June 21, 2011

Not to say that Location, Location, Location doesn’t matter. It does! Exposure in the right location is most ideal.

I can talk about a busy and eventful weekend.  With summer coming into full swing I also had to take advantage of the rare sunshine blessing us. Who knows how long it is going to last.  Hence that’s the reason for the delay.

Last Saturday I was part of a very dynamic group of authors who gathered at the San Mateo County Fair / Literary Arts event to introduce their books.  It was interesting to see the passion of each author about their accomplishment. These are the moments when it is most important to recognize the fact that a book made out of paper, pages, covers is something special. It is a different world and we only can hope that books will never fade away.

In the evening of the same day I went to our group launch party from the San Francisco Writers Community. By the time I arrived there was already a crowd. We had ten participants reading from their published books and spent the rest of the evening with good conversations and socializing. Also here I met again interesting people although I have joined the group already 2 years ago. This is the beauty in the Writers community. The constant flux of likeminded souls looking to bring their thoughts to paper to share their writing with the world.