The call of the open road

January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

The New Year has been creeping up on us. It is already January 10th of 2012 and we enjoy an extraordinary winter here in San Francisco. The last six weeks of warm weather definitely made up for the miserable summer we had in 2011.

Actually this is a very positive way to start the New Year and it will continue like that. After a very hectic Holiday season I finally can come to my senses again to see what’s on the itinerary for this year. To be honest I have not made any plans. No New Year’s resolutions or any firm goals. Things will happen when they are supposed to happen.

My life transition will continue full steam ahead, new people will come into my life and interesting opportunities will be presented. There will be some surprise events in 2012 I cannot talk about just yet and there will be new developments I never would have dreamed of. It is just a matter of going with the flow and to follow the music of my heart. Isn’t it great to just know that? Isn’t this what it means to live life to the fullest or experience every day like it would be your last?  With that in mind I closed shop yesterday and went on a beautiful Monday motorcycle ride. I followed the call of the open road and it was the most rewarding thing I could have done on any Monday.

The “To Drink the Wild Air “tour seems boring at times but great things need tedious preparation before they are come to blossom.

A successful transition is about the combination of a joyful and successful work life with a rich and rewarding personal life.  And once again I didn’t choose the easy route with self employment and the daily battle of survival. The art of being is to combine duty with peaceful existence!


The Wild Air of the Bay Area

September 19, 2011

The road of transition can be exhausting especially when survival knocks on the door ever day. Courage opens the door and looks into the eyes of survival and pokes on survival’s shoulder with perseverance and hope. This week I catered to survival most of the time but on Sunday I took a day off and  spent the afternoon on a sail boat. It was a beautiful day and even the sun joined us.  Here are some pictures of the Bay with some beautiful views.

Alcatraz, dolphins, playful seals and a  floating purse was on the agenda. The purse was rescued.It is never a good feeling when you see your whole life floating away in the Bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge sucked in by the open ocean….. it was not my purse – don’t carry one these days , have exchanged the purse for a backpack and nail polish and flip flops for boots.  That’s the price of motorcycling , and it is well worth it.

Bikeminded – back to where I came from

August 7, 2011

Is there anyone out there who, after many years,  took up a hobby or a lifestyle again they had left a long time ago? How was the journey of the return for you?

End of June I decided to take a summer vacation during July. Now my “vacation” and summer (as it looks like) is over.  The deception of summer is only due to my geographical position in San Francisco were July and August are the most friendly hosts for heavy fog and rain.   Thank God this is only in the city and always gives a good reason to leave town. But life did go on – also in July.

I did prepare for my second half of 2011. First things first – I needed two wheels again and I got them.

 Meet “Rrramonn” a 1995 Honda CBR 600.

Thanks to the expertise and many hours of work at OKP Precision Works a run down, crashed and technically neglected bike was turned into a reliable piece of machinery again. A piece of machinery which will be part of all upcoming events.  Thanks to the magical support of the Ferrari Doctor himself from Waterfront Automobile in San Francisco the bike also sparkles like new and volunteered as the photographer.

A come back in sports which require extensive equipment seems more cumbersome and difficult in oppose to sports  where there is only a bathing suit or running shorts involved.

17 years can be a long time. I still have some “Birgit the Circuit” memorabilia stored which almost has disintegrated into dust. I had to throw out a 20 year old helmet because its interior crumbled like nicely aged blue cheese. My old gloves are only good to be pinned to a wall as a portrait of the good old times. My ex race leathers which are not so smooth anymore and far too small for my current size lie crumbled in the closet. Equipment of old materials long rendered useless and insufficient. Equipment out of style. But now the equipment question is solved. It took me some time but I am up to date again. The bike was the last piece missing in this puzzle.

Let’s see about the timeline according to the story in                                           “To Drink the Wild Air”:

1978   –    first bike

1983   –    first race

1991    –   last race

1995    –   last bike  ( approximately 250.000 miles and a fairly big number of (race) crashes later)

2011    –   first bike  ( “Rrramonn” a Honda CBR 600)

How is the feeling you might ask???

It is as good as it always was. I have to hone a number of technical riding skills but I haven’t forgotten. I haven’t lost the touch!

There are many things in store for me and Rrramonn. It will be another great ride.

Follow me.

You are invited

April 1, 2011

 Come and enjoy a relaxed afternoon in North Beach, mingle with people and enjoy good wine and tasty snacks. This will be a public event covered by local press and is co-sponsored by selected companies.   


Besides other attractions the event will cover a short book reading followed by a book signing session. For everyone who bought the book already, please bring it with you so I can sign it for you. 

Date :               Saturday  May 7 2011   
Time :               4 PM  to 7 PM 
   Location :   Coworking/Virtual office           

  524 Union Street 
   San Francisco, CA 94133
In due course the event will be posted in Eventbrite with exact directions and detailed event info. The link will follow.  
Nothing more left to do then to reserve this date to come to!   
Looking forward to see you there

San Francisco

September 9, 2010

The other day I was thinking back to May of 2004 when I’d arrived at the Bay Area. To that time, still living in Miami, through the Internet, I had rented an apartment at the Bay Area peninsula, close to the office, and arrived there with a huge moving truck packed with all my possessions and the three birds. In a way, it was kind of a home coming after all my time in Los Angeles, and California in a way still gives me this innate feeling of being at “home”.

The first year of my return I didn’t have much time to explore, discover or develop – but I knew that I will stay here , settle down, grow (shallow) roots and integrate myself into local society and  create a lifestyle. In 2005, I moved to the West side of San Francisco into a house I liked immediately and I still life exactly there, across the street of the gorgeous Golden Gate Park and two miles away from the beach. I have never lived five years in one place ever since I had left Germany where I still was living with my parents in 1985. Six years in the same geographical area is an eternity but also a good stretch of time to have explored, discovered, created, and developed.


 San Francisco is an interesting place and as much as it is a tourist magnet with all the famous landmarks displayed in the touristy Web sites or sightseeing attractions there is a broad range of grey shades to be found and eventually the grey turns into the darkest shades of black. From ultimate glamour to sobering homelessness; from the yuppie success stories of the financial district  to despair and anger of the drug addicts in the Tenderloin; where on parts of Market or Mission people rather lay on the street then walk, from the dive bars in the Mission district to downtown’s Palace Hotel. It is nothing short of a well balanced eco-system. Everybody lives with it. It gives the city color and a certain vibe; it makes it interesting and dangerous to the same time; there is excitement and opportunity. It attracts many interesting people and interesting lifestyles. In the six years of my stay, I have seen it (almost) all and the opportunity of meeting new people and discovering new things every day besides enjoying the marvelous outdoors never seizes. It is like a big and never ending party. God only knows how my journey will continue here in San Francisco but for the moment, it is just fine. My freelance lifestyle is contributing and in turn creating – on a daily basis- and is the backbone of personal growth.