True friendship

January 30, 2012

Last Friday I received a phone call from an old friend I haven’t seen for 27 years!!   All I heard through the cell phone lines was:  “ I will be in  San Francisco !!!!!”

TWENTY  SEVEN (27) YEARS!! This is a damn long time, and hard to grasp that it was even possible to lose touch of each other for such a long time.  Just go to Chapter 9 of “To Drink the Wild Air” and read the story of The wingspan of a free spirit. The story contains adventure, compassion, friendship and an unforgettable road trip with my run down bike. Bernie, selflessly spent a night at the General County hospital in Los Angeles with me while some doctors butchered my highly damaged foot which only hours before was mangled in a motorcycle accident. There was no one else around. I was alone in a city without mercy. But one human, I hardly knew to that time, helped out and carried a big weight in the final outcome of this miserable situation and subsequently of the course of my whole life.

Now, 27 years later on a Saturday afternoon Bernie knocked on my door, I opened the door and we started  talking like it just was yesterday. We spent a beautiful weekend roaming the beautiful Bay Area and reminiscing from the first to the last minute of his stay. Luckily this trip included his 65th birthday.

Such instances make us very aware what real friendships are all about in oppose to our many Facebook friends we painstakingly maintain to be informed and to stay “cyber technically” connected. Fortunately an old organically grown and maintained friendship delivers proof enough that it is more worth throughout a life time to know a few people in depth than knowing thousands of people superficially.

The ultimate truth is that time is relative. Those 27 years seemed like they were compressed into 48 hours but once talking about the happenings of 27 years- time revealed its true nature and intention. Twenty seven years can also be a very very long time.  Our youthful faces have made room for the lines of the infrastructure of life experience, wisdom has conquered recklessness, we all need reading glasses, our thoughts are utterly structured and we are forced to listen to the requirement of our physical bodies. 27 years leave undeniable tracks on our psyche, physical bodies and our mind. This is the human condition. Everyone will experience the same sooner or later.

Bernie, my friend, I am glad we had the opportunity to celebrate your 65th birthday together. It was an honor, great pleasure and a lots of fun.



April 17, 2011

I took the opportunity to participate at the 20th anniversary event at Scuderia West because I wanted to re-connect with my fellow motorcycle riders after having drifted away from that scene for so many years. To be exact the last time I was breathing and living the true biker vibe was in 1995. Right after I blew up the engine of my Kawasaki KLR 650 and shortly before I moved to Mexico City. Ever since life somehow let me drift further away and I finally had lost touch with the biker crowd altogether.

Yesterday I spoke to so many people of all age ranges with different levels of experience or with the burning desire to start either riding a bike or even racing, which reminded me very much of my own humble beginnings when my mind was set on motorcycles and nobody was able to do anything about it. 

With all the information I’ve got yesterday in talking to people I will continue to re-connect even more. There is so much to discover and even though everything has changed in that scene nothing has changed at all. I felt good in this crowd immediately. No words have to be exchanged in order to be understood. In my “old” life I had moved on and have discovered many new exciting things, and now this felt like a homecoming. It was a nice and fuzzy feeling.      

To continue with the journey, my book launch party on May 7 will be another stop where the past fuses with the present and will help to shape the future.