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September 3, 2011

Shortly after my speedy trip to Sacramento for my quick guest appearance in the morning show Sacramento & Company I have received via Google alerts a book review I have not even anticipated.

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“To Drink the Wild Air” was reviewed and featured in the Adult Non Fiction section right beneath Christopher Hitchens’ “Hitch22″and Stacy Schiff’s “Cleopatra”.

I take it as an honor to receive a book review from an established book review site like

Here it is:

Another Review at MyShelf.Com

To Drink the Wild Air 

One Women’s Quest to Touch the Horizon
Birgit Soyka

Parendum Books
November 2010/ ISBN 978-0-9830398-0-8
Non-Fiction / Sports / Bio

Reviewed by Justin Feller

This inspirational memoir forced many personal questions I didn’t necessarily know that I had about how I’m choosing to live this life. Reading any book that causes as much self-reflection as this book does cannot be described as anything except excellent. Trying to be the first serious female competitor in a completely male dominated Californian motorcycle scene would be a lofty goal in itself, but over coming everything from career burnout, serious injury, isolation and even deportation makes this achievement completely inspirational. As you follow Birgit Soyka on her life journey you will without a doubt find yourself developing a closeness with this brutally honest, charismatic and often comical author that is rarely found in many books today. If you have recently been pondering that age old question, “Is this all there is to life?” then you will find this book nearly impossible to put down.


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