Inspiration by focus

August 14, 2011

or focused inspiration ?

This Saturday was my first ride out. I needed to see what Rrramonn can do. How fast I could go….

Where is the fear barometer these days?  Where are my limits? Are there any limits?  Do I trust the bike as I always did? There are still some open questions in this quest of return. Questions ready to be explored . Questions that cannot be ignored.

But before I go on please refer to the sidebar to see my technical sponsors. Names you will hear quite frequently in the future. OKP Precision Works ( no existing logo) , Waterfront Automobili INC,     ( check out the You Tube when hovering over the Ferrari) , Motion Pro Quality tools , Lindemann Race Suspension and Tech Shop where I can go and build my dreams ( as soon as I have time) all people with an open mind and dreams for their own.

Ok – back to Rrramonn. Since I have the bike I never left the city and now it was time to conquer the windy back roads off the beaten path (so to speak) to really test the bike and my own audacity.

All the emotions and excitement I had experienced in my first ride a couple of month ago with a borrowed bike was now 100 times amplified and sensitively electrified. There was no fear.  After the first set of wild, crazy windy roads I had to come to the conclusion that I MUST BE CRAZY!!!!!  But it is a good CRAZY.  Focus, acceleration, top gear, full throttle, top speed, your only friend in this moment – FOCUS. If only one little thing goes wrong – everything goes wrong.

What was the conclusion to this four hour afternoon ride in the sweltering sun of the East Bay?

Rrramonn is a little screaming rocket. There is real power in this 600 cc engine. There is agility in this 17 year old body. His spirit complements my own. There is a mutual understanding. We are a perfect fit.

OKP – the rear suspension is a problem. As I have feared from the beginning.

Lindemann Engineering – the front suspension is a jewel. Also the front end is perfectly set up, smooth and responsive.

Motion Pro – the clutch cable is a gift.  No effort on my part with the clutch hand.

Physically – my butt hurt after the ride and it became somewhat uncomfortable. Who would care after such an adrenaline rush?

And the final conclusion was:    There is NO FEAR and there are NO LIMITS!!!