike ever since again until 2010 when I took a test ride on a Kawasaki KLR 650. Already then I jumped on that bike and rode it like I never took a break. That ride was only a short one on the streets in the city and of course the bike’s characteristics can be compared to a tractor rather than to a slick race bike. Nevertheless it was a bike and I rode it.

Yesterday Sunday May 22 2011 was the day when “Birgit the Circuit” awoke again. I was invited by friends to go on a bike ride, riding a sports bike and we had reserved the whole day.  

My fascination for bikes never had disappeared and there was never any doubt in my mind that I would forget how to ride a bike.  Yesterday morning I sat on this Ducati 888, turned on the engine, threw in first gear and rode. The moment we hit US 1 it was like always. The same feeling, the same control, the instinct, the know-how and the knowledge of  how a bike of this caliber will behave and how much power there is to control. We went fairly fast into the first batch of windy roads in the back country. A slight adjustment to the bike was necessary. When the roads got twisty and fast I rode fluid but not flawless. Mis-shifting , losing power coming out of the turns, breaking too late or too  early going into the turns ( both can lead into scary situations), and the simple adjustment to the bike. The feeling of riding was the same like a long time ago on the race track. The necessary focus, the excitement and the fun. It was great !

On our way home we switched bikes and I rode the Aprilia RSV 100 to the end of our ride. What power house that engine is. The fusion of improved materials, perfect geometry, an incredible power band and acceleration showed me the improvements of 16 years I literally was missing in action in terms of street bike riding and my even longer absence off the race track.

Who says it cannot be done???? Not that I want to get back to the racing scene but I think it would be nice to take some laps on a racetrack again to realize that time is a relative thing. Some people might have lost their instinct for riding a bike over time but in my case it just went into hibernation and now it is back again!!!!!  What I will do with it will be the question.  It will be important to find a healthy balance and combination. To be able to fuse the more settled side of me with the wild side but still live a responsible and “normal” life.

Be true to yourself

March 6, 2011

This week I had a great interview with radio host Kathleen M. Schmidt on her Radio Show “Project Empowerment” where we spoke for one hour about “To Drink the Wild Air.”

This is the Archive show link to listen to our talk.

This opportunity gave me a burst of inspiration.

“Be true to yourself ” was my answer to Kathleen’s last question of the interview but only afterwards I thought of the perfect answer (of course only when it was too late).  

 We wouldn’t walk around with clothes too small for us making us feel uncomfortable, would we? We would go out and find the cloth that fit our style and sizes or go bigger in size rather than smaller. This is the essence of being true to yourself.  Finding the right fit of people and places in this world to feel safe, prospering and happy.  To look at your inner “awareness mirror” and follow through with correcting whatever needs to be corrected in your life to move forward with strength, pride and confidence.   

Kathleen is the Author of the book “Escaping the Glass Ceiling” – A story of survival and Empowerment of Domestic Violence – and creator of the radio show Project Empowerment. Courageousness is found in all areas of life and her story is one of admiration and compassion to overcome hardship and seeking personal happiness.

I am honored that I had the chance to share my story with her and her listeners, although my story is not related to domestic violence, our stories overlap with courage, faith and believe.    



February 25, 2011

I am honored to have been invited by Kathleen M. Schmidt to talk on her radio show “Project Empowerment”. I think that my continuous journey can contribute to the concept of personal empowerment in looking at our daily lives and existence with more critical eyes.   The most important questions for me right now are: what exactly are we willing to accept in our daily lives?  What do we have to accept?  and  What do we voluntarily accept  due to our own weaknesses and lack of perseverance?  No matter in what areas of life, work, friendships, relationships or any business ventures, these questions always will prevail and will shed light  on the deepest inquiry of all: do we really follow our inner truth, dreams and desires?   

I had dreams and visions driving me forward with an incredible and irresistible force. There was never any doubt in my mind about anything I dreamed of. At eighteen, I felt I had only shifted into second gear but that my acceleration was beyond anyone’s power to stop. Settling for anything less would have meant losing my belief in myself. This couldn’t be all there was to life!” (From “To Drink the Wild Air” Chapter 2  Freedom, Birds and Motorcycles)   

Click on this link and listen to:  

Birgit Soyka talks to Kathleen M. Schmidt


Upcoming Shows!
March 2, 2011 Birgit Soyka, author of “To Drink The Wild Air, One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon”  

 9 AM (Pacific Standard Time)



Project Empowerment is a live show 100% focused on empowering lives everywhere.  Although the main topics are focused on survivors of Domestic Violence, the underlying message is empowerment for all.

It is not your typical scripted show, but more like a discussion with friends over coffee.  The subjects are heavy, but the message is to turn something dark into light. Project Empowerment is all about making a personal connection with the audience.  Use the shows as an audio resource, as each contains powerful information to enlighten and educate people not only on domestic violence, but different ways to empower your life.